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Black Shadows

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Harry's feelings at loosing someone close to him. WARNING OoTP SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please review it I love feed back.

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Ok, I had a brainwave people! People cheer As I was uploading a poem the other day I thought, wouldn't be a cool idea to do something resembling a songfic but with a poem instead? And this is where this came from!

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, but I do own the poem.



Harry sat gazing out of the window. His thoughts dominated by his Godfather's death. After his outburst in Dumbledore's office he felt strangely empty. Like there was a gapping abyss at the core of his soul draining him of every happy feeling.

all around me
there's nowhere to run or
I smile it's
but no one knows
No one notices.

In the weeks that followed that abyss seemed to grow. He hadn't slept properly in days and black shadows appeared under his eyes. It wasn't like the Dursley's noticed and even if they did Harry doubted that they cared.

My paradise is lost
taken from me in an instance
I don't let the world see I
don't let it show.

He'd put on a brave face for Remus, Ron and Hermione. Answering to their letters in optimistic tones. While the truth was that he felt like he'd been torn in two. He didn't tell anyone they had better things to worry about, like Voldemort's growing power.

All the light has been replaced by

Harry sighed. The darkness of the night was fighting away the last rays of sunlight. Harry watched. Just like the wizarding world now he mused. The moon rose lighting up the army of stars and Harry's thoughts drifted to Remus. He hoped Remus was coping better than he was at the moment. Then again, Remus had known Sirius longer than he.

I want one last chance
a chance to let the light shine through
to let the darkness go
to live again

How long Harry stargazed he didn't know. But in that time he decided to tell Remus how he was feeling. Anything was better than the loneliness and despair he was feeling now. Harry took up his quill.

All around me
I smile it's
but no one sees
no one knows.


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