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Eevee and Ashton are trying to start a new life 1357 This is a one-shot of a novel i wrote before, please, tell me how it is!

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Ashton And Eevee
A Love Story

The sun sparkled over the castle. Birds sang, animals scurried about, getting ready for spring. In the castle, Ashton and Eevee slept soundly, after a long night of passion. Today, Ashton would be packing up his things and leaving the war for good, to marry Eevee and build a home in the forest. Eevee was pregnant and would soon be having the baby, so the couple wanted to be ready when it came. There was a knock on the door, but neither person got up to answer it. They simply woke up.
Eevee rolled over to face Ashton. She was so happy, beyond happy. Ashton smiled and kissed her deeply.
“Morning.” Ashton said quietly.
“Morning.” She snuggled close, enjoying his body warmth. “We have to go today.”
“You make it seem like a bad thing.” Ashton looked at her. “Eevee, we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together. We’ll build a house, have children, love each other forever…”
“I know all that. I’m thrilled about that, it’s the building of the house I’m not so thrilled about. Where are we going to sleep?”
“Under the stars.” Eevee smiled and kissed him. “We should probably get going, huh?”
“Yeah, I guess.” She agreed. But they didn’t move for another hour. Eevee had fallen back asleep by the time Ashton got up.
“Eevee…baby…wake up.” She slowly opened her eyes. “C’mon, Eevee. We need to get up.” She groaned and rolled over. “Eevee…”
“Pick me up. Then I will.”
“Okay then.” Ashton picked her up and held her bridal-style in his arms. “That was my pleasure.”
“Oh was it?”
“Yes, it was.” Eevee laughed and kissed him before he put her down. “Now, get dressed.”
“Yes sir.” She saluted.
The things were packed, the horses ready. Ashton had hired a builder to come out and help build the house. Luckily, he was able to come all week. Ashton helped Eevee onto her horse and got on his.
“Will the builder be there?”
“We have to stop into a fort a ways down to get him. I have a lot all set up for us, though.”
“And if you need to stop, we will. Okay?”
“Ashton, I’ll be fine. I may be pregnant, but only a month along. It’s not too bad.” Ashton smiled.
“Good. Let’s head out.”
“Ashton! Eevee! Wait!” Called a voice. They turned to see lord Ayden riding up to them on horseback.
“Yes, Lord Ayden?” Ashton asked.
“I wanted to send you off with something. As a gift, for the child.” He handed Eevee a package. “Don’t open it until your house is built.”
“Thank you, Ayden.” He nodded and waved us off.
“Farewell! You were an excellent soldier, Ashton.”
“Thank you!” And then the couple was off.
The forest was filled with soothing sounds. Eevee rode by Ashton, closing her eyes and breathing in the scent of the forest. Ashton looked at her and smiled.
“It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” Eevee opened her eyes and nodded.
“So calming. I guess that’s why I loved camping so much. Miley hated it, but I loved sleeping out under the stars, while Miley loved snuggling up in the camper.” Ashton smiled. He looked at the darkening sky.
“Do you want to stop for the night? We’re in no rush.” Eevee nodded. They dismounted and set up camp for the night. Eevee leaned against Ashton and sighed. Ashton moved so Eevee was laying on the ground, with Ashton leaning over her.
“God I love you.” He whispered. Eevee sighed and closed her eyes, waiting for Ashton’s lips to touch hers. They did and her breath was stolen. She broke away, gasping. Ashton was still leaning over her, his eyes on her face. She looked into his eyes and they both smiled. Then Ashton kissed her again deeply, and soon Eevee’s arms were around him, pulling him closer. They laid side by side and kissed, while the moon rose over their heads. When they broke apart again, Ashton looked at Eevee in the moonlight.
“I’m glad you said yes. I would have died without you.”
“No you wouldn’t. You would have moved on.”
“No. I wouldn’t have. I would have died of a broken heart, Eevee.”
“I love you.” Eevee gasped before kissing him again, then falling asleep on his chest. Ashton put his hand on her stomach, knowing in there was a little life, waiting to join the happy couple. She did not wake, only slept soundly with a smile on her face. Ashton kissed the top of her head before wrapping his arms around her tighter, enjoying the fact that she automatically snuggled closer, before falling asleep.
