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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


I awoke to my phone yelling in my ear. I opened my eyes to find my phone beside my head. I picked it up and flipped it open.

"Hello?" I said still half asleep.
"BREEEE!!!" I heard a familiar voice yell into my ear.
"Ellierz?" I asked dumbfounded.
"Well duh!" She yelled
"First off, calm down Ellz. Did you take your Meds?" I asked
I heard her giggle and whisper a "No"
"Ellie Iero you take those meds. Don't make me get Frank on the phone." I said
"Alright, alright. I'll take the damn meds." She said
I smiled "So, whats up Chicka?" I asked
"Well, of course you know I finally graduated High School!" She said excitedly.
"Yeah." I said
"And I'm going to be terribly bored all summer." She said
"So?" I asked
"BREE!! You promised me you'd take Frankie into letting me come on tour with you guys!" She yelled.
I V8 slapped myself, I had completely forgot about that promise. What a sister of me. Ellie is mine and Frankie's younger sister. Her dream has been to come on tour with us, cause I was out of school for their first tour so Frankie let me come with them. Plus I'm dating Mikey. But there's only one thing standing in her way, Frankie. He's always been so overprotective of her. Something he never really was with me.
"Don't worry Ellierz. I got it all under control." I said "I'll call you later alright?"
"Alright Bree! Love you!" She said "Send everyone my love. Especially Bobert."
I smiled. Ellie always had a huge crush on Bob. I always though it was so adorable.
"Alright Love you too!" I said
I disconnected and got out of my bunk and headed into the lounge. When I got there I found all the guys there. I looked at Bob and smiled.
"Bobert!" I yelled and rand over and plopped down on his lap.
"Um. Hi Bree?" He said
I gave him a big huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Um." He said while blushing.
"Thats from your girlfriend." I said
Bobs eyes lit up.
"How is Ellie?" He said
I giggled. "Shes coming on tour with us." I said
"Excuse me?" Frank said
"Ellierz is coming on tour with us." I said "I already bought her the plane ticket, we're picking her up at the airport before our next show."
"Absoulutly not Breanna!" He said
"Why Frank?" I asked
"Because I don't want her coming with us!" He said
"And whys that Frank. It's her dream. You trying to runin her life!" I said
"No Bree. I just don't." He said
"Frank, I don't understand. You let me come with you no problem." I said
"Yeah Bree. One sister to spoil, one to be horribly protective of." He said
"You know what Frank, Fuck off! Why can't you just lay off for once and let Ellie be happy." I said freaking out." I don't care what you say, she's coming and thats final."

I turned and walked off the bus, i was behond pissed at Frank. I was furriated with him. I didn't really know where I was going. I was just walking. I almost got to the venue when I heard Mikey calling my name from behind me. I stopped and looked behind me and watched Mikey run up to me.

"Come on Babes, you can't be out here." He said
"Oh, and why the fuck is that!" I said coldly.
"Babe, look what your wearing." He said blushing.

I looked down to find I was only wearing a spagetti strap tanktop and a pair of boxers. I blushed also and full blow ran back to the bus with Mikey laughing the whole way.


Me and the rest of the group were just sitting in the bus bullshitting and having fun before the guys had to go on. I was sitting on Mikey's lap and looking around the bus, when I spotted Frank and Jamia. Jamia was sitting on his lap and she was deep in conversation but Frank sat there hardly even looking or talking to her, which wasn't normal for him. Usually he'd never take his eyes off her and he'd stay deep in conversation with her. I seriously needed to find out whats going on with him. I was suddenly drawn from my train of thought by Mikey

"Don't worry Babe, Franks just being a retard." He said in my ear.

I sighed. Then there was a tap on my arm and I looked to find Bob sitting beside us on the couch.

"So whens Ellie coming again?" Bob said
"I talked to Worm and he agreed to drive Me, You, and Mikey to the airport in the morning to get her." I said
"Yay!" Bob said with a smile
I giggled
"BREEEEE!" I heard Ray yell.
"What Ray!" I yelled to him who was in the kitchen part of the bus.
"Yeah whatever." I said
I turned back to Bob. "Yeah she..." I started
"WHERE ARE THEY!!!" He yelled
"In the back of the refridgeratir behind the beer!" I said "God Ray gets annoying sometimes." I said

Meanwhile I looked over to see Megan, Ray's girlfriend laughing her ass off. Just then the door of the bus was opend and in walked Brian.

"Sorry to break up the party here but th guys are due on stage in 5 minutes." He said

They all jumped up said their goodbyes gave their kisses and headed off the bus. I decided that I was tired and I head for my bunk. When I was just about to go to sleep my phone went off. It was a txt from Ellie.

So, how's everything?
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