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When Kagome falls ill what cna Inu. do to save her? This is unfinished so i don't know what to do with and ideas are always welcome.

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Inuyasha fanfic: Not named

"OW! Watch where you put that ointment, you wench!"
"O shut up you big baby, it's just antiseptic. It will help you wound."
"If you remember I'm half demon I don't need your help! I can heal on my own."
"Well this will help, what does it matter it won't hurt."
"Yes it will! OW!
"Well if I wouldn't have to keep saving you then I wouldn't get hurt, you should know how to defend yourself!"
"I do!"
"No you don't, I have to do everything! If it wasn't for me you would have died a long time ago. Are you done?"
"YES!" Kagome tied the bandage as tight as she could and stood up, "YOU, Inuyasha, are an egotistical BASTARD!" She grabbed her bag and walked out the door.
"God damn it that girl is going to be the death of me!" Inuyasha pulled his shirt on over his rather tight bandage, and walked out the door.
"What do you want?" She put her bag over her shoulders and got on her bike.
"Where do you think your going?"
"I'm going home."
"Kagome, you can't leave!" she stopped pedaling.
"I need you." She looked up. Inuyasha's golden yellow eyes where starring into hers, his eyes were filled with anger as they always seemed to be, but she could see a glint of sadness in them.
"What did you say?" Kagome had a little smile on her face.
"Ahhh...nothing." Inuyasha said nervously.
"You said that you need me."
"That's not what I meant at all, you're the only one that can find the jewel shards. I need them to become full demon. "
"Oooo, you jerk! I can't believe that I even though for a minute that you cared about anyone but your self, let alone me!"
"Kagome, it's not that it's just that ahh..."
"Stop following me!"
"You can't make me!"
"Yes I can, Sit boy, sit, sit, sit, sit!" Inuyasha's necklace lit up with a purple light and he smashed face forward into the ground. He was in a massive creator in the ground.
"" Inuyasha tried to climb out but heard a far off "Sit," and was smashed into the ground once again.
"That stupid arrogant ass," Kagome was talking to her self," he would still be stuck to that moldy old tree if it wasn't for me! I should have left him there. I won't come back for a week; no two that'll make him worry."
Kagome walked toward the well, she leaned her bike on the side of the well and looked into the darkening forest. She saw a flash of red in the trees.
"Inuyasha! I thought I told you I'm leaving. If you want to apologize you can come out, but don't just follow me like some creepy stalker!" She lost sight of the red flash and looked around at the trees. "INUYASHA!"
"Inuyasha? Who is this?" Kagome turned around; there was a boy behind her. He looked about 18 or 19 years old. There was a strange blue tint to his skin and his hair was a silvery gray. He had "fuck-you-bangs" over one eye and was wearing a pale tan kimono with a bright red sash. His eyes were a strange mix of gold and red. She starred at them and was entranced. On his right check were two scars that looked like claw marks, Kagome put her hand on his check and moved it up the side of his cheeck. The boy didn't seem to mind, he just looked at her hand move up his check. His ear was pointed upwards, this made her think of Shippo's, and he had studs going along all the way up his ear. The boy put his hand on top of Kagome's; she realized that she was feeling the ear of a very odd boy that she just met. She jumped a little, but kept looking into his eyes.
"I search for the jewel fragments. I hear that there is a village near by where lie many pieces is this true." Kagome felt her stomach turn when she heard the boy's voice. She could not respond to the question. All she could do is stare into his eyes. She felt his hand move onto her check, she closed her eyes and felt there lips press together.
For some reason Kagome did nothing. A boy that she had never met didn't know the name of or even talked to was kissing her in the middle of the forest at some hour of the night and she didn't want to do anything about it.
"KAGOME!" Inuyasha sprung from his bed. A cold sweat was running down his neck. He looked frantically around the room, Kagome was no where to be found.
"Lord Inuyasha, is everything okay?" Meoga, the flea, jumped onto Inuyasha's shoulder.
"Where's Kagome?"
"You fought, again, and she left to go home. Do you not remember this?"
"I thought it was a dream." He sat up and rubbed his head, "I'm going to take a walk." He grabbed the tetsusaiga and walked outside, he smelled the air. "If Kagome left then why do I still smell her?" Inuyasha started sprinting of the trees following the scent. "Where could she be going?" He followed the scent toward the well. He stopped suddenly, and got pushed back by some force. He had a feeling in his chest like he just got shot through the heart. Kagome was standing in front of the well making out with some random guy. At first look he thought it was Sesshomaru, his full demon older brother. But why would Kagome even go near him let alone make-out with him. He saw his hand on Kagome's cheek, it was tinted blue. When he saw his hand move to Kagome's waist he couldn't bare it anymore.
Inuyasha drew the tetsusaiga from its sheath and charged at the blue tinted boy. The boy pulled away from Kagome and held out his hand. He snapped his fingers and a cloud of white smoke flew around him. When the smoke cleared the boy was gone. Kagome fell into Inuyasha's arms. She seemed to be unconscious.
"KAGOME, Wake up! Kagome can you hear me?" Kagome opened her eyes and looked up at Inuyasha.
"Inuyasha...?" She put her hand on his cheek. "Where am I?"
"Kagome, what the hell is wrong with you! You were just making out with some random guy!"
"I don't remember that...I remember walking to the well and you followed me and"
"Kagome, you don't remember anything?" Kagome was looking at Inuyasha with a sort of daze; she put her hand on his cheek and fell unconscious again.
"Lord Inuyasha? What happened? What has happened to Kagome?"
"Uhh...I found her unconscious by the well I don't know what she was doing." He didn't feel the need or want to tell Meoga of her midnight make out session. He laid her down in the doorway to watch. The next morning Kagome was still asleep.
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