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2 Tails versus Byakugan vs Sharingan

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Naruto releases the seconde tail and Neji and Hinata arrive

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy - Characters: Hinata,Naruto,Neji,Sasuke - Published: 2008-09-07 - Updated: 2008-09-07 - 285 words

"Sasuke, I will kill you!" yelled Naruto as the fog grew bigger and Naruto grew whiskers then the fog formed into another tail.
"What the." murmured Sasuke as he felt a pain in his eyes, then they turned a reddish color then a comma appeared in one eye.
"Bring it on Naruto!" yelled Sasuke as he charged and jump into a handstand and kicked Naruto's body, then jumped back into a standing pose.
"Huh." gasped Sasuke as suddenly Naruto's wounds slowly healed back to normal.
"What is this power." murmured Sasuke standing watching Naruto heal.
"I am a demon aren't I." whispered Naruto, then Naruto charged at Sasuke and with all of his force hit Sasuke in the chest knocking him back into a building wich he broke threw and flew into the floor tiles in the building. Then two bodys appeared from ontop of the building then jumping off. The bodys had pure white eyes, then the one with the bronish black hair on the right swung a punch at Naruto and hit him right on the forehead.
"Huh, your tough." said Naruto as he coughed out blood, but then Naruto swooshed one his tails at the boy with the dark hair and sliced open his right arm.
"Neji, are you allright?" asked the girl with the purple hair.
"I hate you!" yelled the girl with the purple hair.
Then Sasuke stood up and dashed at Naruto with his Sharigan activated and yelled "Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique)!" and then threw wire trapping Naruto against the wall and then fire came out of Sasuke's mouth and put the wire on fire heading towards Naruto then catches on fire and the wire is released.
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