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Why am i dead?

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Ray, Bob, Mikey, and Frank are thrown to the ground in a dark room together. They can't see eachother though, there isn't any light in the cold, dark, dreadful room. But the silence is soon broken by an angered, heated guitarist

Frank:You assholes!!Come out here!!!I'm from Jersey, we kill motherfuckers like you!!!
He shouted in hostility

Bob:Frank...shut up.

kicking dirt on the pavement

Just then they hear a familiar voice comming from the other side of the blackened room

Gerard managed to get out after hearing Frank and Bob's voices

Frank:Gerard! We're here, even though we can't see you!

Out of nowhere, the lights finally turn on, revealing the distraught band sitting on the floor. The mysterious ghostly figure who brought them all there appeared behind the frightened lead singer

He stumbles away from the pale human like figure

The Patient:Hey, wait calm down! I'm harmless i swear!

Gee:Who...who are you?..
Gerard chooked out the words just enough to be heard by the mysterious man

The Patient:My name is Alex, i died many years ago. I was only 30 when i died, from cancer..I live here now, i grew up in this "shithole" as you guys would call it.

Gee:Where is "here"?
Gee asked with worry in his dry cracked voice

The Patient:You don't know yet?...I thought you would..
He said with his voice sounding blank and ill

Frank:What are you talking about, you fucking tell us right now or this isn't gonna end well for you pale boy!
He exclaimed harshly while lifting Alex at the collar of his hospital gown

Gee:Pushes Frank off the deathly pale man
What don't we know, Alex?...

The Patient:..Your all dead, everyone of you, you died in the crash..
He explained sounding filled with much sorrow

Gee:We're dead?...
Gerard said with his face turning more pale than ever before while looking at the rest of the band in much disbelief

The Patient:You are all just a Black Parade...
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