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" Mama knows best... ".

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" Go to her she always knows, she'll care when no one else does ".

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Harrow thank you for reviewing my story dudes this update is for you enjoy!:

Frank had travelled around the whole of his little dorm room carrying out his much needed conversation with his mother. She had always been so damn smart with her advice and so caring with her words she knew what it took to make frank happy and only she could supply it. " Mama " frank said now sitting against the wall under his window " I don't know what to do " " What do you mean? " she said wafting her voice with love " I am so confused mama i think i may love a guy ".

Frank's mommy was never judgemental of him or his sexuality she just cared for him but never sugar coated her messages of wisdom to him either, she was honest but loving all at the same time. " Honey are you sure? " is what she said " Yes " frank replied " I had sex with him mama and he's all i can think about ". Frank then told his mom how he first met gerard and the strange feelings that occured when he did, he also told her about the dumping of his girlfriend jamia and the sex at the cabin. Frank's mother listened intently and agreed and comforted him, frank then told her of the shame he felt in being with gerard but the confusing feelings of love he had also.

When frank was finally done his mother then piped in " Baby it sounds like you already know who you love there is no reason to keep putting yourself through this Just tell this boy it sounds like he really loves you ". Frank beganned to sweat from being nervous " But i'm scared " frank told her " I don't want to rush things " " then tell him when your ready don't rush things if your scared " she kindly replied.

The rest of the day frank spent chatting with his mother she told him of what was happening at the house and how the abusive man had finally left. In finishing frank's mom told him to ultimately focus on schoolwork and that is just what frank planned to do. When college started back up frank completely immersed himself in work and piled on his homework assignments besides, college would be ending next year for him and he had to graduate.

Frank felt again normal because he went back to not seeing gerard....ever or his friends, ray ignored him but looked completely beat down. Bob seen frank regularly but never brought up gerard to him, frank also seen adam and pete but they didn't speak to him either just the way frank liked it. Mikey continued to be gone all of the time but whenever he came back he talked with frank like nothing happened, mikey didn't bring up gerard either.

The week had been going by good when suddenly frank was gazing out the window one cold fall night and he seen ray's dorm room door slowly open. The inside was dark but out came something beautiful, it was gerard dressed in a black and closed up trenchcoat and skinny black jeans that went neatly into black boots, on his hands were leather gloves and around his neck was a white and black stripped scarf.

Gerard's hair was neatly combed and parted along his face in his hand he held a cup of coffee and was looking down as ray stood in the door. " I'm sorry " ray said " I'll try and be happy for you " gerard looked up casually and said " Yeah ray but don't worry i'm trying to focus on school work kay? " and ray answered " Yeah " and waved as he walked away sadly shutting the door. Gerard had stopped thinking of frankie too but kept himself single and out of love with anybody else, gerard focused deeply on finishing school too and was almost done because this was his last year.

Days passed and the once tight and lovely group that all 5 of them had had now completely disappeared. No one talked to anyone and for a while frank had forgot who gerard was but one night mikey returned to the dorm at 11 pm at night and instantly came to find frankie. " Dude " said mikey as he seen frankie laying on his bed listening to a ipod " Do you mind if i invite someone over here? " mikey asked frankie looked at him " Who? " frank mumbled " Um gerard " said mikey looking down.

Mikey knew that frankie didn't like gerard anymore but he had to tell him something important " Why does he have to come here? " frankie said getting up now. " Because it's important " mikey whined " Please! " frankie looked at him " Fine " he said " But i'm leaving the room " and frankie left but stood behind the closed door. Minutes later gerard walked in, looking around to see if they were the only ones there " Yes mikey " gerard said finally looking at ease.

" I got a job " mikey answered smiling widely at gerard, who sat staring up at him " That's good mikey " gerard said standing up to hug him " But the best part is i got one for you too " mikey said recieving a tighter hug than before. " Where? " gerard said " A barnes and nobles book and music store " mikey answered " That is fucking awesome but why? " gerard asked, mikey's face then fell.

" Because mama said that she's going to stop sending us money to help pay for college and all we do is spend it on coffee and ciggarettes she looked at our current bill " mikey said adding a laugh at the end. " Mikes " gerard said patting his shoulders " Mom should know i need my fix " and with that mikey and gerard walked to the front door. Frankie came out from his hiding place and watched them as gerard said bye to mikey who yelled that they both started work real soon.

Gerard was moving on frank had seen and it was time for him to do the same.

Harrow here thankyou guys for reading and reviewing this thank you a ton!. In the next chapter something big happens both with gerard and both with frankie, it is so damn funny and so unexpected so hang with me until then but for now rate and review alright bye!.
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