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"Gee... say something to me..."

by God_Reads_Ferards

When it rains, it pours. Sometimes literally.

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Of course, my nursing instinct kicks in and I quickly find myself crouching beside him, holding my finger against his neck. He had only passed out, but still, watching him drop like he was made of lead was one of the scarier things I’ve witnessed since I started working in the medical field. The other man is just staring at me, his gold eyes narrowed and waiting for me to say something, his body tensed and ready to fight. Gee stirs beneath me, a pained groan falling past his lips. His eyes flicker open, and he just stares up at me, dumbfounded.

“Wha’ happen?” he mumbles, eyes darting around as his brain tries to process his situation on the floor.

I swallow my smile, brushing a strand of hair from his face, “You fainted. Come on, lemme help you up.”

He shakes his head, and slowly props himself up on his palms, tucking his knees neatly into themselves and running a hand through his hair.
“Get him out of here.” He snaps, pointing up at the other man.

He looks scared shitless, and to be honest, I start to get nervous just watching his reaction. The other man crosses his arms, huffing loudly, “I’m not going anywhere, sugar.”

I look between the two of them, and suddenly everything falls into place. I feel my insides contort in an uncontrollable rage. He hurt Gee. And in the worst way any human could possibly hurt another. Now… now I want to hurt him.

No. I can’t do that. I don’t care for Gee, he’s nothing more than a patient padding my weekly pay. But yet this horrid anger has risen up and taken over my better, usually calm and logical, half. I feel like I’m seeing red and the room is spinning and warping into this awkward, convoluted mess. And every grain in my body just wants to tense up my hand and sock that idiot in the face.

Thank god I have good self-control. I probably would’ve have been fired or dead by now if I hadn’t shown the least bit of restrain. Gee struggles to lift himself from the floor, the other man just staring down on him in contentment, laughing quietly as the man he desecrated attempts to pull himself from his lowly position on the floor. Gee pays no attention to him, instead he locks eyes with me again, the jade pools filled with desperation.

“Bert, I wanna go somewhere else,” he states bluntly, his voice quavering with childhood persistence and traces of utter fear.

The other man puts his hands on his hips, sneering cynically, “God, you’re so stupid.”

“Shut the fuck up Frank. Just shut up.” Gee begs, looking about ready to run out of the store screaming.

Frank. That’s his name? Frank? Not exactly the kind of name that strikes fear into the hearts of small children. And he looks to be about 4’2”. Scary. However, when Gee looks at him, even when he heard his voice, he passed out cold on the grimy carpet of a cheap record store. I mean, this guy raped the man he supposedly loved.

I quickly snap back to reality when I hear Gee’s piercing screams in my ear, and can feel him digging his small hands into my chest, attempting to find something to hold on to. Frank has a hold on his hair and is slugging away at his back, yelling curses at him with each punch. Something inside me snaps and I completely lose my cool, tackling this Frank guy to the ground and pressing my palm against his trachea. In a spilt second I could feel my fist colliding with his cheek and chin repeatedly.

“You do NOT touch any of my patients when I’m around! Understand?!” I practically scream at him, pulling him up violently to face me.

He nods hurriedly, trying to wipe the blood from his lips. I drop him back to the ground unceremoniously, placing a swift kick to his ribs. Gee is trembling madly behind me, keeping a ginger arm wrapped around his chest. “A-are you okay?” he mutters, not lifting his eyes from Frank as he blots from the aisle.

I nod simply, raking my hands through my hair and blinking rapidly. “I’ll be fine in a minute… God I’ve never been so upset in my life.” I apologize, wiping at my face and grimacing when I find it to be hot and clammy.

Gee snorts softly, hobbling over and wrapping arms around me, “You saved me… no one else would’ve have stopped him anyways.”

Niah and Rachel are watching us just a few feet away, as I can see Rach’s neon green shirt out of the corner of my eye. Gee gulps quietly and pulls away from me; blushing and his hair falling into his face. I smirk softly, and motion the girls to come over to me, “Come on, let’s go back to the clinic. I’ll buy lunch for you guys.”

Rachel gives me a wide smile, and tugs at the collar of her shirt, “Anywhere that serves a milkshake. I’ve been dying to have a real chocolate shake.”

Niah nods fervently, speaking in a tiny, shy voice, “Yeah… and a bacon cheeseburger.”

I laugh loudly, “God you two, I’m not made of money!”

The two of the smile and giggle at me, their faces flushed and glowing with a radiant happiness. Gee snakes a hand around my waist, pressing his cheek into my shoulder, "Thank you. Thank you so much for saving me back there."

That's when it hits me. I saved him. He has the look of complete nirvana as he snuggles into my arm, humming joyfully in the back of his throat. Just hearing his cute little voice buzzing out a jaunty tune makes my insides melt.

