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003: And So it Began...

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Party at Tony's...Roxy meets Benji.

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June 2000...

“Damn, it’s crazy in here!” said Benji as he followed Tony into his house.

“Well, it is a party!” Tony replied.

“I don’t even know half these people,” Benji said.

“I know, neither do I!” Tony said. “And I live here!” Benji rolled his eyes and followed Tony through the crowd of dancing people to the kitchen where they each selected a drink.

“Tony!” someone screamed. Before Tony could turn around, a girl tackled him, sending them both to the floor. Tony ended up sprawled out on the linoleum while she sat on top of him, laughing like a maniac.

“Roxy, get off me!” Tony said, and he rolled over, which caused her to fall to the floor. He got up and grinned at her, still lying there. Then he looked at Benji. “Benji, this is my good friend Roxy,” he introduced. “Roxy, this is my other good friend Benji.” Her smile shrunk but didn’t disappear as she stood up.

“Hey,” she said. Benji swallowed.

“Hey,” he choked. He studied her weird makeup. She had about three different eyeshadow colors surrounding her eyes, long sparkley eyelashes, and bright pink lips. Her nearly butt-length blonde hair had chunky streaks of purple in it, and she sported a nose ring and lip ring on the right side of her mouth. She wore a blue and pink striped midriff top that displayed the purple diamond she had through naval, and white Capri pants. She was damn sexy.

“Will you grab me a drink, Lovato?” she asked Tony. He tossed her a beer. “Thanks! See you guys!”and she danced off into the crowd.

“Whoa,” said Benji. “Damn.” Tony looked at him knowingly.

“Go talk to her!” he said. “It’s worth a shot!”

“I don’t know…”Benji said, and Tony shoved him into the crowd.

Benji awkwardly walked through the dancing crowd in search of that Roxy chick. Tony had suggested he talk to her, and dammit! That’s what he was going to do! Too bad everyone was dancing. That made everything a little more difficult. And Benji was NOT a dancer. So basically he just stood out like a fat lip. Or whatever.

He bumped into someone. He turned to apologize but stopped short when he realized she hadn’t even noticed, hadn’t even turned around and was still dancing away with some guy. However, he did notice her blonde hair with purple in it.

“Roxy,” he whispered. As if she’d heard him, which was impossible considering the volume level of the music, she spun around and started dancing pretty much on him. It was only for a second before she looked at his face and stopped.

“Oh, hey Benji,” she said, smiling. She took a swig of her beer. “Whatcha doin’?”

He took a deep breath…and let it out. He was at a loss for words. Strange…that never happened to him. But damn, what could he say? He was standing in front of a gorgeous girl in the middle of a dancing crowd of people. And he didn’t even dance.

“Just…hanging out,” he finally managed. Then he winced. How awkward, pre-teen boy. What an idiot. But she smiled at him.

“Wanna dance?” she shouted over the music. Shit.

“I don’t really—“

“Come on!” she interrupted, grabbing his arm and dragging him farther into the crowd. Then she promptly began dancing pretty much on his body again. Okay. He could do this. As long as she was dancing so close, she wouldn’t be able to see how horrible he was at this.

Roxy’s Point of View

Can you say chill out?! He was so tense! He needed to loosen up. Tension does not belong on the dance floor.

“I’m gonna get you a drink!” I said. I left before he could say anything. I went back to the kitchen and found Tony there talking to Jeremiah.

“Hey, Raz,” he slurred. Instead of saying hi back, I got right to the good stuff.

“Dude, your friend is hoooot!” I said. Sure,I was a little tipsy, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t able to see when a guy had cha-rismaaaa!

Tony laughed. “You think so, huh?” he said.

“Oh yeah,” I said, nodding. “But he needs to get loose.” I continued over to the refrigerator, not caring that my words and actions right after made it seem like I was trying to get Benji drunk and maybe even take advantage of him.

Maybe I had been planning that. Who really knows?

I grabbed two beers – one for him and yet another one for me – yup, my fourth of fifth one, but who was even counting? I went back into the crowd. I found Benji and tossed him the can. He caught it, opened it with his mouth, and began to chug. That’s it, drink it down, I thought.

