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A Special Birthday Present

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Michelle surprises Brian with a special birthday present.

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When the women began work the next day, the group was due to work on their music video for one of their new songs. The concept called for a minimum of three different outfits, one for walking through the airport in, one for a middle sequence in no particular place, and another for the scene with the fans. For the middle sequence, since there was no definitive location, more of a dream-like set up, Michelle chose to dress the guys in all white. As she worked with the guys to decide on the other outfits, she and Julie heard the song, and watched the group perform the scenes in the hanger where the sets were. When filming was finished for the day, everyone headed back to watch the footage from the day’s work. Michelle and Julie studied the outfits, making notes on anything needing changes. With nothing to change from their area, the video director called the day a wrap and the video was finished.

Michelle and Julie went back to the wardrobe room to put away all the clothes before going home. While they worked, they imitated the Boys’, singing the song the way they remembered it. When they ended the song, they collapsed against each other laughing. But to their horror, they heard clapping. At the other end of the room, all five guys stood their watching, smiles on their faces.

“Tell me you didn’t hear all of that,” Michelle begged, already knowing the answer.

“We don’t really sound that bad, do we?” Brian asked. Michelle threw the empty hanger in her hand at Brian, missing his head by inches. “Hey!”

All five guys seemed to make a decision then, without talking about it, because all five charged towards the women, their intent to tackle the women written all over their faces. The women screamed and ran through the racks of clothes, trying desperately to avoid the group. The guys then split up, covering more ground. AJ found Michelle and threw her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on the floor. He helped her up and dragged her back to the center of the room, where the others were gathering. Nick caught Julie, and, having already hit a growth spurt that put him as tall as Kevin, threw her over one shoulder and carried her back.

“I recall you two telling us you didn’t sing,” Brian said when everyone was together. “But if that recital is any indication, I’d say you two lied.” The women stood back to back, staring at the five men who surrounded them. It would have been intimidating if the men hadn’t been Backstreet Boys.

“We only said we didn’t sing in public,” Julie told them.

“We thought you’d already left, otherwise we never would have been singing,” Michelle added.

“That’s not important,” Nick said. “You two lied, and there are punishments for liars. Right guys?” A chorus of agreement sounded from the four other men.

“And what do you do to liars?” Michelle asked. There was a pause, as AJ, Howie, and Nick all looked to Brian and Kevin, since the women were their girlfriends.

“Hmmm. . .” Brian stroked an imaginary beard, while he pondered the fate of the women. “I think we should throw them in the ocean to teach them a lesson.” Michelle and Julie’s eyes widened as they realized he was serious.

The Boys dragged them to their cars and drove them to the beach. The women protested, coming up with many different reasons why they shouldn’t be thrown into the ocean, but it made no different. Brian and Kevin half carried, half dragged the women to the ocean, where they ran into the water and threw each lady into an oncoming wave. When the women came up for air, soaking wet and ready to kill, they ran at the group and dragged everyone else into the freezing water. It took several tries, but they managed to get every last one soaked to the bone.

“That’s what you get for throwing us into the ocean,” Michelle told Brian, who she personally took the energy to throw into the water, which was difficult considering he was stronger than she.

“Well at least we have towels in the cars. We’d been waiting to do this all day. I hope you don’t mind?” Michelle shook her head.

“Nah, it’s all in good fun, although you might want to have a word with AJ, since my head still hurts where I hit it.” Brian laughed, and then pulled her in for a kiss. They heard the other guys making fun, so they turned around, only to see the guys making fun of Kevin and Julie kissing, not them.

The group spent a little more time in the water, but then left to get the towels and dry off. They took the women back to their car, and each couple shared a parting kiss. When the women returned to their apartment, they fell into bed, exhausted.

The next day, while the Boys worked on recording another song for their album, Julie pulled Michelle aside.

“I know you’re aware that Brian’s birthday is coming up, and we want to plan something special for him, like we did with AJ and Nick, but we have to get him away so we can discuss it without him overhearing. I hate to ask this, but would you be willing to get him away, and I can tell you what we decide later?”

“Sure,” Michelle told her. “I can get him away, no problem. Just don’t forget what I’ve already planned for his birthday.” Julie nodded.

When everyone was given a lunch break, Michelle grabbed Brian and convinced him to have lunch with her, just the two of them. Julie mouthed ‘thanks’ behind Brian’s back. When the two left, the rest of the group ate lunch and discussed Brian’s birthday, making plans. Julie told them what Michelle was planning, so they decided to throw Brian a party on the beach in the afternoon.

