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Stage Three.

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The issue of risk to the patient and others is prominent in the consideration of morbid jealousy.

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Morbid jealousy is encountered in general and forensic psychiatry, and clinicians in each specialty should be familiar with its recognition and management. As well as clinical matters, the issue of risk to the patient and others is prominent in the consideration of morbid jealousy. Hospitalisation is sometimes required, the use of compulsory admission is not infrequent and treatment in secure settings is occasionally warranted.

Charlie was sitting cross legged on the lawn of the Toro residence, prom dress and all, listening to Gerard teach her how to roll a joint.
She found it hard to believe that the sweet guy she’d encountered previously was now rambling at her drunkenly with dilated pupils and beer stains on his tuxedo. She sighed and looked towards Frank, who was smoking and looking up at the sky. She crawled towards him, not caring about the grass stains she was sure to find later.

It had been three hours since they had arrived, and Charlie had known how the night would end out as soon as the first round of tequila shots were done. The three boys; Frank, Ray and Gerard had drank and smoked almost perpetually the whole time and Gerard certainly didn’t display any interest in sitting down and talking to Charlie. Ray was almost as bad as Gerard, and Frank seemed like the only one who wanted to pace himself even a little. The peak of his intoxication had passed and now he was just sitting there and smoking.

“Frankie?” Charlie said timidly. He looked at her and smiled. “Hey.” He patted the ground next to him and she sat beside him. She was shivering, still only dressed in a sleeveless dress, and she giggled. “My teeth are chattering.” She said. Frank smiled again, removed his tux jacket and draped it over her. “So, fun night, eh?” Frank said quietly, casting a glance at Gerard, who had passed out seconds before on the grass.
Frank had watched for the last three hours as anything Gerard had built with Charlie was torn down, wall by wall. Every slurred compliment, every time she’d asked him a question and only received a dazed look in reply, Frank could tell Charlie had not been impressed with any of it. It was a shame, he thought. Gerard really liked her and Frank knew that, but Gerard’s weakness was the drink, the drugs. He loved what it did to him, and Frank always thought he had no place to tell him otherwise. Especially considering he drank almost as much, almost as frequently.
He felt sorry for Charlie, who had seemed to have a small something growing for Gerard, but was now disappointed, confused and scared.
He put his arm around her and they both leant back against the porch step, and there they both fell asleep, and there they were still when the sun rose.

“Morning Frankie!” Ray yelled loudly. Charlie jerked awake and almost hit her head on the step’s railing.
She looked around, registered where she was and then sat back, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She glanced at Gerard, who was sitting on the porch, in a chair, with his arms crossed. Frank stirred beside her and woke up. He blinked and removed his arm from around her shoulders, and yawned himself.
She looked down, at her dirty dress. Her shoes had been discarded at some point and were over the other side of the yard. She raked her fingers through her dishevelled hair and suddenly flew to her feet. “I’ve gotta get home!” She said, and gulped. “I didn’t tell dad I wouldn’t be coming home!” Frankie couldn’t help but crack a grin.
Gerard stood and picked up Charlie’s shoes. “Ok, I’ll drive you home now.” Frankie took the shoes from Gerard and helped Charlie slide into them, Gerard glaring at him as he did so.
He stormed out to his car and sat inside it, lighting a cigarette. He was soon joined by Charlie and Frank, who were chatting. Charlie was giggling as she got into the car, while Frank cradled his head and complained of a hangover.
“You can sit in the front, Charlie…” Gerard said hopefully. Charlie bit her lip and fastened her seatbelt. “Aw Gerard I’m already sitting down…” She said apologetically. He just nodded and bit down on his tongue. They drove home in silence, and soon reached Charlie’s house, which was close to Ray’s. Frank said goodbye to her but chose to leave the real goodbyes to Gerard.
He walked her up the driveway to the front door.
“Well, goodbye.” Gerard said, all nerves again. He had a throbbing headache and wasn’t impressed by the events of the morning or the previous night. “Listen, thanks so much for last night. I’m sorry if you got a bit uncomfortable towards the end… But d’you wanna catch a movie with me some time?” He twisted his hands and stepped from foot to foot on the spot nervously. Charlie was too tired to think before she said yes, she’d love to and thanked him for a great night. He kissed her cheek gently before turning and walking back to his car.
Charlie stepped inside and found the house was empty. She had no intention of attending school that day, and lay down on the couch in the living room and slept, still in her dress and having not seen the note her father had left her on the fridge.

