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Evil Beings and Beautiful Voices

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So a new character enters. Plus Annabelle's "parents". Just for a little bit. READ!

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12:00 a.m.
Annabelle's P.O.V

I finally stopped crying. After about 6 very long hours I cannot cry any more tears. I looked up from where I was sitting, and just looked around for some sort of life. Not even the sound of cars on the freeway behind me made a single noise in my ears. I slowly got up, my lower half of my body already numb from sitting too long in one place, and walked towards home. On the way there I thought.

Why would they do some thing like that, all because of Frank's birthday? I'm not even that fun to hang around most of the time..Or am I? I don't know. But I'm never forgiving any of them for that. EVER. Never ever again will I hang out with them...Well, maybe Gerard--NO! Gerard helped too, you moron, so therefore he gets punished too! Stupid cock sucking bastard had to help Frank and Ray and Bob and BERT. You know what? I've just decided that I hate that kid. I hope he falls in a pit and dies..Or at least rots in Hell. That would serve him right. Great. Just fucking great! I have no friends now. What shall I do? Well I could befriend Mikey..But that would be weird. He'd probably just annoy me, or flip me the birdie, or just plain ignore me! Grr, life sucks now. Maybe I should go fall and die in a pit. Yes, thats what I'll do. No, I can't just leave Rosie and Harold all alone. They need me to take care of them. I wish I knew who my real parents were. That way I'd be gone by now.

I heard my parents left me on the doorsteps of Rosie and Harold when I was just a few months old. Left on the doorstep of an elderly couple in Belleville New Jersey. The most dangerous city I've ever been to. And now I'm left to walk the streets alone. I hope I get home this time. Last time I got lost.

A bright light stopped me dead in my tracks. Up ahead, in the middle of the deserted street, a bright, what appeared to be, portal was just floating there! I walked a little faster to see what it was, and then dodged behind a bunch of trash cans when some thing came out of it. What the fuck? I thought as, what looked like, a man stepped into the dimly lit street and headed off. Towards my home. I watched in amazement as the portal quickly evaporated into thin air, and then followed the man, who was by now half way down my street. And then he did the unthinkable. He walked right into my house! Now I was running, having no clue who the hell just walked into my house, and tried to get there in time before he like, killed them or some thing. What I found was nothing like I had imagined.

I opened the door....and my house was in ruins. Literally. The furniture was upturned, the pictures on the wall were broken and shattered everywhere. The stairs were broken and cracked, and from upstairs...came a great, big, scream.

"Rosie!" I screamed. I ran up the stairs, just barely avoiding the holes, and burst into my 'parents' room. There, by the window, was that man. Holding my dear Rosie by the throat, half way out the window. He wasn't looking at me, so I stayed silent as I listened to what he was saying.

"Now, tell me where the girl is and I won't kill you."

"I d-don't k-know where she is!"

"Oh really now? And where was the last place you saw her?"

Don't say Frank's, don't say Frank's, DON'T SAY FRANK'S!!

"I think--no, she was at the park. With her friends."

I heard Rosie gurgle a scream as he tightened his grip."LIAR!"

"No! No! I'm telling the truth!" she strained as he held her further out the window. I wanted to scream and kill that man right there where he was standing, but I didn't have a weapon. I looked around the room and didn't see anything. I quietly tip-toed backwards towards the door, so I could go to the kitchen and grab a knife. Or even the gun Harold kept in the cellar. As I backed up, my foot hit a piece of wood. I saw the man stiffen, and then I ran. There was crashing behind me,and screaming from Rosie, and I wanted so desperately to turn back. But I didn't. I couldn't. Not with him right behind me.

I ran downstairs and straight to the kitchen, and looked around desperately for something--anything--that would help me. I didn't find anything, because as soon as I stopped running, I was yanked backwards and pinned to a wall. By that man.

"So, it is here that I find you, dear Annabelle." He said it with such an English accent that I didn't here barely anything apart from my name.

"Who are you." I said through gritted teeth.

"Me? I am Count Marilyn DeVinowski Engorgio Manson.But you may call me Sir Marilyn. I have come here to take you back to my Kingdom."

"Really? And what do you plan to do then?" I was afraid of his answer as soon as he said it.

"Why, I will take your hand in marriage, of course!"

"Marriage?! I'm too young! Ugh, you creep, get away from me!"

He looked taken back, and before I knew it he had slapped me across the face. "Don't EVER speak to me like that. EVER! Now, you'll be a good little Princess and come with me, without a single sound. You hear?"

I looked at him like he was crazy. "And why would I come with you? I think you'd better back off bitch before I hurt you. You hear?"

This time he back handed me. It stung like a great big bitch. "I'm only going to tell you thing ONE MORE TIME: You come with me quietly and willing, or I shall be forced to take you with force."

I looked around the room for some thing nice and sharp, and my eyes settled on a large butcher knife right behind me. No, I didn't literally look behind me. I just know it was there because it always is. Alright, this is it. I had better use those skills Rosie taught me, or else I'm doomed. Seductive innocent little girl, here I come!

A smile played on my lips. "Force, huh? I like force." I reached up and placed a hand on his chest. I felt him shudder underneath my touch, and I knew I was doing this right.

"Yes. Force."

