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The Rockstars Wife

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It was only one drink...everything after was a bit fuzzy, until she couldn't remember anything...But it was only a drink...

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Frank awoke in a pool of sweat. His eyes darted around the almost pitch black room as he tried to calm himself down. His dream replayed in his head while he took a glance to his left and wondered if it was real.

Gently, he poked at her side.


Ann nudged the hand away and continued sleeping. She didn't want to be awoken right now. She had a big day ahead of her.


Frank shook her a bit and waited. Ann wouldn't budge though. Frank knew she wouldn't wake up for him; it was too early in the morning. So he relaxed and returned to his spot on the bed. No matter how much he tried though, the thought wouldn't rest. So he found himself poking at her side again.

"Frank, what do you want?" Ann whined.

"Did know...go yet?"

Ann sighed and shook her head no. She doesn't know how many times he has asked her this. She lost count after twenty. Every morning, very, very early in the morning, he'd poke at her side to wake her up and ask that question. Today was the day she was supposed to get the answer and she hoped he wouldn't ask her, but no, he did; which means she knew she couldn't get back to sleep after this.

Ann rose from her spot on the bed and slipped on her slippers before shuffling towards the kitchen. Frank followed close behind in an attempt to calm the rather pissed off woman.

"Frank, did you know it's almost five in the morning?"

Frank nodded his head knowing full well where this is going.

"Did you know I don't sleep well?"

Again, Frank nodded his head.

"Well than why did you wake me?"

Frank started messing around with his fingers and looked down at Ann with the best puppy dog eyes he could muster. He'd rather not here the morning grump although he knew when he poked her nearly five minutes ago that she would go on and on about this.

"It's not going to work Frank."

"I don't know. That dream keeps bugging me."

Ann sighed and turned on the coffee maker. Dealing with Frank meant taking in a lot of coffee. Although it does come with rewards and she wouldn't want to trade him in for the world; she does wish he would wake at a normal hour.

"So what are your plans for today?"

Frank smiled and thanked God that she didn't continue her rambling like she normally would.

"Well, I drop you off at the you-know-where. Then head over to the bands one on one conversation and questioning. Gerard will be first so he can go pick you up and then we can go out to dinner if you want."

Ann smiled, "Sounds good."

Frank relaxed in one of the spinning chairs at the dinning table. He wished he could stay with Ann but he knew he couldn't. Brain would be furious at Frank if he showed up late. Knowing Ann though, if she got the news, she'd probably knock someone's head off. And Frank fully well knew if he'd stay, it would be his knowing that it was his fault she had to do this anyways. Deep down Frank was kind of happy that they had an interview today. Although he would never tell Ann that. She'd probably bite of his perfectly framed face.


Frank was watching his favorite show when someone's ear piercing scream came into play. Anns' scream set off a second time, sending him off the couch and into the bathroom where she was looking closely into the mirror.

"What happened?"

Frank looked over her body to see any signs of blood, a missing limb, anything. All Ann did though was turn towards him,

"I have a fucking zit!!"

Frank felt the temptation to roll his eyes but knew better. So his eyes redirected to the spot Ann was pointing at. His eyes squinted a bit before the perfectly shaped bump appeared.

"Ann, you can barely see that."

She shook her head furiously before looking back into the mirror with panic.

"Oh bullshit, you can see that. How can you not see that? It's right fucking there!! Frank, I'm turning into a bumpy monster!!"

Frank stifled back a laugh before rummaging through the cabinet for her make-up bag.

"Here, use the powder that you have in here."

"So you can see it?"

"No, but if you want to panic about it, use this to cover it up."

Ann took the bag in offence and slammed the door. Frank by then rolled his eyes and walked back out to the TV. He couldn't stand her mood swings. Most of the time a simple change in color would set her off. Sometimes he wondered if his life was at stake. Though he managed to stay calm and help her out some what, knowing that it was only going to last for a moment.


Ann emerged from the hallway with a smile on her lips. She pointed to the place the zit was supposed to reside,

"All gone. No more zit."

Frank smiled up at her and turned off the TV. He grabbed his car keys and walked out the door.

Halfway down the stairs, he realized he was walking alone and turned around to look at the open door where Ann stood, she held a pitiful gaze.


Ann sighed, "Does this shirt make me look fat?"
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