Frank and Gerard drove out of Kearny and back towards Belleville. They both lit up a cigarette and casually talked about the night before.
“Gerard?” Frank said tentatively. He knew Gerard, and he knew Gerard’s quick temper, and he wanted to approach this with tiny baby steps. Gerard nodded. “About last night. I think the reason it didn’t go… As well as you thought it would was maybe because of the drink? And the pot? She didn’t seem too impressed by the smokes, either.” He finished, putting his own cigarette out and flicking it to the road. Gerard pulled a new cigarette from his pack of Marlboros and thought. Maybe Frank was right. But then again Frank probably wants her for himself, the little prick. He glanced at Frank before scolding himself silently. He’s your best friend, man, come on, Gerard told himself. “Yeah you’re probably right. She said we could go to the movies so then is my chance, I guess.” Frank nodded and looked out the window. “My place?” Gerard said. Frank nodded and wound his window up.

Charlie slept for the next three hours, and was woken up by the screeching of her house phone. She ignored it but stumbled to the kitchen anyway for a drink. She drank juice from its carton, noting the post-it her father left her before slamming it back into the fridge and sitting at the kitchen table, crumpling the note as she went.
Then she cried.
She felt so stupid. She felt like that a lot of the time. She got all dressed up with make-up and a new dress and that hair, and why? She pulled her hair viciously out of its many hidden clasps and felt it brush against her neck.
She sobbed as she slid the dress down to the floor later in her bedroom and felt even more tears come as she gazed across the room into her full-length mirror, where before she had felt so pretty and glamorous, but now only foolish. She looked at the lingerie that decorated her petite frame and snarled, wanting to tear it off herself. Lingerie? What was I playing at? She thought angrily, peeling off the panties and delving through her drawer for a fresh pair.
When she was dressed, she sat in the living room cross legged on the couch in silence. The house was spotless, the items she had meticulously chosen and proudly displayed over the last few days tucked away in a bag, under her bed. She sat like that until she noticed something, alone on the floor by the entry.

The corsage. She slowly leant over and picked it up, and then lay down, the flowers in her hand. She thought about Gerard, and how nice he had been in those few moments in the gazebo. “He said he loved me…” She whispered, a wistful smile upon her face as she played over the scene, and that of the kiss they shared later in the car. It was a wonderful night, she thought, why am I so upset? But then she thought about how ridiculous Gerard had become after all those drinks. When he first started drinking, he was confident and charming, but then slurring and unsteady, and then finally he became simply ridiculous. It hadn’t exactly impressed Charlie when Gerard had rolled around on the grass for ten minutes, or when he had sprayed her with beer. She frowned, what was she going to do? She didn’t even know if she actually liked Gerard or she was just fascinated by the new lifestyle him and Frank were leading her into.
Which pulled her thoughts to Frank. Charlie had almost, in two days, become as close with Frank as she was with Tristian. This wasn’t Tris’s fault, but Frank brought out in Charlie what alcohol brought out in Gerard. A charismatic sort of confidence. She was funny, flirty and everything she wished she could portray when she was with Frankie.

Charlie rolled over into her stomach and sighed. It was the last week of school for the whole year and she was taking more days off than she had in all her school life. Was that how it was going to be now she had new friends, she wondered? She thought of her summer vacation plan. Her father usually worked for half the holidays, and then went away somewhere the other half, leaving Charlie with her elderly grandmother in Belleville. Charlie didn’t usually enjoy her Gramma’s all that much, but now that she thought of it, she actually lived a few streets from The Ways. This lightened Charlie up a little, knowing she’d have friends just around the corner, and better still that Frank or Ray were almost always there. She made a mental note to herself to catch up with Mikey.

She closed her eyes and sighed, and then jerked up. The phone was ringing, and it had scared her.
She reached and picked it up. “Hello?” She said, clearing her dry throat.
“Hi.” It was Tris, calling from school, by the sound of it.
“Hey Tris, what’s up?” She said, a slight twinge of annoyance laced in the words. She wasn’t particularly in a mood to giggle, or recount last nights events, or make small chat, or anything else, she supposed.
“Not much. Do you wanna come over later? We can get a pizza.” Charlie rubbed her temple and closed her eyes; She felt a migraine coming on. “Uh, Tris I’m really tired and my dad probably wants me to stay home tonight. Last night I…” She didn’t finish, but stood up and walked to her room and flopped down on the bed lazily.
“Oh. Ok.” His disappointment was obvious, and that annoyed Charlie too. “Well let’s just talk. How was last night?” Charlie inwardly sighed and said in a monotonic voice. “It was fine, Tris.”