When Saturday rolled around, Kevin held the responsibility for getting Brian to the beach without any suspicions. Howie left earlier to help the others get things ready.

“Hey Brian, why don’t we go to the beach for lunch today?” Kevin asked when Brian finally rolled out of bed. Brian agreed, and the two headed out within the hour. “Happy birthday, by the way,” he said in the car. If he didn’t say it, he knew Brian would get suspicious.


At the beach, Kevin led Brian towards the water, telling him they would run for awhile before actually eating. Before they actually started running, they came around a large sand dune and Brian saw everyone. A grill stood in the center of a circle of beach chairs, one of which was covered in presents for him. As he opened each gift, he gave the giver a hug. Once he finished, he realized Michelle hadn’t given him one. AJ fired up the grill, cooking burgers for lunch. While everyone grabbed one, Brian questioned Michelle at the back of the line.

“Hey, where’s my present from you?”

“You’ll get it later, I promise.” Michelle just smiled at him and sat down with her burger.

Kevin, having remembered Julie’s vegetarian status, brought a veggie burger for her, so she could still have burgers with the rest of the group.

As the day wore on, the group began cleaning things up. Kevin told Brian he had to leave and clean up before he could get Michelle’s present, so they left while the others finished cleaning up. Michelle went back to the apartment to get ready too and then picked Brian up at his apartment.

“Where are you taking me? Kevin practically dressed me himself, telling me what clothes I had to wear.”

“Well he had to, because I couldn’t. And I’m not telling you where I’m taking you, so you’ll just have to wait and see.” The drive was a short one, and Brian soon realized where they were going.

“Are we going to the Orlando Magic game?” he asked, referring to the Orlando basketball team. Michelle nodded and parked the car.

“Not only are we going to the game, but I got us courtside tickets.” Brian reached over and gave her a big hug.

They arrived a half hour before the game was due to start, so they could watch some of the warm ups. Both knew plenty of information about the game and teams, so they easily carried on a conversation surrounding the game. When the game started, Brian quickly got sucked in to moment, telling Michelle what he thought of the teams’ strategies and why certain plays went wrong. She did the same thing, unable to keep herself from critiquing the game and the players’ faults.

When half time came around, the cheerleaders gave a short performance, which Brian and Michelle laughed at quietly, not wanting to appear rude. Once they finished, an announcer stepped onto the court, explaining there would be a competition between three audience members to see who could make a basket from the free throw line. The announcer read off two seat numbers and two fans came running onto the court, excited about being picked.

“For our third contestant,” the announcer continued, “we have a special treat. In the audience tonight, we have a celebrity here celebrating his birthday. Please help me give a warm welcome to Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys!” Brian looked at Michelle, who smiled at him and gave him a shove onto the floor. The crowd clapped and screamed as he ran onto the court.

After the announcer explained the rules of the game, Michelle watched with pride as Brian made the only basket. The crowd again erupted in excited noise. The announcer led Brian off the court to make way for the basketball players who had returned from the locker rooms, explaining the way the prize would work. Brian had won a free Orlando Magic jersey from the team shop in the arena. He was given a voucher to hand to the cashier in the store, who would give him the jersey. Once he understood, Brian headed back to his seat.

“Can you believe I won a jersey?” he asked.

“Yep. I knew you’d make that shot.”

“How long have you been planning this?”

“I got these tickets a long time ago, before I even started working with you. I wanted to do something special for your birthday, so I decided to use these. And since it was your birthday, and because you’re a celebrity, I was able to talk to someone at the arena and make sure they called you out during the half time event. Not that you need another jersey though.” Brian gave her a playful shove, and they returned to watching the game.

The Orlando Magic won, thankfully. Brian and Michelle immediately headed for the team shop to get his jersey. The cashier was pleasant, congratulating him on making a basket. With the jersey bagged, they left the arena and started on their way home. Michelle quickly arrived at his apartment.

“Thanks for taking me to the game tonight. It was a lot of fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I knew how much you liked basketball, and it was the only thing I could think of to get you.”

Brian gave her a goodnight kiss, and then she drove back to her apartment. Julie asked her about the night. She’d watched the game on TV and said she saw them on it a few times, though the cameras never focused on the pair. Michelle told Julie about the half time event and Brian’s prize, and how excited he’d been to have courtside seats. She excused herself shortly, though, wanting to go to sleep after the long evening.
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