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Shake That Unconditional Feeling

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With no other family to turn to after her mother's death, Blair finds herself in the custody of Ryan Ross.

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Blair’s POV

“Do you understand miss?” The doctor, cloaked in white and punctuated in crimson, questioned as if searching for my vital signs.

Je ne comprends pas. Silently, restraining a giggle. “Of course I understand,” I replied peering morbidly past him toward the operating room; he had failed to resuscitate my last remaining link to normality, what was there to no understand?

“You also understand that your mother left you without a viable guardian?” He continued awkwardly. I wondered if the person who normally took care of this part was on vacation, or if they just thought it would be better to have a doctor handling my shattered psyche.

“Mom never was much into details. The big picture, she told me, was the important part. I on the other hand, argued that an orchestra could never operate if the flutes never practiced.”

“We need to know if you know of any living relatives,” he prompted; I had to give the man points for persistence. Personally, I was quite content to fumble through the long night reliving the disagreements which has plagued my relationship with my mother.

“Uh,” I had to think for a moment. “I have a cousin –Ryan- but I haven’t seen him since our parents fell out when I was eleven. His dad died two years ago, and Mom won’t… Wouldn’t speak about him.”

“Do you know his full name?”

“Ryan Ross,” I answered, more terrified of returning to family than of the present situation. “He won’t be interested though. Knowing our family he’s some alcoholic living in the Vegas slums.”


Ryan’s POV

“Hey, uh… I got a bit of a weird call today,” Ryan announced, shifting nervously as Spencer arrived on his doorstep.

“Yeah, you said,” the younger musician commented, surveying the man he’d grown up alongside. “Care to share?”

“My aunt died,” He said, backing away to let Spencer into the apartment.

“You have an aunt?”

“Yeah, you know my Dad’s sister… They stopped coming around when I was fifteen or something.”
“They?” Spencer had an idea where this conversation was going, and if he was honest, he could remember the woman… And a kid.

“My cousin,” Ryan answered. “She hasn’t got anywhere else to go…”

“Dude, you’re a rock star, that doesn’t exactly shout parenting potential.”

“She’s seventeen,” Ryan defended. “She just needs a guardian for a few months, and I’m the only family she’s got.”

“You sure that a seventeen year old girl is what the band needs right now?”

“No, but I’m what she needs.”

Ryan sunk down onto the sofa and after a moment Spencer lounged beside him, both contemplating in silence this repercussions of the decision Ryan had already made. Seventeen year old girl, rock band, thought Spencer, oh joy.

“You remember the day we were throwing golf balls into neighbours yards as kids?” Spencer asked, waiting for Ryan to nod in recognition. “I’ve had your back since then.”
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