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Chapter 6: Unfamiliar Sight

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"What is it?" I murmured.

"I don't know," Keiichiro looked as surprised as I was.

It looked like some sort of monster with random animal parts in several places. It had 5 eyes; 2 were where they were supposed to be, 1 was up on the right side of its nose, 1 was on its foot and 1 was on its bottom.

"Eeew," I said, officially grossed out.

Keiichiro gave me a signal that said "be quiet".

"Okay," I whispered.

"Go look for the other Mew Mews," he whispered.

"I don't know where they are though."

"I think they are some where nearby."

"How can you be sure?"

"I can feel it."

"Okay," I said quietly. "What about you though?"

"Don't worry about me," Keiichiro whispered. "I'll be fine."
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