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Chapter 9

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Vacation time.

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A/N: This story is about to get a very large makeover. I’ve been reading the beginning chapters, and I so desperately need to read over my stuff more often. Major corrections will be made, as well as minor. Expect it up… soon.
Wilson opened his office door and immediately spotted the envelope and bright red lollipop that sat on his desk. He took the lollipop out of its wrapper and read the note.

Only one envelope this time. Cancel your appointments for the next two weeks, for tomorrow, we ride.

Wilson rolled the lollipop around in his mouth, and called in his secretary. He knew better not to ask questions at this time. Complete and utter compliance seemed easiest, especially when the note mentioned vacation.
“Two weeks? What if something happens?” Thirteen complained.

“You all know you’re doctors, right?” House asked, scanning the room of faces that showed an array of emotions.

“You’ve got Foreman. And Cuddy. It’s about time you guys grow up.”

“Where are you going?” Kutner ventured.

“Hell. I hear that it’s nice this time of year. Do we have a case today?”

“No, but-” Taub started to say.

“Go then, children. 15 hours of clinic duty up for grabs. Think of it as my going away gift. First one to take it will get a really cool prize when I get back.”

“I’ll-” Kutner started, but was interrupted before he could finish.

“How eager you are, young grasshopper. It’s actually 25 hours. Kutner, for your eagerness, you get 10. Taub and Thirteen, split the rest.”

Both Taub and Thirteen were about to protest when House put up a hand to interrupt them.

“Please, don’t thank me. Now,” he said with a loud clap, “Scat. Wouldn’t want to waste your weekend working. I know I won’t be.”
When House arrived home, his senses were assaulted with the scent of strong spices. It was always a good night when Wilson made Indian food. He shut the door quietly, and enjoyed the album ‘Hair’ that was playing clearly on the turntable.

In the kitchen, he watched as Wilson, oblivious to the eyes of his lover, swaying to the music. Every so often he’d hum off-key to the music. If House was one to openly admit emotion, he would’ve been overwhelmed with how much he was in love with Wilson, right at that moment. But instead of dwelling on something that was heavy, he made his way into the kitchen, placing his sturdy hands on Wilson’s hips, slowing the movement and pressing himself against Wilson’s back. Placing his chin on Wilson’s shoulder, he glanced down at the frying pan.

“Whatcha makin’?” he asked, voice low and husky.

Wilson’s body relaxed significantly against the touch, and sighed contently.

“Oh, a little of this, and that.”

House began to nuzzle Wilson’s neck and chin, hoping he’d turn his head. As if on cue, he turned his head and smiled. House captured the mouth he loved so much. Just as House was about to add some extra dynamic to the kiss, Wilson exclaimed,

“The noodles are going to burn if I don’t-”

“I can take a hint,” House laughed gruffly and let him go.

Wilson hazy expression changed to worry instantaneously.

“N- House. Don’t be like that,” a pout beginning to form.

“It’s fine. I have stuff I’ve gotta be doing anyway.”

A brief expression of annoyance crossed Wilson’s face, but it was replaced with a smile.

House wandered into his room. Their room, he reminded himself. Soon it would be official. Packing was something that was second nature to him, being a military brat. Taking a couple of suitcases and began to find things to pack. His own packing would be done in a matter of minutes. He sent out his laundry a few days prior to be washed. Wilson, however, was going to be trickier to pack for.

Just then, Wilson poked his head inside the door. Looking up, House saw the crazed panic look on Wilson’s face.

“Surprise!” House exclaimed. “We’re leaving Thursday.”

“Wha- What? Where?” Wilson spluttered.

“You got the note?”

“Yeah,” Wilson sighed.

“Did you follow the directions?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“We’re taking a vacation. Guess you’ll have to trust me. You’ll have to pack yourself.”

“How am I supposed to know what to pack if you won’t tell me where we’re going?” Wilson countered.

“A box of novelty condoms and your red thong should suffice. It’s not like you’re gonna get out of bed anyways.”

Wilson blushed despite himself, and ducked out the door. “Dinner’s ready when you are,” he replied, walking back to the kitchen.
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