Charlie’s flat tone told Tristian he was unwanted. He quickly muttered something about needing to get to his class and that he’d call her the next day.
“Bye.” She said stiffly.
“Goodbye.” He replied, pocketing his phone. Charlie was changing, and it was happening so fast. It was that stupid skinny Iero kid, Tristian thought. He decided to skip English and go straight to his cousin Ray’s.

Gerard lay on the floor of his bedroom, Frank on the bed. Both had just finished joints and were laying on their backs.
“Frank I think she hates me.” Said Gerard. Frank nodded. “Well, I would too.” Gerard propped himself up on an elbow and raised his eyes, as Frankie shrugged. “Don’t go all deep on me now man, I can’t tell whether I still have kneecaps or not let alone help you with your relationship issues.” Frank said lazily, closing his eyes. Gerard nodded and lay back down. He was finished with school, forever.
He was due to start at an art college when the break was over, and he’d just quit his part-time job, so the summer was his.
Frank had decided to give school a miss. He only had two days left, and he figured they would just be packing up stuff or watching old movies anyway. So, he was going to get high every day until summer break started. And summer break was just the starting gunshot for more getting high.

There was a knock on the door, Gerard bolted upright. He didn’t think anyone was home.
“Gee it’s Mikey, can I come down?” Came his brother’s voice from upstairs. Gerard threw a pillow over the bag of pot and called up “Sure, come down.”
“Mom just called, and left great news. She wants you to call her.” He tossed a phone to Gerard, who watched it hit the floor and roll under his bed. “Shouldn’t you be at school?” Gerard said accusingly, while fishing the phone out. “School finished like, an hour ago.” Mikey said, rolling his eyes. “Oh.” Muttered Gerard, dialling his mom’s number.
“Hey Frankie.” Mikey said, sitting down. Frankie waved his hand around lazily before demanding a pizza.

Gerard walked to the corner of his room and sat in his chair.
“Hi mom, it’s Gerard.” He said, running his hand over his hair and concentrating. He’d rather run a marathon than string a sentence together.
“Oh hey honey. Did Mikey tell you the news?” Gerard shook his head, and then upon realising that his mother couldn’t see him, croaked out that he hadn’t.
“Well, your father and I are going to England. Its for your fathers job, all expenses paid. Its all very exciting! I know it’s very last minute to you, but I filled Michael in last night. We’ll be gone for a month, at the very least. Now I know this is probably the signal for a jamboree or something for you boys, but keep in mind the Petersons next door and the Williams across the street and dear Mrs Brown are all good friends of mine and they’ve been notified. I’ve given Mikey enough money to last both of you, he’ll give you your share.”
Gerard thought about this and smiled widely.
“There’s plenty of food, but I’ve given Mr Costello at the grocers money in advance for the shopping you’ll need to do. Please behave, Gerard. Anyway our flight is due and we have to load our baggage. Goodbye sweet pea. Love you.”
“Love you too ma. Bye.” Gerard said, hanging up the phone. No sooner had he done so that Mikey was jumping up and down, screaming.
“This is going to be the best summer EVER!” Mikey screamed. Gerard fell down onto the floor again and told Mikey to come back in a few hours, they’d talk.

Mikey walked back up the stairs, hardly able to contain himself. No parents for a month, maybe more. He did a little skip before hearing the doorbell ring. He walked to the front door and opened it.
“Mikey!” Charlie said, stepping in. “How are you? I haven’t seen you in ages!” Mikey nodded “Hey!” He said, pulling her into a hug. She looked around the room, her glance finishing and fixing upon the door to the basement. “Is Gerard down there?” She asked. Mikey nodded. “With Frankie.” She nodded too, that was what she had hoped. “Well I’ll go down there and see them. I’ll talk to you later though.” She walked to the door and through it, and down the stairs quietly.
“Guys?” She said.

