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Chapter 4: the escape

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Category: Tokyo Mew Mew - Rating: PG - Genres:  - Characters: Ichigo Momomiya,Minto Aizawa - Published: 2008-08-27 - Updated: 2008-08-27 - 118 words

Mint looked a little sad almost.

"What are you waiting for Mint-san? You can escape now."

"Yes, Ichigo," she said. "I can."

She smiled and activated the minto arrow.

"Ribbon Minto Echo!"

The door's lock broke and the door opened.

Mint turned to face Ichigo.

"Come on Ichigo," she said.

"Wha- but Mint-san?" Ichigo was shocked.

"You deserve freedom just as much as I do," she said. "So, come on you little fool."

Ichigo laughed and followed after her.

She finally felt like they were friends.

From then on out, Ichigo and Mint behaved differently to each other.

Mint started actually working, and Ichigo started not getting so irritated at Mint's teatime.

At least, that's what she says.
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