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All You Need Is Me

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My first one-shot request. This is for lil_chica007. It was a Pete one. I hope you like it!

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" Stand straight Emily!" Pete whined.
I giggled. I did that a lot lately.
" You sound like a five year old Wentz."
He stood back from me to pout.
" I am way more than five." He folded his arms.
" Yea. More like five and a half." I smiled, rolling my eyes.
" Oh shut up." He laughed, fixing the sleeve of the new Clandestine hoodie I was going to model. I was always modeling his 'fashionable' designs. " Now stay still! I need to see if it looks right!"
I huffed and stayed completely motionless. He came over and fixed my hair. I was suddenly visionless. All I could see was pink!
" Pete, I know you have a hair salon open, but it doesn't mean you're a hairstylist."
I fixed my newly pink bangs and my black hair so my hair hung perfectly in all the right spots. What I didn't notice though, was that Pete was staring at me. I smiled weakly, looking away from his brown eyes. Suddenly, he snapped out of it.
" Sorry. I zoned."
He looked at the sweatshirt and sighed.
" It's too green right?" I asked him, taking it off.
" Yep." He mumbled.
" Told you! I told you the green should have been a shade darker!" I stuck my tongue out at him.
He wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I always felt short next to him. And that was pretty surprising because he was a short dude.
" I always know best Emily."
" You got it dude." I folded my arms as we left the storage room for the Clandestine Industries headquarters.
I got a chill as I realized he had actually placed his arm around me. I mean it wasn't that I loved Pete, because I don't, it's just that I kind of love him. I've known him since...I don't know when. Our parents had always been friends and we've always been friends. That's just the way it rolled. And now it's been surprising getting any time at all with him. I mean he was still dealing with a divorce. And now that I get to spend time with him more, I've really grown feelings for him.
" Em? Emily?" Pete waved his hand in front of my face and I blinked back to reality. " I was asking if you want to go get Starbucks."
" Oh...Sure." I smiled.
" Okey dokey." He shrugged.
I giggled. He really did act like a child. He still thinks he's Peter Pan.
" So Peter Panda," I climbed into the passenger seat of his Land Rover, " Which Starbucks are we going to?"
He shook his head, trying to fix his bangs.
" Uhh...The one down the block."
I laughed.
" And we need to drive there?"
" Yea. I don't wanna walk!" He started going into whiney mode again.
" Tsk tsk." I shook my finger at him.
" Sorry." He pouted and looked at me.
I felt my face flush as he gave me a puppy dog face. Oh Wentz, if only you knew how much I liked you. I rested my head on the window. It'd never work. We've been friends for too long for any kind of relationship to develop. He probably sees me as a sister. Not as a potential girlfriend. I mean it would be a plus for him, he could fit into my jeans. But I doubt he'd like me in the same way.
" I lied." He said bluntly, turning the corner.
" What?" I turned to him, giving him a questionable look.
" I lied. I'm going to the Starbucks downtown."
" Oh." I said simply.
" Yep." He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as we stayed stopped at a red light. " So how are things?"
" They're good. You know, how things are."
He nodded and turned on the radio. He hummed along with The Smiths as we pulled into the Starbucks parking lot. He killed the engine and we got out.
" So I'm getting a venti mocha frap and you're getting-"
" I'm not getting anything." I put my hands in the pockets of my jeans and followed him into the Starbucks.
He eyed me weirdly. Knowingly. As if he was able to read my mind and know how much I loved it when he pouted or literally squealed when I called him to tell him the Nightmare Before Christmas was on repeat all day. I loved how he acted like he was not going on 30, but on 18.
" Wow. Emily not getting anything from Starbucks? That's new."
" I'm a new person I guess." I shrugged.
He ordered his venti mocha frap and paid for it. We waited a good two and a half minutes for it and Pete motioned for me to sit across from him at one of the tables.
" Emily," He started, " Something's up with you."
I knew he could read minds. Damn you Wentz.
" No," I lied. " Nothing's up. What's that supposed to mean Pete?" I tried to give him a 'wtf' face.
" You've just been weird lately." He shrugged.
" I think I've been the same old Emily. But then again, what do I know?" I smiled, kind of forcing a laugh.
" Do you mind if I ask you a question?"
He looked dead serious.
" Uh...sure." I was worried about what he'd ask.
" Remember when our families would get together for the fourth?"
" Of July?"
" Yea. Of course." He chuckled.
" Oh and we'd used to have barbecues until like midnight?"
He nodded.
" Yea. Of course I remember it Pete. Why?"
" Remember when my mom used to give us sparklers and I used to try to shove them in your face?"
I cringed at the memory of a sixteen-year old Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz ( the third ) shoving hot sparklers in my face.
" Yea..."
" Would you kind of be creeped out if I told you I always did that because I thought you looked pretty when the sparklers lit up your face?"
I was stunned. Wait what? Rewind.
" What?" I sounded more surprised than I wanted to.
" I shoved the sparklers in your face because I thought you looked beautiful when the sparklers lit up your eyes." He mumbled, going red.
" Really?" I felt a grin spread across my face.
" Yep." He was still mumbling. He always did that when he was embarrassed. " And every song, they were all about you."
I pinched myself under the table. Nope. I was not dreaming. Pete Wentz really is confessing his love for me out of the blue?
" I thought they were about-"
" I lied. I couldn't really ever get around to the fact that I really liked you. I always told myself they were for some other girl. But it was always about you Emily. And going through the motions with Ashlee made me realize something." He paused.
" What?" I asked, hiding my anxiousness.
" I really was always lying to myself."
" What?" I asked again, still confused.
" Emily, don't you understand?!" He was aggravated now, rubbing his forehead. " I...I love you. I always made you a Clandestine model just so I could see you every other day. You're always the first person I want to call when we're writing songs or going on tour. You're my best friend, you're my number one fashion consultant. You're everything and more to me Emily. I just was always too dumb to see it." He sighed as his Starbucks cup was empty.
" I...I..." I was truly speechless.
" If you don't like me Emily it's-"
" No," I cut him off, " No it's not that. I always thought you'd never fall for me that way. Pete, I love you too."
He grinned. It was one of those infectious, light up the Starbucks kind of grin. He leaned over the table to kiss me and I swear to God, all the time I spent thinking about him, it just paid off now. I loved Pete, and he loved me back. Things were truly bliss.
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