The morning came quickly. Ashton woke up to Eevee shivering violently. He felt her forehead. It was warm. Ashton knew he had to keep Eevee warm. He woke her up.
“Ashton…” She moaned weakly.
“Shhh. I’ll make a fire.” He kissed her gently before sitting her up and getting the supplies ready for a fire. He finally got it going and sat by it, letting Eevee sit on his lap, her head leaning against his chest, asleep. He had grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Eevee, and was now rubbing her arm as she slept. He was worried about her. She was pregnant and now running a fever. She woke with a start.
“Ashton….I don’t feel so well…..”
“I know. Just go back to sleep.”
“No…I think I’m going to…” Then she leaned over and threw up all over the ground beside Ashton. Ashton held her hair back until she was finished. She began to cry.
“I’m sorry, Ash.”
“No, Eevee. Don’t be. I love you.” She leaned against him, still crying. Ashton just put his arms around her and let her fall back asleep. He stayed that way until the sun was up and it began to get warm. By now, Eevee was sweating, and her fever had gone down. Ashton sighed with relief and woke her.
“We need to get going.” Eevee yawned and stood up, helping Ashton up. They got everything together and rode off, deeper into the woods. By noon, the couple was starving. They dismounted their horses and sat down, eating.
“Are you feeling okay?” Ashton asked. Eevee nodded.
“It was probably just morning sickness. Don’t worry.” She smiled at him and he smiled back.
“You scared me though.”
“Well, now you know what to do if it happens again.”
“Wait, this might happen again?”
“Didn’t your other wife get morning sickness?” Ashton shook his head. Eevee laughed. “Well, yes. It might happen again. But that’s normal. You should have seen my mom when she was pregnant with Denver….” She trailed off. “I miss them.” She said quietly. Ashton put his arm around her.
“I know. But hey. You’ve got a sexy husband.” He gave her a crooked grin and she shoved him playfully, laughing. He then began to tickle her, enjoying the sound of her laugh ringing off the trees. She surprised him by kissing him.
“What was that for?” He asked.
“For being a sexy husband.” She laughed again. He kissed her forehead.
Soon, it was nightfall again, and the couple set up camp, this time snuggling under a blanket. They gazed up at the stars, trying to spot a shooting star and see who could find the most. Eevee won by a landslide.
Eevee rolled so she was facing Ashton and touched his chest gently. She looked up at him and searched his face. He leaned down and kissed her.
“You know, I was wondering what you wanted to name this baby. How about…Ashton Jr.?” Ashton teased.
“Oh no. I couldn’t have two Ashtons running around the house.” Eevee laughed. “Besides. We’re having a girl.”
“Says who?” Ashton whispered, putting his hand in hers.
“Says me.” Eevee whispered back.
“Then what do you want her name to be?”
“I’m not sure. I’ve always liked the name Jasmine.”
“Yeah.” Ashton made a funny face which made Eevee laugh “What’s wrong with Jasmine?”
“Never liked the name. How about….Ophelia?”
“Ophelia?” Eevee giggled. “And will she marry someone named Hamlet?”
“Hey….don’t joke now.” Ashton tickled Eevee slightly which made Eevee squirm.
“We’re not naming her Ophelia.” Eevee protested, giggling.
“Ok.” Ashton sighed. “Why don’t we wait until she’s born, ok?” Eevee nodded and kissed Ashton.
“Guess what?” She whispered.
“I won.”
The next morning, Eevee felt sick again. Ashton made a fire and let Eevee sit on his lap.
“So….how’s being pregnant?” Ashton tried to joke.
“Why don’t you try it some time? See how you like it?” Eevee retorted. Ashton sighed.
“I would if I could, Vee. Just to take the pain away from you.” Eevee turned to him, her eyes misty.
“Why do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Turn me into a big puddle of goo?” Ashton laughed.
“Because I love you and I mean every word I say.” Eevee kissed him lightly.
“Well, don’t ever stop doing that.” Eevee whispered, “Cuz I like being goo.”
A few days later, Ashton and Eevee reached the fort. It was tucked deep into the woods, where not many people would find it. Eevee sighed with relief.
“How close are we to where we’ll build our house?” She asked.
“Only a day’s journey away.” Aston soothed. They entered the fort and found the builder’s house quickly.
The builder was a heavy-set man with a thick white beard. He smiled as he saw the two.
