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Canis Lupus

by Nooka 1 review

For those of you who don't know Canis Lupus means wolf in Latin. I'm very fond of wolves, so I hope wolf lovers will enjoy this. Please review!

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I was looking at the front of my scrapbook one day and this little thing came into my head. I really love wolves and I think they're misunderstood. Hopefully this poem will make you see the beauty of these creatures.

Canis Lupus
sing your song to the mother
shining down from the heavens.
Your thick coat rippling
paws thudding
silenced by the white blanket.
An icy mist before you.
A trail behind you.
A chorus surrounds you
echoed by the vastness about you.
Amber eyes sparkling
nose sniffing
searching for scent familiar.
Aurora stretches her arms.
Her movements reflected by
the smooth glass below.
The smooth glass you tread
with practised ease.
An icy mist before you.
A trail behind you.
The chorus ahead
echoed by the vastness that surrounds you.
You're home.

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