Halfway into our drinks we were grinding each other. Dang, so he WAS good at this. Or maybe I was just drunk.

“How old are you?”he shouted at me over the music.

“Twenty!” I shouted back. “Wait…” I counted on my fingers. “Yeah, twenty!” I was gone.

He laughed. “I think you’ve had enough to drink!” he said.

“Yeah, probably!” I said, shrugging. “How old are you?”


“Oh, so you can legally drink this stuff!” I said, holding up my beer.

“Pretty much!”

“I’m tired of dancing!” I said. “Wanna go into the kitchen? I need another beer anyway.” He raised his eyebrows at my announcement. Great, now he probably thought I was just another horny drunk.

But since when do I care about the thoughts of other people? Since never. That’s when. I led the way to the kitchen.

“Hey, Roxy!” said Tony, sounding completely wasted. “Come over here and try this…that…this…” I went over and looked at what he and Matt were trying to do. They were trying to throw little ping pong balls out his open window. Little, teeny, tiny balls…through a two-by-two square foot open window.

“Dude, you guys are losers,” I said, picking up one of the balls and hurling it towards the window. It hit the wall about six inches from the window. I stared after it. “What the fuck!” I said. “This thing is rigged!”

“That’s what I said!” said Tony. I went to the refrigerator and retrieved another beer. I tossed it to Benji, who cracked it open with his teeth again.

“That’s probably bad for your teeth,” I pointed out. He shrugged.

“I’ll just brush them later,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, thinking that was the perfect solution. Tony opened the fridge and took out a beer. “Hey, Anthony, pass one to me!” I said. He laughed as though I’d just said something hysterical.

“No, I think you’ve had enough, Roxanne,” he said. My mouth fell open. I’VE had enough? Tony was practically drooling! I growled angrily and lunged at Tony’s beer, not even processing the fact that the refrigerator was a shorter trip anyway, and there were plenty more beverages in there. I just had to go for Tony’s.

“No!” he said, keeping a firm hold on the can as I tried to tug it away. “Get your own dang beer, I need it more than you do!”

“What the hell do you need it for?!” I yelled.

“To get wasted!” he yelled back.

“That’s what we all need it for!” I said.

“Okay,” said Benji as he came over to us. Matt, who was also slightly less drunk, came over to help him break us up.

“We should get out of here,” said Matt. “Or, rather, get THEM out of here…away from the alcohol, that’s clearly making them insane.”

“Clearly,” said Benji. He grabbed my arm as Matt grabbed Tony’s. Once Benji had me off the table and on the floor, I immediately leaned my head onto his arm. I didn’t mean to, but his arm felt damn good…muscular…I could’ve just fallen asleep on that arm…

“Oh, no you don’t,” said Benji as I started to slide to the ground. “You’re not giving up that easily.”

“But I’m tired,” I said, looking up at him and feeling confused.

“We have to walk,” he said. “YOU have to walk.” I curled my lip in disgust. His finger reached over to smooth it out, and I licked it, and his eyes grew dark as we stood there looking at each other, sexual energy filling the air between us.

“Okay, guys, we’re going now, so snap out of it,” Matt said.

“Yeah, gross,” said Tony. “I don’t wanna see that.”

“You don’t wanna see what?” Benji asked him.

“You guys…lookin’ at each other,” Tony said. “Gross.”

“Let’s go to ChiChi’s,” said Matt. “It’s just down the street.”

“Okay,” said Benji, taking my arm again.

“As long as I can get a beer,” said Tony.

“They don’t serve alcoholic drinks there,” said Benji. “It’s a fast food restaurant.” Tony and I both turned to stare at him in horror.

“WHAT?!” we said. “No drinks?!”

“No drinks,” Benji said.

“How could you do this to us?” Tony asked as they plopped us down in a booth.

“We’re that mean,” said Matt. He slid in beside Tony and Benji slid in next to me.

“I’d like a chocolate milkshake!” I yelled at the counter. Benji covered my mouth with his hand.

“This place doesn’t work like that!” he said to me, laughing. I laughed hysterically for a while before laying my head down while everything around me went black.
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