Jesus, I sound like a 16-year-old girl who just made out with the star Track athlete.

But I can't help the sudden onslaught of images filling up my mind. Gee kissing me. Touching me. Up on his knees in my bed, sheets dirty and tangled and strewn all over the room. His head tossed back and mouth slack and wide in pure orgasmic ecstasy. Him curled into me, playing with my hair as the morning sun floods the room with rebirth, forcing the new day upon us in an unavoidable, cheery way.

Rachel's relentless tugging at my hand forces my eyes open and focused on the real world, not the horribly wonderful thoughts that were plaguing my mind. "Bert! Come on, we need to get back in time for group therapy!" she cackles, her orange face paled with paranoia.

"Okay, Rach. Relax," I condole, stuffing my hands into my pockets and going out the nearest exit.

It's raining outside, the sky a vicious purpled-grey and dotted with black, swollen clouds. A bolt of lightning forks across the sky, shattering the mundane grey with a wicked slash of brilliant blue and white. The thunder isn't to far behind, the deafening boom making Niah squeak of out fear and cuddle against Gee. I place a soft hand on the back of her neck, "It's fine... just a little thunderstorm."

The rain is coming down in cold, solid sheets, cutting down the visibility and making the horizon turn into a fuzzy white. I spot the van just a few yards down the parking lot, and turn to the three people huddled under the awning behind me. Gee looks up expectantly, while the girls just shiver and trying to keep their hair from becoming soaked.

"I'm gonna run and get the van, stay right here!" I scream as a loud blast of thunder seems to shake the mall at it's foundation.

They all nod obediently, and I bolt out into the rain, cursing loudly as my clothes become soaked and I stumble and fall into several deep puddles. I run into the van, thankful to have a roof over my head. The engine turns over in a mighty roar, and I double-check the lights and wipers before driving to the entrance. Niah and Rachel climb in quickly, muttering softly to themselves about being cold and wet and all that jazz. Gee goes around to the other side of the car, as the girls accidentally shut the sliding door of the van on him. As he fumbles with the slippery handle, a hotshot blonde guy in a hotshot red sports car hits the gas and serves to hit a large puddle behind Gee, completely soaking him head-to-toe in a wave a dirty, freezing water.

"FUCK!" he shrieks, tossing his hands into the air in frustration.

I sigh sympathetically and open the door for him, ushering him inside the dry, warm interior of the van. He shakes madly, his lips tinged a soft blue and his little teeth chattering wildly. I can't help but to sigh and feel sorry for him, as I have no towels or blankets in the van. We don't really keep anything necessary except a spare tire and a first aid kit. I drive as quickly as I can in this fucking monsoon back to the clinic, Gee's shivering gasps growing louder each minute. I look back at him every few minutes, watching his features grow paler and stretched. I step on the gas, becoming paranoid he'll turn hypothermic on me. The clinic appears through the torrential downpour, and I half-crash into the parking lot, slamming the emergency brake on and rushing Gee out of the van and into the lobby. Everyone milling around stares at me in a dumbfounded wonder as I practically drag Gee's body down to the infirmary, trying to keep his head up along the way.

"Gee... say something to me..." I plead softly, my hands hitting him frozen cheek.

"Mrpphhea," he murmurs, his head dropping down off my hands.

Panic swells in my chest like an entire bag of super-durable balloons, and I feel Gee begin to go slack in my arms, "I need some help here!" I shout, scooting around the corner and trying to avoid the laundry carts.

The two young nurses working down in the infirmary give me awkward looks, but quickly put together the situation. A red head, I think her name is Cara, throws open the door, "Lay him down in there... and get his clothes off."

I don't even think about her last statement, I just go into an automatic trance, stripping Gee out of his wet clothes and bundling him up in piles of blankets. He stirs lightly, a forced whimper dripping past his lips like liquid crystal, crashing to the ground around us. I keep him settled in my lap, rocking him gently and rubbing his chest to keep his temperature up. Finally, all those years of nursing school are paying off. Cara (I think) comes in with Anna, the ill-tempered head nurse who usually glares at me or barks demeaning orders to me whenever I pass her in the hallways. She gives me this crooked sneer, and pushes her glasses up his nose, "He got wet at the mall?"

I nod shakily, "Yes ma'am... someone splashed him when he was getting into the van."

Her lips purse tightly, her face resembling that of a worn, tanned lemon, "I see... and is he stable?"

I bite my lip nervously, "Y-yeah, I think so... ma'am."

The room fills with a tangible silence, a sigh pushing it's way out of her wrinkled mouth, "Call me when he's awake and able to join the others."

And with that, she leaves.

Gone. No curses. No putdowns. No shitty orders.

Gee just might be the best damn thing that has ever happened to me.
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