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to the rescue

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Robert could now see the loose cluster of figures in the middle of the cemetery. He saw that some of the Cyexians were wearing dark green uniforms, and he sensed they were military outfits, but from what realm was anybody’s guess. He figured Slash’s crew must have stolen them from some ship or another. He took in these details even as he caught a glimpse of Max’s last couple moves before he, too, was captured.

That’s my boy… he thought, but his moment of fatherly pride was short-lived, as he was torn between his son’s commendable spirit, and his entirely too impulsive approach. He raised one of his power rifles, aiming it at the leader, for even at a distance he was filled with a terrible certainty of who it was. If he wanted his son and Ron to live, he knew he could not afford to let her make the rules.

After all these years, he doubted she would just let bygones be bygones, yet now he truly feared that he had perhaps made a mistake in sparing her life all those years ago. That perhaps his brother was right, and he should have made an exception for her, since she could hit so close to home. Now she had a chance to seek revenge against him, and even drag Max into her vendetta while she was at it.

You made a big mistake taking my son… he thought darkly. He was afraid for Max, but also beside himself with rage. He aimed the other rifle at the Cyexian pinning Max.

He was about to make his move when one of the captives broke free.
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