“Ashton! Long time no see, my old friend!” Ashton shook the man’s hand. “And is this the beautiful bride-to-be?” He turned to Eevee who blushed.
“Yes she is.” Ashton smiled at her warmly and put his arm around her waist.
“Well. I’ll have to make you a wonderful, big house. No extra charge. From what I understand, you were friends with Queen Belle before she disappeared?” Eevee’s breath caught in her throat at the mention of her best friend’s name. She could only nod.
“Well, I’m very sorry. I’m sure you two were close.” Eevee nodded again, trying not to cry. Ashton detected this and quickly changed the subject.
“So, can we see the plans?”
“Of course. Come on in.” He held the door open and Eevee and Ashton walked through.
The house would be two stories-built for a few more children. Ashton and Eevee’s room would be on the ground floor, and there would be another bedroom right outside theirs. Then an additional two bedrooms would be upstairs. Eevee and Ashton both were thrilled about the house plans. Building was set to begin as soon as they got to the lot.
“Oh, and by the way, Eevee. My name is Charles. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself sooner.”
“Nice to meet you, Charles.” Ashton smiled and stood up.
“Oh, you two can sleep in my house tonight. My wife won’t mind. She’s out gossiping as we speak.” Charles laughed.
“Thank you Charles.” Ashton said. Charles nodded.
Soon, the moon rose above the sky and Ashton and Eevee slipped away to bed.
“Do you really like the house plans, Vee?”
“Yeah. I want a large family, and that house will do the job. Ashton, I’m so exited to start a family together.”
“Me too. I love you.”
“I love you too.” They kissed deeply. Ashton rolled on top of Eevee and started to undress her, but she stopped him.
“Stop, Ash. I don’t want to do anything that could harm the baby.”
“You won’t harm the baby.”
“How do you know?”
“I have a feeling everything will turn out fine.” Eevee pushed Ashton up off her.
“Feelings aren’t very reassuring.”
“What about, I love you?” Eevee sighed.
“Why are you protesting so much?”
“Because….” Ashton rolled off of Eevee. “I don’t know.” He rolled over so he was facing away from Eevee.
“Babe….” She put her arms around him. “What’s wrong?” Ashton rolled over and faced her.
“It’s because I love you, Eevee. I love everything about you.”
“I love you too, but does that mean we’ll have sex every time we say that?”
“No.” Eevee’s eyes softened.
“I’m not going anywhere, Ash.” He looked at her.
“What do you mean?”
“Your afraid of losing me, aren’t you?” Ashton sighed and wrapped his arms around her.
“I can’t deal with it. If I lost you, Vee…..”
“You won’t loose me. I promise. I’ll be right here, any time you need me. You may have lost the one you loved before, but it won’t happen again.”
“I can’t be sure of that. People die. The Black Plague just died out, but who knows? It’s still out there somewhere. War is constant. I…I just can’t…” His voice quavered. His accent poked through a bit, something that only happened when Ashton was worked up. Eevee looked up at him.
“You’ll do anything to protect me, you said?” He nodded.
“I have faith that you’ll protect me. And that’s why I’ll be with you, forever.”
“Eevee…” He ran his fingers through her hair. “I love you.”
“I love-“ He cut her off by kissing her passionately with as much force as he could. She could see a few tears run down his face before she closed her eyes and kissed him back. This time, when Ashton rolled on top of her and started to undress her, she didn’t protest. She simply kissed him.
Together, they laid side by side, breathing heavily. Ashton gathered her close, running his hand down her back and giving her goose bumps. She closed her eyes. Ashton then pushed her away slightly so he could look at her face.
“God Eevee. You are so beautiful.” She blushed. “I…” He sighed, not knowing how to say what he wanted to say. “I love you doesn’t even begin to cover it. I love you so much, it hurts. I want to hold you all the time, and never let go.” Eevee’s eyes teared up.
“Ashton….” She whispered.
“Whenever I say I love you, I mean all that and more.” Eevee let out a sob and pulled Ashton to her. She cried into his chest, loving the feeling of his arms around her waist. Ashton held her as close as he could, enjoying just being with her. She stopped crying and when she did, Ashton lifted her chin and kissed her again.
“Babe, I swear. I’ll always be right here.” She whispered.
“Do you promise?” He asked quietly, cupping her face.
“Yes, I promise.” He kissed her one more time before wrapping his arms around her again tightly.
