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Padfoot's Legacy

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Before falling through the veil, Sirius left something behind, even if he didn't quite mean to.

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Padfoot’s Legacy

Sirius crawled up a rocky shore mid-morning on 29 July and then collapsed. His plans of chasing after Pettigrew were derailed when the breeze changed and there was an enticing smell. Practically drooling, he trotted off, following his nose and forgetting any notion of conserving strength. There was a fence, nearly two meters high; what he wanted what was on the other side. It was not a challenge for a dog large enough to be mistaken for a small pony. It was a female dog, and from the smell, she was in heat. The female in question was a beautiful border collie, let outside at the end of her cycle by owners confident that nothing could clear the fence. It was rather unfortunate that they didn’t look outside in a certain forty-five minute time span, as everyone was in for a surprise in a few weeks.

And when Sirius died, four rather more intelligent than usual mutts lived on. One lived in a family with four children, another went to a divorced older man, and the last two went to a farm, where they were trained to herd sheep. In fact, one of them did so well in the local competitions that she was bred. And when Harry’s family went to pick out a dog fourteen years later, things came full circle, as Harry went home with Padfoot’s great-great-grandchild.

Author Notes:

Harry Potter characters are owned by J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., and whoever makes the figurines and video games; I own nothing but the plot, and even that is contestable. This was my first published attempt. Are there any glaring canon errors, major spelling mistakes, or grammatical devices that make you shudder?

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