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Life Continues

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Fraser's thoughts after the last episode. Ficlet! I can't decide if it's slashy or not. I'll definitely be writing slash for this show in the future though. =)

Category: Due South - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Benton Fraser,Ray Kowalski,Ray Vecchio - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2008-08-30 - Updated: 2008-08-31 - 623 words - Complete

Fraser had never told anybody. He was never too good at expressing his feelings, he always felt he had to be strong. So, the day he found out that Ray Vecchio was undercover, gone just like that, he’d done his best to take it in stride. He liked Ray Kowalski, he was a good friend, but Fraser had never truly gotten over Vecchio. In his heart he knew someday he’d come home, and secretly, he’d always been waiting.

Now here he was, his own home. Sitting around a fire with Kowalski after capturing the person who had killed his mother and left Vecchio in a hospital back in Chicago. When he’d first seen Ray after so long, he’d almost expected their time apart to be erased. He’d been picturing that moment in his mind for so long, and in the moment when he’d hugged him, he’d seen it in his eyes, his best friend. His delusion hadn’t lasted long however, there was no hiding from it, Ray wasn’t the same.

Undercover. What had it done to Ray Vecchio? He saw it in himself, as if his old self were looking at him through a window. Living a different life for so long had changed him. He knew he’d probably hurt Fraser, but he couldn’t turn back time. He’d been waiting too. Waiting to come home, to come back to his best friend, but now that he was there he wasn’t sure how to handle it.

It was a hard fact to face. The Ray Vecchio Fraser used to know and the one he knew now were different. And that was okay, people change. Fraser had changed, but he was still happy to be home. Perhaps had he not lost Vecchio he would have stayed in Chicago, but now he had Kowalski, and he knew who this Ray was, and he was confident that would never change.

It was the night before he and Ray would set out on their great adventure. Fraser sat beside Kowalski, thinking he was asleep, and he cried. He thought about the last conversation he’d had with Vecchio before he left. He thought about all the things that would never be again, all the things that couldn’t be put back, how much time people spend looking for where they belong. He also thought about something he’d told Kowalski, the story about his father and his partner, and how no matter how far apart they were, they always knew they were partners. He’d meant that for both Rays.

Ray Kowalski lay perfectly still, listening to Fraser’s soft sobs. He knew what he was going through, he knew the guy he’d met back in Chicago wasn’t the guy Fraser remembered. He felt bad being excited that Fraser had decided to go on this adventure with him. The truth was, he didn’t know what to do without Fraser. He knew they wouldn’t be together forever, but for now there were things they had to finish.

The next morning Fraser and Kowalski set out on their journey. Fraser finally felt home. Still, he often thought often of that story about his father. He would never forget the old Ray Vecchio, and he would still be partners with him, even now, but their time together had passed.

Even after the adventure was over and Ray Kowalski went back to Chicago, Fraser was comforted knowing there were two men out there he could always count on. Always love and always trust. All three of them came from different worlds, but there were moments, in their eyes, that they were all the same.
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