The next morning, one of Ashton’s fears came true. Eevee woke up, shivering violently again, although there was a roaring fire in the fireplace. By noon, she still wasn’t feeling any better. Her forehead was damp with fever, he cheeks rosy. She had thrown up three times already. Ashton walked into the room, carrying water. He sat down on the bed and handed it to Eevee. She drank it then leaned against the wall. Ashton looked at her worriedly. She opened her eyes slowly, and remembering Ashton’s talk with her the previous night, sat up.
“No, Vee. Lay down.”
“No. I know how your feeling right now. But I promise, I won’t leave you.” Ashton took a shaky breath and stood up.
“Just get some more sleep, okay?” Eevee sighed.
“Ash, please. Sit back down.” He slowly turned and sat back on the bed, putting the empty cup on the floor.
“What?” He asked.
“Look, what can I say to you that will get you to stop worrying about me like this? I’ll be fine, okay? I’ll get better, we’ll build our house, have our child, have a few more, then live happily ever after.” Ashton only leaned foreword and felt Eevee’s forehead.
“Your burning up, Vee. Get some sleep.” He then stood up and walked out the door. Eevee sighed.
After Eevee was asleep, Ashton walked in to check on her. She was breathing steadily. Charles walked in and put his hand on Ashton’s shoulder.
“Look Ashton, worrying will only make time go slower. It’s not the plague. She would be vomiting blood by now if it was.”
“You can never be sure.” Ashton said in a somber tone. He didn’t take his eyes off Eevee. “I almost lost her once, Charles. I don’t think I can handle loosing her for good.” Charles looked at Ashton, one of his long-time friends.
“Ashton, I lost my baby girl to the plague. I thought I might never go on either.”
“You won’t loose her.” Charles said quietly. It was all he could offer. He left the room. Ashton tried to calm down. He looked at Eevee, who was still sleeping soundly. Ashton sunk to his knees and buried his face in his hands.
“Eevee….please don’t leave me. Please.” He sobbed. Eevee woke, and seeing Ashton on the ground, quickly rushed over to him, sinking to her own knees and putting her arms around him. He grabbed her tightly and pulled her into a tight hug.
“Ash, please. I promise. I promise I’ll be here with you, day in and day out. I promise.” She had begun to cry too, the sight of Ashton this upset hurting her. He finally looked at her. His eyes were filled to the brim with tears, and Eevee gently wiped them away with her hand, although a fresh set of tears took their place.
“I just can’t stop thinking about you laying in my arms, unconscious, no one was sure if you would ever wake up again….and then….you stopped breathing. We all thought you were dead….” His accent was extremely noticeable now.
“But I wasn’t. And I don’t plan on leaving you alone any time soon, Ash.” She put her hands in his hair and kissed him. When she broke away, Ashton looked at her, the tears had slowed.
“Will you stay here then, until the house is finished? I can’t let you travel while your sick, and I’ll come home every night….to be with you….”
“Of course I will. I promise.” Ashton kissed her again before pulling her into a tight hug.
Ashton and Charles left the next morning. Eevee was feeling slightly better, and was able to stand up and kiss Ashton good bye in the doorframe before he left.
“Be careful, okay?” She said. Ashton smiled and ran his hand along her check.
“I will be, thinking of you to come home to. Take it easy, okay?”
“I will.” He kissed her quickly before turning and joining Charles by the horses. Charles’s wife, Anna, came up to Eevee.
“You have a wonderful fiancé there, you know that?” Eevee nodded, watching Ashton ride away.
“Yes, I do.”

Ashton and Charles finally reached the building lot with the lumber and other supplies to begin building the house.
“You know, Ash, this might take a bit longer than expected.” Charles observed. Ashton nodded.
“I realized that.”
“You can always stay with me and Anna, you know?”
“Thank you. Eevee is pregnant…and I don’t want to risk her health.” Charles gave him a knowing smile.
“That’s perfectly fine. I wish I could be more like you, you know that?”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t treat Anna as well as I should. I mean, I come home from work, kiss her, then well, treat her more as a friend than a wife. Seeing you and Eevee together shows me I should pay more attention to Anna. I do love her, I’m just tired at the end of the day.”
“Well, I realized life is fragile. You don’t have forever to show her how much you love her. So I do it every day.”
“More men should be like you Ashton. You were good to my sister too. She loved you so much.”
