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Dans ce rêve, où je t'oublie

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Kate sits in her cage and thinks about the man she had always thought would be her only love. Until him. Spoilers for 3x06, "I Do."

Category: Lost - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kate,Sawyer - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008-09-06 - Updated: 2008-09-06 - 297 words - Complete

She wakes suddenly, gasping and sweating. She tries to sit up, feels pain shoot through her neck, back, and legs, and it takes her brain a moment to catch up with her eyes. She glances through the bars of her cage, into Sawyer's. He is still sleeping.

She sighs, and leans back, letting her eyes close again.

She knows...she knows she dreamed of Kevin. But now, awake, she cannot remember his eyes (were they hazel? green?), cannot remember his smell, and she knows that if she were to hear his voice again it would sound different than the faint memory she clings to.

Her eyes burn with sudden tears. She instinctively looks away from Sawyer's cage, even though she knows he is not watching.

The afternoon they crashed on the island, when she had been convinced that Edward was dead, had been released from her handcuffs, had sewn up Jack's cut--her mind had been a steady mantra: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Kevin, I am so sorry.

She remembers his face the most clearly when she thinks of those last moments together; her heart still breaks when she recalls the betrayal she saw in his eyes.

He had been the only man she had really loved.

Until--she glances at Sawyer's cage. He is stirring, groaning a little as he wakes up.

Until him.

She will always love Kevin. But when Sawyer grants her a rare smile, holds her close to him, her heartbreak is a little less. The pain is easier to bear.

So she lets herself forget him, little by little, lets Kevin fade from her mind, though deep in her heart she knows that he will never forget her. I'm sorry, she offers again, silently.

I hope you know that I am sorry.

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