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PG to be on the safe side. Yet another Angst poem from make up your mind what it's about. R&R please

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After finding 'The First Time' lurking in one of my folders I decided to have a look through my other folders to see if there were more poems. 'Darkness' turned up so I've decided to stick it up here.

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All around me
There's nowhere to run
Or hide

I smile
It's fake
But no one knows
No one notices

My paradise is lost
Taken from me in an instance
I don't let
The world see it
I don't let it show

All the light has
Been replaced by

I want one last chance
A chance to make the darkness go
A chance to live again.

All around me
I smile
It's fake
But no one sees
No one knows.


Not the best I've written but it seemed a shame to keep it to myself. Please review me your comments!!

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