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Frank's Pink Tie Mystery

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Frank's pink tie has GONE! OH MY.

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soo, my last fic was sad, time for a random one (:

Frank Iero awoke early one fine Saturday morning to the sounds of birds chirping, lawn mowers cutting grass and children laughing. He smiled as he headed to the window to see the beauty of it all. He opened the window and just smiled while enjoying the morning. After not but thirty or so seconds, the ruckus annoyed him.

“SHUT UP!!!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. The man with the lawn mower gave him a dirty look but when Frank returned it, equally dirty, he left the lawn mower and ran inside. The birds automatically stopped chirping and flew off. The children started crying and screaming and scattered to their houses.

‘That’s better,’ he thought to himself, smiling. He started singing one of his favourite, made-up-on-the-spot, songs.

“I love pink! I love pigs, too! Piggy, piggy, pig. PIG PIG PIG DON'T EAT FUCKING BACON!!!” he sang.

“FRANK SHUT UP!” screamed Gerard from his bedroom down the hall.

“Pink piggy pig pink, I love my pink tie. Oh my... oh my… OH MY GOD!!!!!!” Frank screamed. “OH MY FUCK SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!”

Bob scrambled out of bed and dragged himself to Frank’s room.

“What’s wrong, Frank,” he asked, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

“MY TIE’S GONE!!! MY PINK…MY BABY!!!” Frank yelled in response.

“Frank, settle down, you’re wearing it,” Bob calmly explained.

“Oh yeah…” Frank was embarrassed. “I fell asleep in my clothes.”

Frank decided to go for a walk and didn’t return home ‘til 9:00 that night. Nobody was worried because Frank was a pain in the ass and they wouldn’t mind if he was kidnapped. But he did come home at 9:00 and ran straight to bed, because it was his bedtime. He changed into his pink pajamas that had red hearts with pink pigs dancing inside of them. He hung his tie on his bedpost and kissed it goodnight. He fell asleep, under his pink comforter, cuddling his pink piggy stuffed animal, Porky.

The next morning he woke up early to complete and utter silence. He opened the window and looked outside to see where everybody was. The man with the lawn mower had switched to an old fashioned, quiet lawn mower. The children were playing graveyard. Once they saw that Old Man Frank was looking out his window at them, they screamed for their mothers and ran inside crying. Frank giggled.

‘Time for another song,’ he thought.

“Pink is my favourite colour, it suits me so well, it’s also the colour of piggies and PINK PINK MOTHER FUCKING PINK!!!!!” he screamed.

“FRANK!!!!!!!” yelled Ray. He was so pissed off, he marched into Frank’s room with a pair of scissors at the ready. “Where’s the motherfucking tie?”

“Don’t hurt my tie!” Frank cried.

“Wait, Frank, where is your tie?” Ray asked, putting the scissors down on Frank’s bed.

“It’s right here,” he said turning around to face his bedpost, only to find his tie wasn’t there. “Well… it just... it’s… OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Frank fell to his knees and buried his face in his hands. He started sobbing loudly then pounded his fist on the floor.

“WHY?!?!?!” he yelled at the ceiling, scaring the shit out of Ray. “WHY ME?!”

“Hey, Frank, it’s alright, we’ll find your tie,” Ray said to Frank, patting his back. “I’ll help!”

“You really will?” asked Frank.

“Of course!” Ray answered.

They set off down the hall, and walked into Bob’s room.

“What’s going on?” questioned Bob, barely even awake.

“My pink tie is missing,” said Frank sternly.

“He’s not wearing it is he?” Bob asked Ray.

“Nope,” Ray replied. “Have you seen it?”

“No,” Bob said.

“Uh huh, that’s exactly what you said yesterday, then I found it in your lingerie drawer,” Frank said slyly.

“No you didn’t,” Bob said. “I found it around your neck.”

“Yeah, uh-huh, sure you did,” Frank said sarcastically.

“Really, Frank, I think he did,” Ray interjected.

“Oh. Alright,” Frank sounded defeated. “Well I’ve got my eye on you, punk. Oh my piggy, punk is pink with a ‘u’!”

Frank burst into tears at the thought of his missing pink tie.

Ray and Frank moved on to Gerard’s room where he lay fast asleep hidden under the covers.

“Wake up, Agent Way,” sang Frank.

“What do you want, Frank?” Gerard asked, revealing only his head from under the covers.

“Long story short, I know you have my pink tie, so hand it over bandit,” Frank said.

“I don’t have it,” Gerard replied.

“We can just go look downstairs,” Ray said to Frank.

“If you don’t have it, why are you hiding under the covers?” Frank asked Gerard.

“I’m not hiding,” Gerard answered.

“Oh is that so?” Frank questioned. In one, quick, swift motion he ripped the covers off of Gerard's body.

Frank gasped.

“Whoa,” Ray said.

“I knew it!” screamed Frank. His beloved pink tie was resting on the chest of Mr. Way. Frank grabbed it and hugged the hell out of it. “You’re lucky I’m such a nice person, or I’d be fuming mad at you, Gee.”

“Either that, or you have A.D.D,” Gerard replied.

“Gerard, ask Ray instead, you know I can't do your fancy pants addition,” said Frank, clearly not listening. He skipped down the hall back to his room. He put his tie around his neck and swore he’d never take it off again.

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