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Chapter 1

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To Jackie Mathews he was just a stupid boy that liked to torture her. To Joe Jonas she was just an outsider that he didn't want around. What could happen when they come to a truce?

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Author's Note: This story isn't accurate. I'm too lazy to think that hard. The songs they write or didn't write might not match what I say in the story as well as the timeline. I might rush things or take out some things that happened in real life. Oh well its fiction! Haha What's the point in writing fanfiction if it's not fictional. Then it would just be fan and the main female character wouldn't meet JB or they would, but nothing would come of it and it wouldn't be anything special. Yeah... anyways! I don't own the Jonas Brothers or anyone associated with them. I don't own any songs that I happen to mention in here. The only people I own is the main female character, her best female friend, her parents, and her other people you don't know. :D

Chapter 1

Here I am enjoying awonderful dream involving Antonio Sabato Jr., in all his muscular glory on the beach, when I heard some light scraping coming from outside my window. Don't worry it's not some crazed killer. Ever since we were ten he'd come over, but he'd never use the front door if he were coming over alone. Stupid boy from next door always had to climb the trellis and come in my room from my balcony. That's what I get for befriending my enemy.

It was summer time and I was five when I was adopted; they're a good Christian couple that wasn't able to have children of their own. I guess they were so into the whole religious thing that they moved into the house next to a parsonage. Don't get me wrong, I'm no trouble maker or anything, I just always have a strange feeling like someone's always watching me. I guess it's the big guy upstairs. I always felt like I had to be careful, almost like we lived in the parsonage ourselves.

I'd been living there for about a month, going to church ever Sunday like my new parents wanted to, I met the Pastor that lived next door along with his wife, and their youngest son. Apparently, they had two other boys. The oldest was off at some camp and the middle child was at his grandparents in Arizona. The summer days were coming to an end and the Pastor's sons were coming home. Of course my parents wanted me to become friends with the Pastor's kids... even if they were boys and boys were icky and had cooties at the time. So, we walked over to the parsonage when we saw Pastor's van drive up.

"Hello Pastor Jonas, Mrs. Jonas," I greeted, just like my parents taught me to greet every grown up.

"Well hello there Jackie. How are you this afternoon?" Mrs. Jonas asked with a smile. Her smiles were infectious and you couldn't help but smile back.

"I'm fine," was my simple reply. I felt a slight nudge from behind. I turned around to see my mom giving me an encouraging smile. I knew what she was prompting me to ask. "So where are your sons? I'd love to meet them." Looking back I realize that was the cheesiest thing I've ever said.

"They just ran into the house, I'll call them down," Pastor Jonas said. I faintly heard him call his kids when he entered the house. Not 5 minutes later two boys came running out of the house with Pastor holding little Nicky in his arms following behind.

"Boys, come here, I'd like you to meet someone," Mrs. Jonas said.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Mathews,"the taller one said. He too had an infectious smile.

And there he was, the stupid boy from next door, in all his chubby cheeks and straight haired glory. It wasn't curly like his two brothers or his mom; it was straight and a bowl haircut no less.

"Who are you?" He asked me.

"My name is Jackie Mathews,"I said with a small smile.

He gave me a scrutinizing look before dad said, "She's our daughter."

"Daughter?" Stupid boy asked."Before I left you didn't have any kids, now you have a daughter?"

"Joseph, don't be rude," Mrs. Jonas said.

We never got along after that. He'd always bring up my adoption whenever I was near. Unfortunately, not only was he my neighbor, he was my age and in my class, so I saw him everyday. I just kept my head up and my mouth shut because I had to be careful. I didn't want to disappoint my new parents and have them send me back to that orphanage. Maybe if he really knew what happened to my parents back then he wouldn't have been so harsh, but I wasn't about to talk about it. I didn't really understand it myself, so why would he. He was just a stupid boy anyway.

Well, one day careful went out the window. It was my first Christmas here and I was outside playing in the snow. I heard the two oldest Jonas boys come running out of their house with some friends.

"Hi Jackie," the oldest one said.

"Hi Kevin," I said back.

Kevin and the others continued to run around the house and I continued to make a little snowman. After a minute or two I saw a pair of shoes step in front of me. I looked up to see none other than stupid boy himself. He had a mischievous grin on his face.

"Hi Joe," I said to be polite. He didn't answer so I just went back to what I was doing. Two seconds later I was hit on the head with a snow ball care of; you guessed it, stupid boy. "Hey," I said standing up. "What was that for?"

"Because I wanted to," he said with a shrug.

"Well, that was really mean. Can you stop please?"

