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Chapter 10: Cafe Mew Mew

by Anna-wa 1 review

Category: Tokyo Mew Mew - Rating: G - Genres:  - Characters: Zakuro Fujiwara,Ichigo Momomiya,Keiichiro Akasaka,Minto Aizawa,Purin Fon,Retasu Midorikawa - Published: 2008-08-27 - Updated: 2008-08-27 - 194 words

When we got back to Cafe Mew Mew, we told Keiichiro and Ryou about Berri and Ringo as the new enemies and how in the end, we were forced to destroy them.

"Well," said Ryou. "I guess you can never really tell whether a person is good or bad."

"So true, Shirogane," Ichigo said.

"Well I guess this is the start of a brand new battle," I said.

"I guess so," Ichigo said. "It's lucky we found you though, Himbeere."

I blushed.

"Well Himbeere," said Keiichiro. "Time to try on your new uniform."

He was holding a Cafe Mew Mew outfit.

"Yay!" I thought it looked super cute. There I go being a little like Ichigo.

I tried it on. It fit perfectly.

So, you may be wondering why I kept this whole thing a secret for so long and why you should tell nobody.

It's because most people thought the whole battle was over, and because Berri and Ringo are no longer alive.

I know that seems a little bit like a strange reason, but it's true.

So, remember to let nobody in Tokyo know, this must remain away from the Japan TVs.
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