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Christmas Shopping With Frank

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Frank wants Gerard to go shopping.

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“Attention musketeers, all men report to the deck!” Frank called out early one morning, marching down the hallway of his shared apartment.

“What do you want?” called out a sleepy Ray from his room.

“A Christmas shopping partner,” Frank said in a manly announcer voice. “This man must be willing to go through extreme cold to find the proper gifts to award to those who have presented myself, Frank, with love.”

“Not me!” Ray yelled.

“Me neither!” Bob called.

"I'm going to Alicia's later, sorry!" Mikey yelled, not sounding very apologetic at all.

“Gerry!” Frank yelled. “Where art thou Gerry?”

“Don’t call me that,” Gerard called from his bed.

Frank tiptoed to Gerard’s room where he was sleeping under the covers. Frank quietly slipped a Madonna CD into Gerard's CD player and turned the volume up full blast.

After a moment of pure silence, “Like a Virgin” started blasting through the band’s home.

“I MADE IT THROUGH THE WILDERNESS!” Frank sang along. He jumped up on Gerard’s bed, stepping on top of him by accident. Once he had achieved a safe stance he started dancing while he was singing.

“I WAS BEAT INCOMPLETE,” he sang while shaking his booty and shimmying his non- existent boobs.

Gerard tried to cover his ears, ignore the loud music and pretend Frank wasn’t crushing his rib cage with the entire weight of his body.

Bob ran in the room and threw an inanimate object at the CD player and it fell off the shelf it had been perched on. It immediately stopped playing, leaving Frank singing and dancing to no music.

“BOB!” Frank screamed. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“Shutting you up,” he calmly replied. Frank was still standing on Gerard. “And get off of Gee.”

Bob left the room and Frank jumped off of Gerard. He went to see what Bob had killed the CD player with and he found a tub of peanut butter lying beside it.

“Gee,” Frank said turning to Gerard who had sat up in his bed. “Can you please come Christmas shopping with me?”

“I don’t want to right now,” Gerard answered. “It’s five o clock in the morning.”

“Gerard!” Frank exclaimed, tears swelling up in his eyes. “I thought you loved me!”

“Frank…” Gerard said. “Don’t cry.”

“I just wanna go shopping,” Frank whined.


“I wanna buy presents for my friends,”


“I want my Gerard,”


“I want something yummy to eat,”


Frank stopped crying and looked at Gerard.

“I’ll go with you,” said Gerard.

“You really will?!” Frank exclaimed.

“Yes,” answered Gerard,

“Oh my God I’m gonna buy presents with my Gerard!” Frank cried. “Gerard?”

“What, Frank?”

“Will you buy me something yummy to eat?”

“Yes, Frank,”

“I love you Gerardykins,”

Gerard sighed.

“I love you, too, Frank,”



Frank giggled and bounced up, prancing towards the door.

“Hurry Gerard!” Frank said before leaving the room.

Gerard sighed, got dressed and headed to the kitchen.

“No time for breakfast!” Frank yelled. “We must beat the crowds!”

He was wearing a black pants, a black shirt and his favourite red tie but Gerard automatically noticed the purple Santa Claus hat that almost covered his eyes.

“Frank, what the hell are you wearing?” Gerard asked.

“You don’t like my hat?” squeaked Frank.

“No,” said Gerard flat-out.

“You just hurt my feelings,” Frank whispered. Tears were forming in the corners of his eyes so he flopped down on the couch and covered his face.

"Frank…” Gerard started.

“NO!” Frank screamed. “I don’t wanna go with you anymore!”

“Frank!” Gerard cried. “I… I was just joking, I love your hat!”

“Do you really?” asked Frank.

“Yes!” answered Gerard. “It makes you look great!”

“Thanks Gee,” Frank said while wiping his eyes. “Oh my God, we’re gonna be late!”

Several minutes later, Gerard and Frank arrived at the mall. Gerard was used to all the stares he and Frank received but Frank seemed to think differently.

“I don’t think they like my hat,” Frank whimpered.

“It’s okay Frank, they’re all stupid,” Gerard reassured him. Frank took Gerard’s hand, which only made them receive more stares.

“Gee, can we get something yummy to eat?” Frank asked.

“Sure, whereabouts?” he replied.

“McDonalds,” Frank answered.

“That place is disgusting,” Gerard grimaced at the thought of it.

“Please?” Frank cried.

“Okay, okay,” Gerard grunted.

They went to the food court and were the first in line at McDonalds.

“Can I take your order?” asked an unenthusiastic teen behind the counter.

“Can I get some chocolate covered strawberries?” Frank asked, smiling at Gerard.

“We don’t have any, sir,” said the guy behind the counter.

“Well, you have those parfait things, right?”


“Well just take some strawberries and put chocolate sundae sauce on it,”

“We don’t do special orders,” the guy barked.

“Frank, come on, let’s go somewhere else,” Gerard whispered.

“No,” Frank said, raising his voice.

Another man came from a back room with a pin on his chest saying “Manager”.

“Is there a problem, sir?” he asked Frank.

“Yes there is,” Frank said sternly. “This cashier will not take my order, purely because I have a boyfriend!”

Gerard rolled his eyes.

“That’s not true,” the teen snapped.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” the manger said, glaring at the cashier. “What can I get you?”

Frank finally got his chocolate covered strawberries, for free, and him and Gerard continued walking.

They passed a store call “Purrfect Outfit” and Frank started screaming.

“Oh my god!” he yelled. “Gerard look!”

“Calm down!” Gerard replied. “What is it?”

“Wouldn’t that look great on my kitty?” Frank asked, pulling Gerard into the store. He yanked him over to a rack full of mini cat outfits and pulled out a bright orange pumpkin outfit.

“Spiffy would love this!” Frank exclaimed.

“Halloween has passed,” Gerard sighed.

“Spiffy doesn’t care what time of the year it is!” he snapped back. “He loves Halloween all the time!”

“Okay, buy it for him,” Gerard replied.

“Gerardykinsss…" Frank had already pranced to the cashier. “I’m kinda low on cash…”

“Okay,” Gerard sighed, pulling out his wallet.

“That will be $104.99,” the lady said.

“Are you kidding me?!” Gerard exclaimed.

“Gee!” Frank cried. “It’s worth it!”

Gerard reluctantly paid the lady and he also ended up paying for everything else Frank wanted that day. When he got home, he made a mental note to never go Christmas shopping with Frank again. It wasn’t until right before Gerard crawled into bed that he realized it was mid- August.

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