“I loved her too. But now, Eevee is…she’s just…”
“I know Ashton. I can see it in your eyes whenever you look at her. Your lucky to have found love like that.” Ashton smiled.
“Let’s start building this thing.
Two hours later, both men were tired, sore, and sweaty, but they had some of the foundation of the house up.
“Wow. It’s really looking like a house now.” Ashton joked. There were four walls up. Charles laughed.
“Yeah.” He turned to Ashton. “Wanna take a break and eat lunch?”
“You have no idea.” They sat down and ate, Charles bringing up Anna again.
“The first time I saw her, I knew. She’s the one. She was just so beautiful. And when we were first married, I paid attention to her more than I do now, but as we grew older, we had our baby girl-Samantha- then lost her and weren’t able to have any more. Poor Anna was a wreck. Sammie was only five years old.”
“I’m sorry about that.”
“Anna was thinking about adopting…but I was too afraid. I didn’t want to go through that again. Which is why….I told you what I did last night. If something does happen to Eevee, you can’t be scared to move on.” Ashton sighed.
“For the longest time, I was afraid to move on. I had no idea what I would do without Sabrina. We had a son together.”
“Oh yeah, How’s he doing?” Ashton looked down.
“He’s dead. He died in battle.” Charles looked at Ashton with horror on his face.
“When were you planning on telling us?”
“I was hoping I could avoid the subject altogether. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” Charles just looked down and threw the rest of his food into the forest.
“We should get back to work.”

Eevee and Anna sat in the living room, the fireplace roaring with fire.
“So, you have a young one on the way?” Anna asked. Eevee nodded, smiling. “Well, congratulations. I hope the baby will be happy and healthy.”
“Me too. I’ve always wanted to get married and start a family…now I’ll finally get my chance.”
“I had that chance too. Be grateful the Black Plague hasn’t poked its ugly face around in a while. That horrid disease killed my baby girl, Samantha.” Eevee swallowed hard.
“I’m so sorry….”
“No, don’t be. I had a taste of motherhood, and I loved it. Now, my husband and I can spend more time together.”
“How is Charles to you?”
“Oh…good, I suppose. To tell you the truth, we don’t spend much time together anymore. He goes to work, so I go about town, talking and gossiping. I do wish we did spend more time together though. Especially after seeing how Ashton treats you. He’s got you high up there, Eevee.” Eevee smiled.
“I love him, so much. But all you have to do is kiss Charles when he gets home, ask him about his day, make him some tea or coffee, then sit with him. I’ve learned guys love to talk about themselves.” Anna laughed.
“That’s quite true. You know Eevee, for a fifteen year old girl, you sure are wise.”
“I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime. Let’s just say that.” Anna looked at Eevee and smiled.
“You guys need to come visit often when you move into your own home. I’d love to meet your baby girl.”
“Oh, I’ll gladly come and visit you any time I can.”

Later on that night, Eevee lay in bed, feeling quite sick again. Anna walked in with tea.
“Oh Eevee. I thought you were getting better.” She sighed.
“I need to be able to look normal when Ashton comes home. I can’t have him worrying again like that. He needs to finish that house.”
“Why don’t you just rest?”
“I will. But please, I need to look better when Ashton comes home.”
“I’ll try my best, but I don’t exactly know what to do.”
“Do you have any mint?”
“Why, yes. Why?”
“Go get some. Please.”
“But mint is used for cooking.”
“Just go get some. Trust me.” Anna hurried out and came back quickly with some mint leaves. Eevee broke some off with her teeth, chewed, and swallowed.
“You aren’t supposed to eat it!” Anna exclaimed.
“It’ll make me vomit, and vomiting takes all the toxins out.”
“That’s an odd way of looking at it. But, I guess if you think it will help…”
“I think it will. I feel like….” She leaned over and vomited on the floor.
“How do you feel?” Anna asked. Eevee held up a finger, vomited again, then took a deep breath…and smiled.
“Much better. Now let me help you clean this up…”
“No, I’ll take care of it. You rest a bit more. Your complexion is a bit pale.”

Ashton and Charles got home late, Eevee had fallen asleep on the couch by Anna. Ashton instantly went over to Eevee and moved some hair out of her face.
“Is she okay?” He asked urgently. Anna smiled and nodded.
