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2 Hearts. 1 love. Yet, it all just isn't working out? Ryan and Savannah have an undying love for eachother, but neither of them will come out and say it...and it starts to tear them both apart

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“Hey, Savannah guess what!” Ryan said to me over the phone on Christmas morning.
“What?” I answered, “Did you get a new bike?”
“No, even better. My parents finally got me a guitar!”
I was so excited for him. He’d been wanting a guitar for so long now, and finally it was Christmas and he had gotten his wish. “That’s awesome! can I come see it?”
“Only if you bring your gifts over too so I can see them!”
I quickly threw on my jacket, gathered up most of my gifts, and ran over to Ryan’s house as fast as I could. Before I was even able to knock on the door to the house next to mine, Ryan already opened it. His parents greeted me with a “Merry Christmas!” and I walked with Ryan to his living room and put down my gifts. Before I could even ask where it was, I saw his shiny new guitar sitting on it’s stand across the room. It looked perfect, and as I glanced over to Ryan, I could tell by his stares that he was in love with it. But what did you expect? Any 12 year old receiving the gift of their dreams for Christmas will be absolutely in love with it. We soon showed off our gifts to each other. Of course, there was no way that anything I had gotten could top the dazzling Gibson Les Paul Junior sitting so delicately on it’s stand right next to the tree.
It wasn’t long after Christmas when Ryan started taking guitar lessons. Once a week on Monday nights. After practicing like a maniac, he became one of the most talented guitarists I knew.

Their show last night was amazing. As I was watching Ryan Ross play from backstage the night before, I couldn’t help but think back to that Christmas morning when we were 12 years old, and Ryan got his first guitar. He’s come so far since then.
My thoughts of the past were interrupted as I heard my name being called softly. I didn’t have to turn to know who was talking to me. “Yes, Ryan?”
“It’s time to go.”
“Don’t you just love the sunset?” I said to him as I was leaning against the tour bus, staring towards the horizon.
“It’s beautiful,” he answered, as he placed his warm hand on my shoulder, “but we really must go.”
As much as I love being on tour with them, I dread the long bus rides. Don’t get me wrong, the bus is extremely luxurious…but nothing can beat feeling the cool breeze against your skin just as the sun was setting…the feeling of grass between your toes…the smell of fresh air…
“Sorry, I’m coming.”
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