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It is summer and Scully does not want to be stuck in the basement. Little teeny tiny short.

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"Did you know it's 85 degrees out?"


Scully's hand finds her hip, her head tilts in frustration when he doesn't even look up. "Yep," she says. "85 degrees. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I'm thinking of going for some ice cream."

"Nnnh. Have fun."

She waits. He remains motionless. "Mulder!"

He glances up at her. "Did you know a UFO was sighted by sixty separate witnesses last week in Sonoma, California?"

She closes her eyes. Wills herself silently to be patient. "Is it 85 degrees in Sonoma, California, Mulder?"

He looks up again, this time frowning, brow furrowed in confusion. His hair is sticking out at odd angles, a shadow of hair covers his chin. He has been poring over this all night. He blinks at her. "What?"

She waves to the small, dust-caked window near the ceiling. "Have you even been outside today?"

"Sixty separate witnesses, Scully. This is big, this is...this is something." He is flipping through books and papers again. She watches him a long time, knowing that by tonight they will inevitably be on a plane to California.

She puts on her sunglasses, heaves a sigh, turns to walk out the door. "Bring me back some ice cream," he calls after her. When she turns, he is grinning down at the papers on his desk.

Sixty witnesses, my ass
, she thinks on her way to the elevator.
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