“She vomited a bit, but then she felt fine. We’ve been talking ever since. Well, until she fell asleep, of course.” Ashton smiled and gently picked Eevee up.
“Thank you for taking care of her while I was gone, Anna.”
“No problem. She’s a sweet girl.” Ashton looked at Eevee, who had her arms around his neck and was still sleeping peacefully.
“Yes she is.”

Charles looked at Anna after Eevee and Ashton had disappeared.
“Come here Anna.” He held his arms out to her.
“Wh….why?” She asked, astounded.
“So I can kiss you.” Anna’s eyes filled with tears as she ran into Charles’s arms and kissed him.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been paying much attention to you.”
“And I’m sorry I haven’t been paying much attention to you.”
“Let’s go to bed.” Charles whispered.

Ashton put Eevee into the bed and covered her up. He heard Charles and Anna giggling as they headed into their bedroom. Ashton took off his shirt and crawled into bed with Eevee. She instantly moved closer to him, putting a hand on his chest. He put an arm around her shoulders and closed his eyes. Eevee was safe. He could feel her breathing steadily and her forehead was normal temperature. Ashton opened his eyes to look at her. The moonlight shining in from the window illuminated her dark hair. Some of the light shone on her face. Ashton couldn’t resist kissing her. She stirred and kissed him back.
“Hey.” He whispered. “Feeling better?” Eevee nodded.
“What did you get done today?”
“We got the base of the house mostly finished. The foundation, of course. Eevee…I can’t wait.”
“For what?”
“For us to officially start our lives together. Have children…” Eevee looked down.
“Ash…I was thinking…in 2008, the average lifespan is seventy years. Here, its about fifty. That’s twenty years.” Ashton sighed.
“Eevee, as long as I’m with you, I could live to fifty or to a hundred. I’ll make sure your lifespan is longer than the statistics. Okay?”
“We’ll do everything that you would do in the future.” Eevee snuggled closer to Ashton.
“If you say so, I’ll believe you.” She looked up at him and kissed him. He kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her tightly.
“Get some sleep, Vee.” He kissed her one more time before she closed her eyes and they both fell asleep.
1 Month Later
The wedding was finally here. Eevee was dressed in a white satin gown with a corset, her brown hair falling gently around her shoulders. Ashton stood by the priest, at the altar. Although Eevee was happy she was finally getting married to the man she loved most, She was also upset that her friends and family couldn’t be there. Before the ceremony began, she got a pleasant surprise though. Anna hurried up to her.
“Eevee, darling, there are two young ladies who would like to see you.” Eevee looked at her, confused, following her. And then she saw Belle and Miley, standing there, smiling.
“BELLE! MILEY!” She ran up to them, giving them each a big hug.
“Wow. Eevee, your baby bump is showing.” Miley observed.
“I know, Miles.” Eevee laughed. “Thanks you for noticing.”
The ceremony was huge, all of Eevee’s friends were there. As the music played, Eevee walked down the isle, and a few gasps were heard from the guests. Aston smiled radiantly as he looked at Eevee, who was slowly walking toward him, her own smile plastered on her face. She finally reached him and took his hand.
The “I do’s” were barely audible as the couple whispered them. The priest smiled and pronounced them as husband and wife. Ashton wrapped Eevee into his arms and kissed her. They broke apart, giggling.
“I love you.” Ashton mouthed. Eevee only kissed him again before they walked back down the isle.

8 Months Later
The house was almost finished. But Ashton and Eevee would not be able to move into it until the baby was born.
Eevee was now 9 months along, and very swollen. Ashton now hardly ever left her side, considering it was winter and the house building had come to a halt. A fresh layer of snow had just fallen, and the fire was roaring. Ashton and Eevee sat on the couch, snuggling. Anna was making supper, and Charles was at the office with a client. Ashton put his hand on Eevee’s stomach and smiled when he felt the baby kick.
“Soon she’ll be here, Vee.”
“I know. I want her here so badly.”
“How do you two know it’s a girl?” Anna asked.
“We’re assuming she is.” Eevee answered.
“And if it’s a boy?”
“Then it’s a boy.” Anna smiled and went back to work. Eevee closed her eyes and leaned against Ashton’s chest. Ashton played with her hair, braiding it.
Suddenly, Eevee sat up quickly.
“Yes babe?”
“The baby…” Ashton looked at her, confused. Anna rushed over.