Frank sat up and grinned at her lopsidedly. “Charlie!” He exclaimed, throwing up his arms. She smiled and sat down on Gerard’s bed, looking over at Gerard himself, who was sprawled on the floor in the corner of the room, eyes shut. She looked over to Frank and said “You guys been pissing up?”
Frank looked around sheepishly before nodding and saying “Yeah but don’t have any, or you will see the Devil, and he’ll try to rip your heart out through your kneecaps.”
“Right.” Charlie said, shaking her head. Frank lay back down and Charlie looked around the room, taking in everything.
“Gro-o-ovy times, Groooovy tiiimes, Groovy TIMES!” Frank sang vaguely from the floor. Charlie slid off the bed and crawled over to him. “Frankie, get up please.” She said firmly in the voice she usually reserved for those occasional babysitting sessions for her neighbours. Frank’s eyes widened and he sat up. She put her arm around his shoulders and hoisted him off the ground.

Gerard opened his eyes to see Charlie on his bed with her arm around Frank, who was whispering into her ear. She laughed and shook her head.
“Charlie…” He said. She turned around and took her arm from Frank’s shoulders and said “Hi Gerard. Do you need any help?” He shook his head. “Well Frankie does, so if you’ll give me a few minutes….” Frank mumbled something about needing to puke. “Well maybe a bit more than a few minutes.” She added, smiling apologetically and helping Frank up the stairs before disappearing out the door.

Of course Frank needs help, Gerard thought. And of course Charlie’s only too willing to give it to him. He stood up and walked to his bed, where he sat down and buried his face in his hands. He knew this feeling well, he was coming down. Better just to sleep it off, which is what he had been doing until he was pulled from sleep by Charlie’s sweet voice. He lay down and closed his eyes.

Within another half hour Frank was fine and Gerard was nowhere to be seen.
Charlie, Mikey and Frank sat on the porch of the house on Salter Place enjoying the last scraps of sunlight.
“So again, why are your parents in England?” said Frank to Mikey, who sipped from his Coke before explaining to Frank for what felt like the fiftieth time “Dad had to go to England to train a bunch of blokes to do something and then recruit them to his work thingy and mum wants to go to England, so whatever.” Charlie raised her eyebrows. Mikey’s explanations had become less and less intelligible every time he gave one. Frank nodded and after a slight pause, said “Wait, what?” Mikey hit him.
Charlie’s father (After lecturing her for about an hour about the previous night) had said Charlie could stay at her friend’s house. Charlie had thought it better just to say ‘a friend’ than leave him with Gender worries.

Greg was very glad his daughter was making friends, but still worried about her sudden change in behaviour. It was happening so fast. She hadn’t mentioned a friend in ages, and then she was out all night with them, and now staying the night again.
He himself had made plans to leave Charlie at his mother’s home in Belleville so he and Marnie could go on holiday to Fiji.
He did feel slightly guilty about leaving her for the entire summer break but he needed a vacation, and wanted to patch things over with Marnie, who he’d been having less and less time for as his job became more demanding.
Charlie didn’t know yet that in two days she’d be packing up and heading to her grandmother’s house for the whole break. Greg didn’t know yet how happy she’d be with the news.

The three decided to head to 7/11 for snacks, then to the video store, then they’d meet Ray at the park and then back to Mikey and Gerard’s.
Charlie rode on Gerard and Mikey’s mother’s bike, while Frank and Mikey both had skateboards. She laughed and squeezed the horn, causing Frank to jump and almost fall off his bike.
It was a warm night and as they rode back they mutually decided it would be a fine idea to sneak into the local pool and go for a swim.
“What if we get caught?” Said Charlie, looking worried.
“It’ll be fine. You guys go; I’ll swing by my place to get towels and Gerard. Meet you there.” Said Mikey reassuringly.

So Frank, Ray and Charlie rode into the middle of Belleville to the pool. “Wow,” Ray said. “There’s no padlock or anything…” And in a flash he was over the fence and pulling at the latch. He opened the gate, wincing when it creaked loudly, and stood by it while Frank and Charlie walked in, giggling behind their hands.
They walked till they were by the pool and sat down on the benches, waiting for Mikey and Gerard.
They arrived in about ten minutes, and Ray had to go and let them in. Frank saw this as an opportunity to talk to Charlie.
“Gerard’s really worried you don’t like him.” He said. Charlie looked at Frank and raised her eyebrows.
“Really?” She said curiously. Frank nodded and she shrugged. “Well the other night I was sure I did, but I guess I’ll have to see. Hopefully today will be better.” She smiled at him, and he smiled back and hugged her.

