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" After all that, and you still don't love me..."

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Upon returning everything is still the same.

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Harrow here thankyou to those who reviewed and to those who only read this lovely but confusing update is for you enjoy!:

It was by far the greatest vacation frankie had ever took and in a long time with good friends too. By the time the vacation was over frankie and gerard had had sex 4 times and in secret places, because while gerard wasn't ashamed of his sexual orientation frankie was. He had never tried being gay before so it was new for frankie to show feelings for guys and gerard was one to be too emotional. Gerard would attempt to lean on frankie infront of the others, or kiss him in public display, gee also was very touchy-feely infront of everyone like hugging on frankie's waist or sneaking feels but for everyone to see.

Ray often gave frankie funny and sort of offended looks now, he would frown at them when they were together and was seeming to grow more suspicious but at the same time hostile towards frank. Frankie truly didn't give a rats ass but he didn't appreciate ray's new attitude toward him either, mikey on the other hand didn't seem to care and bob was to busy kissing frank's ass to mutter a complain but frank was still too embarassed to show gerard anything.

No one but mikey also did'nt know that frankie had dumped his girlfriend jamia either, everyone just assumed that frank seen her whenever he could and didn't care much to talk about her and he didn't. Frankie had simply forgot about her she no longer mattered to him secretly he was all about gerard but never pushed enough to show gerard either.

Gerard now sensed frankie's embarassment about the whole situation of them having sex, Gerard didn't think of it as making love or anything because it wasn't any passion involved when they did it it was all about having one another for the time being and gerard felt empty for that. Because although gerard could be a little whorish sometimes, he did want to feel like the person he was with at the time wanted him back, he wanted that person to tell him that they loved him and that they thought him beautiful, he wanted it to be slow and romantic with hugs and kisses but frankie never gave him that.

The last time that gerard and frankie did it frankie seemed so in a rush to finish, and when he did he layed next to gerard and attempted to catch his breath. Gerard thought this was time to show frankie a little affection so he leaned over and tried to wrap his arms around frank's slender waist, but instead of accepting it frank got up and left gerard alone to ultimately cry himself to sleep.

Gerard so desperately wanted to be loved by frank back he had countless dreams of making love to frankie before they actually did it because believe it or not gerard was a virgin although he was cute, talented, and young. Girl's had made moves on gerard before but he never accepted them something about a girl to gerard scared him, he often got sick when they came to close to him and he was very claustophobic when encircled by them. One night when gerard was 14 a girl had came over his house for a study date and ended up staying for dinner. Mikey and mrs. donna was quite gushing about the fact that gerard was actually hanging out with girl and when bed time came the girl had snuck up into gerard's room and into his bed.

She had in that moment confessed her love to gerard, who pretended to be sleep at the moment but when she kneeled down next to him and kissed him gerard woke the hell up. She not only kissed him, she touched his dick too making gerard spontaneousily throw up in her mouth. The girl was pissed off and slapped him across each side of his face 2 good times then stormed out, of course mikey who had already done a girl laughed at him and his mother scolded him gerard hadn't touched another girl since.....

But it was something about a boy to gerard that made him feel loved and not so damn wierd maybe the fact how they looked to him, or the way they were so strong but when they actually fell inlove they did it hard. It was multiple things that made gee want to love a guy and when he seen frankie he couldn't help himself.

But frank was playing hard to get and it hurted gerard so much who had fell inlove with frankie so easily, but if frank wanted to do that gerard could do it too and he had had his master plan all planned out...

The day had finally come for the group to leave and frankie and everyone was appointed to pack up and get in the cars that had brought them here. Frankie secretly asked gerard if he wanted to drive with him this time but gerard replied quite coldly no and drove with ray and bob instead. Frankie wondered what was wrong but didn't dwell to deep into it so he just drove with mikey. But as they were driving frank was looking out his window and was trying to ask gerard what was wrong.

" Dude " said frankie whispering it to gerard who drove closely on the right side of the car frank was in " What's wrong are you mad at me? " gerard stared at him and said " No " but frank frowned saying " When i asked you to drive in this car with me why didn't you? ". Gerard now frowned and replied " I've done enough you said and got nothing out of it already i'm done " and then rolled up his side of the window shutting frank out.

Frankie was never really good with figuring out clues especially ones that dealt with emotions frankie wasn't too big on emotions he was more for going for something and getting it straight out but for the world frankie could'nt figure out what gerard wanted. For the rest of the time driving back, frankie constantly stole looks at gerard, who was sitting near the window eating a bag of chips and listening to ray's ipod. The drive was slow and frankie wanted out mikey wasn't much entertainment either, sitting there all stiffly, his eyes literally glued to the road, and he hunched over in this overly protective wierd pose.

When the cars finally reached the college frankie had perked up, being back was feeling so good it meant that he could get away from all of them, not having to be bunched up in a small cabin with 4 other men with one he felt peculiar about.

But the strangest thing happened when frankie was unloading his luggage from mikey's car, he kept seeing ray give him these dirty and low down trifling looks that consisted of long glares and threateningly freaky smirks. They were thrown frankie's way every time frankie looked up or at gerard who seemed oblivious to them, being lost in his head-banging music and the crunch of his chips. Gerard simply stood to the side as ray picked up all of gee's luggage for him and carried it into their dorm, frank stood confused what the hell was ray's fucking problem?.

Frank dropped his bags as bob left to return to his dorm and mikey went inside their own. It was only frank, ray, and gerard out here now and frank was getting ready to kick ray's big lipped ass. Whatever ray had to say to frankie he should say it out not be a bitch and hide behind what he thought was dangerous glares, so frankie began to walk over to ray fist balled up and head held high.

When ray seen this he was just finishing getting the last of gerard's luggage and putting the last of his own away. Ray then went to gerard and slipped his right arm around gerard's slender waist and for a minute felt on him, he then guided his hand up the side of a musically lost gee bear and ended it at his neck to only reach up and take one of the ear buds out of gee's ear. He then leant in close and let his lips brush gerard's neck and then told him that he was done.

Gerard nodded simply and turned to go inside of the dorm to only have ray walk close behind him, to the point that his dick rode on the back of gerard's ass and both his arms came to rest on gee's tummy from behind him. Frank grew so pissed that his cheeks turned red and the back of his ears burned, his fist was clenched so tight that his knuckles became white, and all the blood in his hands disappeared but that wasn't what pissed frankie off it was this:

Once at the door of their dorm, ray turned around and fucking childishly stuck out his tongue at frank saying " Nah i have him all to myself what do you have? " gerard didn't hear this but frank did and he was so angry that he simply couldn't grasp the fortitude to move. Frank instantly thought that this was a plan to make him jealous fueled by gerard but it wasn't...

This was not apart of gerard's plan.

Hello guys a little twist spinned by that of my fucked up mind i hope you guys enjoy and review for me it took me 2 days to get this down and today to get it done so have fun and tell me what you think will happen next will gerard and ray have sex? who knows review and you'll find out! bye.

Aww there goes a link to fuck up your mind look at how passionately gerard is staring at ray ooooh i smell pretty boy sex do you?.
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