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The Black Parade is Dead!

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News release, three weeks later.

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The Black Parade is Dead!

When alternative rock band My Chemical Romance released their newest CD/DVD entitled ‘The Black Parade is Dead!’ they had no idea how literal that was about to become. Three weeks ago the band was involved in a tragic shooting on board their own tour bus. Very little has been released on this matter until now. Police have recently told reporters that the shooter was the band’s own guitarist, Jess Foreman, who allegedly snapped under the pressure of touring and turned on her band mates.

The shooting left the band irreparably injured. It seems as though the Black Parade truly is dead, and My Chemical Romance will never perform again.

Lead singer Gerard Way received a bullet to the chest. Though he has recovered much better than doctors anticipated, the bullet pierced a lung and he will never scream out another chorus in his life. The charismatic front man is limited now to a quiet life out of the spotlight, as any undue excitement may aggravate the damage in his lung.

But tragic as his story is, the older Way seems to have received the closest thing to a happy ending in this story. His younger brother, bassist Mikey Way, allegedly suffered a nervous breakdown in the aftermath of the shooting and has since been institutionalized. Officials are vague in their reports on exactly what happened to the younger Way, however the story generally seems to be that the trauma took its toll and he lost his grip on reality.

Guitarist Ray Toro received a blow to the head, which the doctors severely underestimated. The hit left Toro unconscious and he has yet to wake. Family and friends are reportedly reluctant to pull the plug, though his condition has not changed in the past three weeks.

Finally drummer Bob Bryar has the most tragic ending. A minor gunshot to the leg left Bryar among the luckier survivors of the shooting. However an unforeseen infection in the wound coupled with severe blood loss weakened his body to its breaking point. Bryar passed last Tuesday, just over two weeks after the shooting. A guitar tech, Jason Demarko, was also reported to be on the bus at the time of the shooting, however his fate was never mentioned.

As for the shooter herself, Foreman, who joined the band only five months ago after a serious falling out with previous guitarist, Frank Iero, turned the gun on herself when police attempted to take her down. Iero himself was recently hospitalized after what appears to be attempted suicide. A friend reportedly his noticed strange behavior and was worried when he didn’t answer his phone. Upon arriving at his house, the friend found Iero unconscious. Iero passed away yesterday morning due to substance overdose.

Arguably one of today’s most controversial and dangerous bands, My Chemical Romance seem to have reached a fitting end. With three members dead, and two severely incapacitated, the band’s songs of death and sacrifice take on new meaning. Now is remaining member Gerard Way’s time to show the world that he is not afraid to keep on living.

Well there's a surprise. The original ending was everyone recovers, Jason leaves and they take Frank back with open arms, nobody the wiser. If you like that better go ahead and pretend that's what happened. I just couldn't do it.

If you've read my other stuff, you know, happy endings and moi don't mix. So that's it! It's over! Thanks for sticking with me, guys. Love you to pieces (don't make me make that literal).
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