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"They're just words." Ten/Rose angst. The Doctor thinking about whether their relationship can ever be real. Set in season 2 of the new series.

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Words. That’s all they are. Just words.

When she says that she’ll never leave him. It’s just words. The pain of the experience talking to him, not the girl underneath. She’s been locked away for her own safety. Away from the hurt and the danger. He must let no harm come to her. So he sacrifices himself again and again.

When she says that word: “Forever” it hurts so much that he doesn’t know why he doesn’t fall down. Because he knows that whatever she says they will get torn apart. Because you can’t rely on words to fill the gap. They’re just words. And words aren’t real.

When she cries out: “Doctor” he is shredded. He can’t help her without letting go. He just needs to make one more sacrifice but he can’t. He makes a decision not to save Rose. He chooses life over her and being imprisoned with the deleks for all eternity in hell. She screams and cries to him but it makes no difference. He won’t let go, he can’t.

But crying out his name means nothing, saying it means nothing. Everyone says it, all his companions, and all his enemies. They all say it but they don’t mean it. No one means it and he’s learnt that by now. That to rely on words is pointless. Because they’re just words. And words aren’t real.

When she says she loves him. That’s just words. The moment of sadness when she has to say anything to fill the silence. The moment when she wants to say anything if it’ll help her get back to him. The moment when everything comes out in the open and he truly feels for the first time, empty. Because she’s so close that he can reach out and touch, except he can’t, he’s not really there.

He’ll never be close enough to her. Not ever again. He can’t reply. “I love you.” So full of emotion he cries, so full of raw power that he is amazed. This person is human and she is fantastic.

But they are just words. You can’t rely on words. Because they aren’t real.

Because he’s so close that he can reach out and touch. Except he can’t, he’s not really there.

He’s not real.
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