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SEX!! (ch.3)

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hehe someone did it... kinda. and there aren't actual details, tuvm.

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I sat up abruptly, shaken by my nightmare.
“Hey, Sleeping Beauty,” Squash said through the bunk window.
“Hey, Mr. Cheesypants,” I said, sticking my tongue out at him. “How long was I asleep?”
“An hour and a half,”
“Were you watching me the whole time?”
“No. We made that pit stop, so I got you a case of Mountain Dew, several huge packs of Reese’s, and those bottled Frappucinos. Mocha.” he said, rolling out of his bunk and climbing back up into mine.
“Awwwwwww thanks. Though I’m not sure whether to be flattered or frightened by the fact that you were watching me sleep.” I said.
“Hey, hey, hey!” I heard Jules shout. “I know you two are both in one bunk, and I gotta get something, so if I catch you two not saving sex for marriage, I swear I will stab my eyes out and jump off this moving bus onto the freeway. I’m not kidding!”
So, Squash and I did the obvious: started making sex sounds.
“Ohh, ew!” Jules shouted, and collapsed onto a wall. “My feeble heart!”
“We’re not on the freeway. And have you tried to move in one of these things whiles there’s more than one person in there? Impossible.” I said, then rolled out of the bunk, and landed right next to Jules. She thought I was going to land on her, and screamed. “You know, there would be less chance of me landing on you if you would just stand still….”
“And there’d be even less of a chance if you would just stop doing that!” she shouted.
“No chance of that,” I replied, and then walked up to the front of the bus. I grabbed my laptop and hopped on the couch. Squash followed me, but he brought his Dew and my Reese’s instead of a laptop.
“Wait a minute, where’d Liz go?” I asked.
“Where’d Rico… Oh jeez,” Jules said.
“Oooh, I totally know what’s gonna happen next!” Squash said, getting up.
“No, no, no you don’t!” Jules said. She didn’t like being single and having Squash and I as a constant reminder of that.
“Oh yeah? Then enlighten me as to why they are both in the bedroom?” He replied with a smile on his face.
“And now it’s in my head forever,” I mumbled, walking past them to get to my bunk.
“Hide in your bunk until they come out. Then, videotape it!” Jules said.
Squash was already in the bunk with his Flip on.
“Oh, my God you guys, Liz is gonna kill you,” I laughed from my bunk.

“You seriously don’t think they’ll have noticed we weren’t up there this whole time?” I heard Liz whisper as she opened the door to peek out.
“Just go!” Rico whisper-shouted.
“I’m going…”
I kicked the wall between mine and Squash’s bunk, and he jumped and fell out. He landed on his feet holding his Flip up, and Liz screamed.
“Am I that bad?” Rico mumbled.
“Hi there,” Squash laughed nervously.
He ran up to the front of the bus.
“DELETE IT!” Liz shouted.
“In your dreams!”
“Fine. I’m not going to make you delete it, but I will make you pay,” she growled. “And for everyone’s benefit, I will say this: I AM A VIRGIN!”
I rolled out of my bunk laughing, and Rico snorted.
“Well that makes... two of us.” Jules sighed sadly.
“You’re fifteen and upset you’re still a virgin?” I laughed. “I’m pretty sure we’re all virgins.” I looked at Squash. “We are all virgins, right?”
“Speak for yourself!” Jeff laughed, and we stared at him.
“Seriously?” I asked.
“Hell yeah,” he replied. “It’s been like three months. I’m almost eighteen.”
“Eh. Well… You’re not in the band; you don’t count.” Jules said jokingly, and then stuck her tongue out at him.
“Yay for Jeff!” I laughed. “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”
“Because it’s not something you bring up in casual conversation with a bunch of fifteen year olds!”
“I’m sixteen!” Squash shouted.
“So, how was it? Who was it?” Rico asked intently, nudging Jeff with his elbow.
“Trying to drive over here! And that’s another reason,” he said. “And no, I will not give you tips,” he added, looking at Rico. “You shouldn’t need them; you’re fourteen.”
“Fine.” Rico sighed.
“So how far did you get? So I know what we’re up against,” I asked, leaning on Squash’s shoulder. “No lying!”
“Um... We just got to... tongues...” Liz said hesitantly.
“Psh, man, I got in her bra!” I heard Rico whisper to Squash.
I pretended like I didn’t hear him for Liz’s sake.
“Oh, please. You’ve got nothing on us,” I laughed, kissing Squash’s neck.
“Mmm!” Squash turned my head and kissed me on the lips.
“Come here,” Liz said to Rico. I was vaguely aware of them starting to make out, but everything else just faded away as Squash pulled me closer.
“I am loving this competition thing,” Squash said as I kissed his neck.
“You’re not the only one,” I whispered.
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