“Ashton! Help me!” Anna said frantically.
“YOUR WIFE IS HAVING A BABY!” Eevee shouted. Ashton instantly jumped up and carried Eevee into the bedroom. He then kneeled down beside her.
“Eevee…I love you.” He kissed her until she broke away and cried out in pain. Anna helped get Eevee as comfortable as she could. Ashton sat on the bed next to Eevee, and grabbed her hand.
“We’ll be parents soon, Vee. You can do this.” He kissed her one more time before helping her.
2 Hours Later
Eevee leaned back, exhausted. The screams of the newborn baby could be heard. Ashton, with tears in his eyes, kissed Eevee gently. He looked at his child. Blue eyes, a tangled mass of brown hair. Anna cut the cord, tied it, and placed the baby in Eevee’s arms.
“Congratulations, Eevee. What’s her name?” Eevee looked at the baby, Ashton, Anna, then the baby again. She leaned up to Ashton and whispered something in his ear. He nodded. They both looked at Anna.
“Samantha Rannae.” Eevee said quietly. Anna’s eyes filled with tears.
“After, our Samantha?” Eevee nodded. Anna came over and looked at the baby, sleeping in Eevee’s arms.
“She looks like a Samantha too.”
Soon, both the baby and Eevee were asleep. Ashton, Anna, and Charles sat in the living room, talking.
“She’s such a beautiful baby. And she’ll look just like her mother.” Anna said. Ashton nodded, smiling.
“She’ll be the…well, she just completes us as a family right now. I just hope that when she grows older, she’ll be as wonderful as her mother.”
“With parents like you two, I don’t know how she can turn out as anything but perfect.” Ashton sighed.
“I’ll be heading off to bed, then. I also want to check on Samantha and Eevee.”
“Goodnight, Ashton. Again, congratulations.”
“Same from me.” Charles added. Ashton stood up and entered the bedroom. Eevee was on her side, sleeping peacefully with Samantha tucked under her arm. The bassinet stood on the side of the bed, but Ashton knew it would not be used for a while. He lifted Samantha up and got into bed, putting Samantha in between him and Eevee. Eevee stirred and turned around. Ashton took her hand and kissed her, then kissed Sam’s forehead.
5 Months Later
The house was finally finished. It had been completed a week ago. Eevee rushed around, packing everything up while Charles and Ashton went into town to buy furniture. Anna walked into the bedroom, carrying Samantha. The baby smiled and giggled, reaching out for her mom. Eevee took Sam from Anna.
“Hey cutie. How’s my baby?” In response, Samantha burped. Anna and Eevee laughed.
“She’s gotten so big. This house will seem so empty without you three around here.” Anna smiled. Eevee put a hand on her shoulder.
“But you and Charles will have some free time.”
“Not for long.” Anna grinned. Eevee looked at her, puzzled.
“I’m pregnant, Eevee.”
“OH MY GOSH!” Eevee exclaimed.
“Shhh…Charles doesn’t know it yet.” Samantha giggled and started tugging on Eevee’s hair.
“Ouch, sweetie don’t do that.” She tickled the baby’s stomach, which sent a fresh wave of giggles through the baby.
“How did you find out? When?”
“Well, Charles and I have been more….intimate, and well, I have a bit of a bump.”
“Oh, congrats, Anna!”
“I’m hoping for a little boy. I haven’t had that experience yet.” Suddenly, her expression became serious. “Do all you can to protect her, Eevee. I know what its like to lose a child, and I don’t think Ashton could handle it. She’s such a beautiful little girl, so happy, wonderful parents, please, take care of her.”
“I will.” Eevee managed, Anna’s words taking her by surprise.
“Good.” Anna smiled again. “Let’s get you packed up.”
Ashton loaded the rest of the luggage into the wagon, sighing and wiping the sweat off his brow.
“Well, that’s it. Ready, Vee?”
“Yeah.” She answered. Ashton picked Samantha up off the ground and walked into the house. Anna and Charles stood there. Eevee was saying goodbye.
“We’ll come see you soon.”
“Of course you will. Say, nine months?” Anna giggled.
“What?” Charles asked, bewildered.
“That’s when our baby will be born.”
“ANNA! T- That’s incredible!” Charles pulled her in for a long kiss. Eevee glanced at Ashton to see the same look that had been on Charles’s face only a second before. Surprise.