Gerard walked into the pool area to see Frank and Charlie hugging under the huge floodlight. He said nothing, but glared at them.
What’s his problem? Gerard thought angrily to himself as he approached them. He KNOWS I like her! I never shut up about it… What’s he playing at??
He sat down next to Charlie and smiled. “Hey Charlie.” He said hesitantly. “Hey Gerard.” She replied brightly.
By this time Ray had stripped down to boxers and was whining about wanting to get in. “Well get in you big baby”, Mikey said, pushing Ray. Ray shook his head and said “Aww, not by myself.” He pouted until Frankie finally relented, rolling his eyes and tugging his t-shirt off. He reached into his bag, pulled out a can of beer and ran for the pool, flinging himself off the edge and into the water. Ray still looked scared.
“Oh my God Toro, you loser!” Gerard said. Ray glared at Gerard before screaming “CANNONBALL!” And jumping into the water.
Mikey looked at Gerard sceptically. Charlie had gone to steal Frank’s shirt to swim in (with underwear) “And you’re the Olympic swimmer, eh Gee?” Mikey said sarcastically. Gerard blushed and said “I’m gonna get in… Later.”
“Yeah, right!” Frank called from the pool. Mikey and Ray laughed as Charlie came back, her hair pulled out of its ponytail.
Gerard thought she looked gorgeous there in the light against the dark with her hair out. I should have offered her my shirt, Gerard thought, eyeing Frank’s oversized shirt on Charlie. It went down to her knees, and she was happy about it, not wanting her butt hanging out or anything.
She flashed Gerard a cute smiled before diving in. Mikey followed suit, half dressed in his school pants and socks and tie.

Gerard didn’t like swimming. He avoided it at all costs. But seeing Charlie splashing around in the water, her hair fanning out when she was underneath, her bare legs… He knew that he would have to. He looked at his outfit distastefully.
Like other schools in the area, his school didn’t require a uniform except for formal occasions, and today had been the ‘Goodbye’ ceremony for all the students leaving, so Gerard and Mikey were there in the slacks, white button up, blazer and tie combination they both hated. Luckily their school rarely had formal occasions. Gerard hadn’t even been at school that day, but had to change into the clothes in case his mom came home at lunch time so he could pull it off as being a free period.

Gerard looked down at himself in his stupid outfit and shrugged, standing up. He walked to the podiums and stood on one, hands on his hips.
“GERARD’S GONNA JUMP!” Someone called. The rest of them turned around and looked up at him. “Don’t do it Gerard, I love you so much!” Frankie cried, receiving a slap from Mikey in return. Frankie dunked him until Mikey promised to scream ‘Frank Iero Is God’ at regular intervals throughout the night. Mikey promised and then whipped out his hand to reveal crossed fingers, and then swam away quickly, not wanting to suffer Frank’s wrath.

Gerard could see he had lost his crowd, and just jumped off the podium. Charlie turned to look at him and paddled towards him.
Gerard surfaced to see Charlie right in front of him. She pulled the hair from his face and giggled. He smiled and splashed her. “Oh hell no!” She screeched, splashing him back. Frank jumped out of the water, went to their stuff and returned with a plastic bag full of alcohol, which he distributed among the group.
Gerard had already declined politely when Frank tossed one to Charlie, who caught it, opened it and almost drained it in one swig. He looked up at Frank angrily, for an explanation. Frank shrugged and dived into the water, thumb over his open beer bottle.

“I always get creeped out by the fact people pee in here.” Said Ray, looking around at the water through narrowed eyes.
“It’s alright; you’ve made contact with worse things than Frankie’s pee.” Mikey replied. Ray looked over at Frank, who said “What, you never wondered why the water’s always warm near me?”
“That’s disgusting.” Laughed Gerard, as the whole group was in hysterics except Ray, who was trying to catch Frank and drown him.
Charlie snorted loudly and then covered her mouth in shock. “That’s hot.” Said Frank loudly, from the safe distance of the podium. Charlie flipped him off and kept laughing.
“Shit, she’s gonna explode!” Said Ray.
Charlie sunk down under the water and kept giggling, and was soon joined by Gerard, who smiled and waved at her, his hair floating around and his tie up around his ears.
She lunged at him and hugged him, and they both floated up to the surface embracing, and still laughing.
Frank had walked over to their stuff and was sitting down and beckoning for everyone to join him. Gerard chanced a kiss on Charlie’s wet cheek before scurrying up the ladder and over to the rest of them. She grinned and followed suit.

