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Amusement Park

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~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~~
We all decided to go to the amusement park, which I thought was awesome because I haven't been to one in forever.

"When shall we go?" I asked in a British accent
"How about now." Kevin suggested
"That's cool with me." I said
"Yep." Everyone else said in unison

Mandy, Lily, and I already had our swim suits on because we knew we were either going to go to the beach or use them some how today.

"I need to go change." Joe said heading to his room
"We should do the same." Kevin said directed to Nick

Nick and Kevin followed Joe and went to their rooms.

"Do you think Nick will ride with me?" Lily asked
"Totally!." Mandy said turning on the tv
"Goddd, because i'm starting to like him and I kind of what to get to know him better."
"OOO girl I knew you liked him I could just feel it." I said giving her a high five

The boys walked back with their swimming trunks on. I noticed Joes' inparticular.

"I didn't know you wear A&F." I said pointing to his shorts
"I don't. My friend bought these for me and I thought i'd be nice."
"Ah, well they are pimp." Mandy said turning off the tv
"Your friend has good taste." I said
"Sure does." Lily chimed in

We all headed out the door to Kevnins' car. We finally got to the amusement park after an hour or so because we got lost along the way.

"Wow, this place is big!" I said stepping out of the car
"I know right." Joe said standing next to me

All the sudden Joe takes off running twards a rollercoaster.

"I guess this is our first ride?" I ask catching up to him
"Yes, I wanna ride it." Joe said jumping up and down
"Calm down Joe." Nick said putting his hand on his shoulder

I look over at Mandy, who is right next to me, who is looking at Joe, who is looking at an old ice cream cone covered with ants.

"He gets distracted fast." I said to Mandy
"Sure does, but he looks so cute when he does." She said all dreamily
"Ha ha you are funny."
"What he does. Can you do me a favor?"
"Sure you name it. Just i'm not shaving a homeless guys back."
"Dude, Why and the heck not its for a good cause."
"You know i'm alergic."
"Ha ha, but to the real question. Will you ask Joe if he will sit with me on this?" She said pointing to the rollercoaster
"Of course." I said turning back to Joe
"Hey Joe will you ride this with Mandy?"
"Sure. Why not."

I turned back over to Mandy.

"I heard." She spilled out

I turned back to Joe who was now jumping up and down because we were getting on the ride.

~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~
Man I wanted to ride this with Kaycie, but Mandy's awesome. I really just want to ride this. The coaster starts to creep up this hill.

"Whoo!." Mandy yells putting her hands in the air
"Yeah!" I yell

We reach the top of the hill and take off.

"Aaaaahhhhh!" I scream as we take a twirl around this loop
"Weee!!" Mandy yells

After about another couple turns the ride comes to a stop.

"That was awesome!" Mandy says to me
"I know it was so radical."

We all split up different ways each of us with one of the girls. I was with Mandy.

"So, Mandy your pretty cool."
"Why thanks I've always thought that about me." She said laughing
"I like your laugh."
"Thanks. I've never really cared for it myself."
"Well, I think it's cute."

We walked and talked for about 30 minutes b4 I got a text from Kevin saying it was time to go. Mandy and I caught back up with the group and headed to the car. We all went back to our hotel.

"Ah this day was awesome." Kaycie said plopping down on the couch
"It was fucalicious!" Mandy says
"Fucalicious?" I asked looking at her weirdly
"Ya that word is so pimp." I hear Kaycie say
"Dude it's more than pimp it's... off the chain... Nicks' chain that is." Lily says

This makes everyone laugh.

"Hey Mandy wanna come check out my room?" I heard myself ask
"Totally." She said getting up from the couch

We walked to my room. I took a seat on my bed and she joined me.

"Wow this is a pretty swanky hotel room Joe." She said laying back
"I know that's why the pent house is the best."

I lay back with her and she turns to look at me and I get caught up in her eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes."
"Thanks you too."

~~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Do you wanna check out my room?" I heard Nick ask Lily
"Sure." She said following him to his room

I was left with Kevin who was strumming his guitar.

I turned on the tv and started to watch that. Before I knew it my eyes were getting heavy and I drifted off to sleep.
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