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Thank You. x)

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readd! eheh ^^

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Now, as promised and warned, I shall write my sappy ass good bye letter now! MWAHAH!

Firstly I’d like to point out, that I am aware that “last chapter” was nothing special, and I’m sure if I finished the actual fic I would have written it in a lot more detail so I apologies if it disappointed you, but anyways.. yes kiddies, that was the end. Gerard gets pushed my Frankie, and he dies.

Sad ending much?
NOOO! It was happy believe it or not! As I explained above, he, Frank, destroyed Gerard no no one else did. Wipes tears and yuppp, mikey dies. GOSSHH SO SAD!


Anyways.. back to my sappy-ness. I would like to say thank you. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy writing this fic. I flippen had a blast! I’ve meet so many awesome people, some in witch there words inspire me..

You guys rules. Your words make a shitty day shine I swear.

I’ve had some fans come up to me, tell me I’ve inspired them to do something different, write some crazy ass shit, and I swear to god that has never made me happier. One of the reasons I stopped reading Frerard was because of the cliché crap, and it annoyed me to the point when I got sick of it. SO COME ONN! Write some original shit! Flippen send it to me!! I’d love to read every single one of you guy’s fics!

No joke. Go on! Write some fic ermm, where Gerard is a tree. LOl

Make it wild and original, twist it around! Go wild, and most importantly guys, don’t give up. DO NOT, GIVE UP!

No matter how much you wanna stop, don’t. I know, how hypocritical of me to say, but don’t do what I did, don’t stop keep going. It’s a seriously shitty feeling when all this crap happens and you finally say “that’s enough. No more”

(I have reasons as I mentioned before.. so.. don’t eat me! lols)

Anywho, be original, write crazy as said before and don’t give up!

I give my regards to you all, I cant say I’ll be back but I most definitely will if you guys message me with your awesome ORIGINAL FICS!

I’ll make sure to read eh, KK! xP

Anyways, kiddies, write your options, hate it? Tell me? Like it? Tell me?

Tell what what ya thought of the whole fic.

Love you all.

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