"No." He said it like it was the most obvious answer. The nerve of this guy!

"Why not?" Damn, I was such apanty.

"Because you don't belong here." I didn't know what to say to that. I wasn't sure if he was right or not."You're not Mr. and Mrs. Mathews real daughter. You belong to someone else, Ibet Mr. and Mrs. Mathews don't even really want you." I was on the verge of tears at this point, but I wasn't about to let him see me cry. "That, and you're a girl," he said before smashing my snowman.

"I hate you Joe Jonas!" I yelled. That was the exact moment I decided to learn how to throw a punch. Stupid boy was at the receiving end as my practice target.

Of course we got punished, but that didn't stop our feuding. We were both nine, Joe and I got into alittle argument, yelling at each other. As punishment our parents put us on"time-out" and made us stay in a room together. It lasted for about an hour. Why so long you? Well... I was yelling from my balcony while he was yelling through the window in Nick's room.

Well, time-out didn't get us to be nice to each other, so once again we started fighting.

"I can see why your real parents don't want you," he said. He really had no idea what happened to my parents. Stupid boy.

"They wanted me," I said defensively. "They just couldn't." I could feel the anger radiate out of me.

"You can take your excuses and stuff it, Mathews. Oh wait, you already stuffed it... IN YOUR BRA!" It was like he knew my weakness or something. I'd started to... develop a little earlier than the other girls in my grade. I was really self-conscious about it, I still am actually, but I wasn't about to let him win this fight.

"Only a fag would notice, Jonas." My only best friend was a potty mouth and I guess it rubbed off.

"You mean like your boyfriend?" That's when I knew, he really does know my weaknesses. "I see the way you look at JD," he said about one of his best friends. JD was the only guy that was kinda nice toward me, so naturally I had a little crush. "He doesn't like you, just like your parents."

I felt the tears come, but Istill wasn't going to let him win, so I took a swing, a big one. "Ow," I said cradling my hand when Joe hit the floor. That really hurt. "Learn to throw apunch you pussy."

I was grounded for the first and only time that day for about a week. I didn't realize my parents could hear everything I said, plus the shiner stupid boy got was pretty bad too.

Arg! The scraping! I don't see why he has to climb the stupid trellis anyways, it takes him forever to get to my balcony.

"Crap," I heard him say. From the thump on the deck I'm guessing he fell... again. Oh and there's my sliding glass door.

"Go away Joe," I say.

"Why?" He asked. I can just imagine him in his sweats, back a little hunched, and his arms held out alittle for a second before going back to a normal stance.

"Because it's summer, Ishould be able to sleep in and I'm not decent."

"Aww... don't say that about yourself. I think you're pretty cool."

"Stupid boy," I murmur as Iturned around and lay on my stomach.

"Wake up."

"Stop poking me," I say with my head buried in my pillow. "I'm still sleeping."

I feel the side of my bed go down and his weight on my back as he leaned across to look at my face.

"Time for our daily morning run," he says his face a little too close to mine. "Come on Jackie... buddy... best friend... future wife and mother of my children."

He just had to throw that in my face. It was a while after my first grounding and we were arguing about... something. Of course we were arguing, when were we not in the same room and arguing. Kevin came in as always and tried to get us to be friends. I just had to open up my big mouth and say, "The day I agree to be his friend is the day Iagree to marry him and have his kids. It'll never happen," and then I hit him. I guess I was a little stupid too.

I sat up in bed, eyes still closed, and swung at him. I didn't miss, I never missed.

"Hey! Geez, you're always hitting me. It's not my fault you said it," he said with a laugh.

"But it's always your fault that I end up hitting you," I say lying on my back again, but this time with my eyes open. "Why else would you always get the worse punishment?"

"It's not my fault you couldn't take what I dished out."

"And it's not my fault you were an insensitive jerk. Now get off of my bed loser," I said and literally kicked him off.

Now how exactly did we become friends? Well... we were ten and in swimming class. Joe was off with his buddies making fun of me and I was all alone, apparently Joe was a little more influential than he seemed. I only had one friend, Bernadette, she definitely didn't care what Joe said about me, but she wasn't there that day. I was standing near the 5 ft mark of the pool while our instructor was on the other side by the 3 ft mark disciplining a couple kids about horseplay around the pool. Joe and his friends were walking towards me and I could hear them snickering. I don't know who it was, I don't even know if it was on purpose or not, but I was pushed in the pool. From what the swimming instructor said there was a big chance of me drowning, if it wasn't for Joe that is. So... maybe he isn't all that stupid.
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