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chapter one

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Dark and stormy night....Just like all those fairy tales..only this one's about to get worse o.0

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I'm apologizing for a few things first;

1. Sorry for spacing off this chapter
2. Sorry it's so short
3. If it sucks, message me and tell me! OR do a nice thing and just give me clues on how to make it better. ^_^

One dark and stormy night, two shadows appeared from a small, bright portal. They were running, seemingly from nothing, holding a small bundle wrapped up in their arms.
"Is he gone? Are we safe?" the younger of the two asked the other, wiping its' face with the sleeve of the cloak surrounding its' body.
"I don't know, my Precious. We must only hope. Now, is she still sleeping?" the oldest answered.
The younger pulled back the hem of the cloth that covered the sleeping baby girls' face, to see that she was indeed still asleep.
"Yes. But what do we do with her? We cannot run forever, Demetrie. He will catch us some how, and our little princess will be doomed."
Demetrie thought, and soon came up with a plan. "We will give her to a normal family. Fill them in on details, and pray they keep her safe."
"But we can't just give her away!" the younger replied, shocked. "Isn't there some one we know?"
"Yes. But I don't know where he is."
"Then let us search for him! Any thing for our little darling."
Demetrie nodded, slowly. "Yes, find him we will. But for now we must find a place safe enough for her to stay."
"The orphanage, that's the place! She will be safe there, I'm sure of it."
"Yes, that's the place. But where is this 'Orphanage' located?"
"Come. I will show you."
Demetrie followed, quickly discussing the plans for finding their one true guardian. Soon they arrived at the orphanage, a dark and gloomy looking place.
"Are you sure? It looks too dark and scary." Demetrie argued.
"Look, Demetrie. He will never look in such a place as this. Why would He, for this is surely evil to look at. Come, we will place her on the steps and ring the bell."
They walked up to the steps and placed the little one on the steps. Demetrie watched as his partner placed a name tag on the purple bundle, and rang the doorbell. They both hid behind the bushes, awaiting the door to open.
An elderly woman answered the door. "Hello? Who's there? Hel- Oh my! Henry, oh Henry! Come quick!"
"What is it, Rose?" An older looking gentleman appeared next to the woman. In one quick look, Demetrie knew. This was no orphanage. He listened closely, hoping they would take the baby in any way.
"Well, what do we do with it?"
"Oh Henry, we'll keep it of course! I've always wanted a child."
"Hmph! Well I'll be darned. Ask God for a baby you get a baby! I hope you're happy. Of course we'll keep it."
"Oh, don't call it an it! I'm sure there's a name some where..." Rose examined the bundle and soon found the name tag. She gasped.
"What? What is it? Is there a name? What?" Henry pressed, bending down carefully to get a look.
" 'To who ever takes in this bundle of joy, her name is Annabelle. Take good care of her, always.' Oh Henry, I feel so horrible! Yet so happy." Rose said, sniffling.
"Well, a lot of good it'll do, keeping her in the rain. Let's take her on upstairs an' what not."
Rose picked up Annabelle and quietly shut the door. Demetrie looked to his left. "I hope we did the right thing, Aeowen."
Amelia looked to Demetrie and smiled weakly. "We did. Trust me."
Up above them there was a thunderous boom, and a bright strike of lightning. "Quickly now, Aeowen. We must get back to the portal, and fast!"

Demetrie and Aeowen hurried back the way they came, completely sure of their decision, and not knowing whether or not they would be welcomed back alive to their once so beautiful kingdom, where darkness now lurked in every alley and building. Far away, in the castle covered in darkness and evil, the sorceress screamed a terrible sound, causing any one that heard it to turn to stone. Demetrie and Aeowen were sure no one had seen them. But in a small dark corner across the street from Henry and Rose, a small boy of about 2 or 3, watched quietly, with curious eyes.
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