“Did you know about this?” He asked her. Eevee nodded slightly. Anna pulled away from Charles, blushing slightly.
“Sorry about that.”
“Don’t worry about it. We’re happy for you.”
“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Anna sighed.
“We’ll come see the new addition to your family soon. Maybe they and Sam can be friends.”
“I’m sure they will be.” Anna walked up to Eevee and wrapped her into a tight hug. Charles shook Ashton’s hand
“You’re a lucky man, Ashton.” Ashton looked at Eevee and smiled
“I know. Take care of the two you have here.”
“Oh, I will.” His eyes hardened. “I won’t loose another child.”
“If you ever have any problems, come to us right away. We’ll be happy to help you.”
“Of course. Thank you.”
“Your welcome, Charles. Eevee, ready to go?” Eevee nodded.
“Bye Samantha! You have excellent parents here.” Charles tickled the baby’s chin and she giggled. Ashton smiled along with Eevee. The family left the house and mounted their horses. They rode off, waving.
A few hours later, the house was in sight.
“Ashton!” Eevee gasped, “I love it!” Ashton smiled and rode closer to Eevee, taking her hand while Samantha was cradled in his other arm.
“We’re home. And it’s entirely furnished too.”
“Oh, Ash. I love you.” He smiled at her.
Later on that night, while Samantha was asleep, the couple lay in bed. Ashton cupped Eevee’s head in his hands and kissed her passionately. She broke away, gasping along with Ashton. He then pulled her tighter to him and kissed her again, running his hand down her back, unzipping her dress as he did. She shrugged out of it, her lips still on Ashton’s. They broke apart momentarily while she took off his shirt, then their lips met each other again. Soon, Eevee rolled on top of Ashton, his hands on her waist. He pulled away.
“Vee, do you honestly like the house? I know it doesn’t have all the modern appliances and stuff-“ Eevee cut him off by kissing him.
“I love it.” She whispered before kissing him again. He pulled away again, making Eevee groan with impatience.
“Are you sure? You’ve lived all your life with modern appliances, and, now you don’t have those.” Eevee sighed.
“I honestly don’t care about those. I can manage without them.”
“Are you positive?” Eevee laughed, rolling her eyes.
“Yes. Positive. Can I kiss you now?” Ashton laughed now and nodded. Eevee wasted no time and kissed him again.
Eevee woke up the next morning to find the bed next to her empty. She stretched and sat up, looking around. Last night, she hadn’t had a chance to look at her room. It was a good size, a queen bed in the center of the south wall, two nightstands by the bed with candles, and a rug sitting on the floor. Eevee got up and dressed. She walked into the living room, where Ashton was sitting, holding Samantha by a roaring fire. Eevee walked over to the couch and wrapped her arm around Ashton’s chest. Ashton looked up and smiled at her.
“Bout time you woke up. You were like a rock. Samantha was crying and I got up, you didn’t even move.”
“Really?” Eevee asked. She came around to the front of the couch and sat down, leaning against Ashton.
“Yep. So, I let you sleep.” Eevee reached out and took Samantha from Ashton and cradled her in her arms. Ashton put his arm around Eevee and pulled her to him again. She sighed.
“I’m so happy. We have our own house, where we can just be a family…” She looked up at Ashton, who was smiling. “What?”
“Nothing. I just feel the same way. With…Sabrina, we lived in the castle, and I was always gone….And then she had our so, but, I was still in the war. I missed almost all of his life, and….When Sabrina died, he wanted to join the army. He was only six. I…didn’t want to let him, but I did…and…” He cut off and looked at Eevee. “But, I don’t have to worry about that now.”
“Right.” Eevee nodded.
“Hey, didn’t Ayden give us something?”
“Oh, yeah…he did.” Eevee stood up, handing Sam to Ashton then went over to the things that still needed to be unpacked. “I forgot all about it.” She found the small package and sat back down. Ashton watched as she opened it, then they both gasped. It was a pair of diamond earings, with small roses etched into the diamonds.
“Wow. They…their beautiful. How do you pierce ears?” Eevee asked. Ashton laughed and took the earings from her, putting them on the table.
“We’ll worry about that later. Now, let’s just enjoy us, as a family.” Eevee smiled and let Ashton kiss her, while Samantha’s steady breathing created a perfect peace.

The End
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