They all sat on their towels, some in dry clothes and others still in their wet ones.
“I’m tired.” Declared Frank. Mikey looked at him and said “Well sleep then.” Frank looked around. “Here? Can’t we go back home, I’m gonna be cold.” Ray rolled his eyes “No. It’s too far and I couldn’t be bothered right now. We’ll go at… 3.” Frank crossed his arms and pouted. “Well Gerard, can I have your towel? I’m coldies.” Gerard wrinkled his nose and threw the damp towel at Frank, who cheered and lay down, facing the opposite direction.
The rest lay talking till Gerard finally gave in to his heavy eyelids and went to sleep. Ray eventually did the same and soon it was just Charlie, Mikey and the leftover booze.
“Should we?” Mikey said, eying the bag. Charlie grinned, “Frankie would be so pissed.” Mikey shrugged and took a deep gulp from a tequila bottle.
Charlie did the same and soon they were both completely wasted.
“Let’s walk!” declared Charlie, standing up. Mikey picked up the last bottle and together they walked across the grass towards the pool.
“So, what happened to… What was her name? Alicia?” Charlie asked. Mikey shrugged. “We just fell apart, I guess.” Charlie nodded, and Mikey turned to her. “Are you and Gee a couple?”
Charlie turned and walked slowly in the opposite direction, along the pools edge, Mikey following her. “Well…” She started, walking away from the pool towards the huge reel of pipes to separate the swimming lanes. She leant on one of them and said “Well not really, no.” Mikey laughed and said “You hesitated.” Charlie nodded and said “Well what happens with Gee happens. I’m pretty sure nothing is happening right now though.” She looked up at him and smiled shyly.
Mikey raised his eyebrows. “What is happening?”
“This.” she stepped towards him, on her tip toes, and kissed him nervously. He paused before returning her kiss, which was steadily gaining bolder ground.
Charlie cast a look around to where the three other guys were sleeping; before she helped him yank her shirt over her head and pulled his off herself.
She licked her lips, and could still taste the liquor. But now she could taste something else. It was the taste of Mikey, and it was sweet on her tongue.
She kissed him again, but this time there was now hesitance. He tilted her head gently and kissed her neck, slowly making a trail down and then back up to her lips. She backed away, pulling him by his tie, walking slowly, teasing him, until he flipped her around and tripped on the way. Charlie had a split second to panic before she realised she was in the pool.
“That’s convenient” She muttered. He said nothing, but grinned at her and kissed her dripping neck, felt his way down her chest to where her nipples had hardened from the cold water or from the sexual tension building inside her.
She scanned his face, his eyes and his lips, because she had never really looked before. He was a handsome guy, and though Charlie had never pictured or thought that she’d end up with him in this position, she liked it. Another glance over to the sleeping group, and then she looked back into his face, and ran her hands up his shoulders, feeling the muscles, reading them like Braille. She unzipped his jeans and he kicked them down. He swept her up in his arms and waded to the shallow end of the pool where he sat her on a step. She lay back and closed her eyes, and felt his slightly rough hands and maddeningly soft lips make their way down her body, never failing to caress and kiss where they should.
Mikey didn’t know how they had ended up together in the pool, and he barely knew the girl he was with. Well, he used to think he did, but now he wasn’t so sure.
When he knew Charlie, she had never touched a drop of alcohol in her life and barely spoke above a whisper to anyone, and now she was drinking like a sailor and kissing him like a pro.
However, he wasn’t about to stop and ask questions.

He made his way back up her body with his lips and when he reached hers she stood up in the water and pushed him back, their lips still pressed together. They kept moving back till the deep end where they disappeared under the water and broke their kiss.
They surfaced and grinned at each other sheepishly. “I think we should leave it there,” Charlie whispered. Mikey nodded and they both paddled to the edge of the pool to lift themselves out.
Charlie sat on the side and wrung out her hair while Mikey fetched their shirts. “Perhaps,” he said “We should keep this quiet.” Charlie nodded and put her shirt back on. “It’s 3. I’ll wake them up.” He walked to the guys and Charlie followed him, and kneeled down next to Gerard when she reached him. “Gee. Wake up, we gotta go.” He slowly opened his eyes and yawned, before sitting up.
The call made all of them jump, Charlie standing up and whipping around, Ray and Frank sitting up.
“Hey you kids! What do you think you’re doing?”
It was a man. Charlie looked at Ray, who bit his lip and looked at Frank. “Shit.” Gerard muttered. They all stood up, quickly gathered their things and ran to the gate on the other side of the pool.
But the man was a security guard, and he wasn’t far behind them.

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