"You know, they say you can get a woman to do anything, with just a little bit of force...But you have to do it just right."

He placed one hand on my hip and the other on the side of my face. "Well I really don't want to have to force you to do anything, Angel. I like a woman who listens."

I leaned closer and ran my left hand down his right leg, making sure to run it at the right angle, covering more space than needed. "What is it you want me to do again?" I almost whispered, standing on my toes and placing my lips by his left ear. I heard him groan and curse lightly under his breath.

"Just come with me, to my world, and be mine forever." He said huskily. I leaned into him and flipped my hair out of my face, and looked at him as I moved my right hand behind my back, unnoticed, and grabbed the knife in my hand.

"All you have to do is say the magic words, and I'm yours." I said seductively. He leaned forward, and barely pressed his lips to mine. Aww shit! THIS is how I wanted my first kiss to be! Damn evil men and their evil doings!!!

"What are you waiting for?" I whispered almost silently. Just as I wanted he pressed a little harder, fully covering my lips with his. I moved my mouth in rhythm with his, and when he nibbled at my bottom lip I granted him access. Shit this guy's good! Oh, I hope I can do this soon!

He placed the palm of his left hand on the middle of my back, pulling me closer until my body molded against his. I put my knife hand up and over his shoulder, and suddenly he lifted me up onto the table behind me. Oh God I can't do this!!!

As much as I loved this kiss, I had to do what I had to do. Before he knew it, I'm sure, I had him pinned to a different wall, with the sharp end of the blade right at his gut. I glared him in the eye. He groaned.

"Must you ruin it? What now, you think you can kill me? I'd like to see you try."

And try I did. I knifed him, good and deep, and I felt the warm liquid run down the handle of the knife and onto my hand. His eyes literally bulged and then he fell, limp cold and lifeless, at my feet. Only this wasn't the Count. This was some other man, far younger and not quite as handsome.

"You haven't seen the last of me yet, Princess." a voice whispered in the air.

As soon as I felt that certain presence leave, I dropped the knife and ran upstairs. Only this was very strange. And it wasn't like it was before. Both Rosie and Harold were sleeping soundly on the bed which, just recently, had been thrown across the room just minutes ago. I was deeply confused now. But nevertheless I walked out of the room and shut the door. Just to prove I wasn't dreaming I ran to the end of the hallway and looked down. Everything was put back in it's original place. There was no broken glass, no nothing. Not even the dead body. Now I was freaked out. All the fear and anger came crashing down on me, and I quickly ran next door to Gerard's house, instantly forgetting that I was still utterly pissed at him. I ran up to the front door and banged on it. Of course, Gerard answered it.

"Belle? What's wro--"

He didn't get to finish his sentence, as I suddenly fell into his arms crying like someone who has just done the unthinkable. Some one like me.

Probably not wanting the neighbors to wake up, he picked me up and carried me into his bedroom, shutting and locking the door, and set me down on his bed. He then sat down next to me and held me, whispering words like "what's wrong" and "tell me please" and "I'm still here for you". I only continued to cry. After what seemed like hours, I finally stopped. And looked up at Gerard.

"Are you ready to tell me now?"

I nodded. Suddenly the whole story came rushing out, starting from the time I went to Frank's to the time where I found everything at my house back to normal. He looked pretty freaked when I told him that I killed a guy,and then he disappeared. I expected questions to follow. And they did. So I answered them all. After another hour, we had everything cleared up.

"You know, you really hurt me, Gee." I looked down, not feeling like looking him in the eye anymore.

"How so? I was only helping Frankie out. You can't blame me for that."

"Yes, I can. Because you're stupid little prank caused me to freeze out in the cold and cry my heart out! You think that's funny?! You stupid jerk!" I stood up, preparing myself to leave, when Gerard grabbed my arm and sat me back down on the bed.

"Listen. I didn't mean to scare you, alright? I don't find that funny that you almost froze to death, OR that you cried your heart out. But, why did you cry your heart out?"

I tried very hard not to start crying again. "Because...That was my first kiss. Frank was my first, and it was wasted. It wasn't sweet, like I expected it to be. No. It was fierce and cruel, and I hated it! And its all your guys' stupid fault that I want to die now. And I'll never forgive you for it."

He looked down. "T-that was your first? Oh Anna I'm so sorry!" and then he started to cry. Real tears, not the fake ones that he usually does. So I simply held him until he calmed down a bit.

"I-I feel so, s-so horrible! I thought you'd kissed a guy before, and that you would laugh after wards! I'm so sorry, Anna, so very very sorry!"

"Shh, its OK Gerard. I forgive you now. Don't cry, please don't cry. It'll make me cry!"

He began to sniffle, in an attempt to stop crying. It looked really funny, and I started laughing really hard.

"What, you think that's funny? You're just cruel." He crossed his arms and looked away from me. I laughed even harder at his drama queen-ness and ended up on the floor, almost suffocating from laughter.

Gerard suddenly picked me up and put me back on the bed and looked me in the eyes. Oh God, your eyes Gerard. They make me want to kiss you and--STOP IT!!! I do NOT have feelings for Gerard, I do NOT have feelings for Gerard, I DO NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR GERARD!!!

"Please stop laughing. It hurts my feelings."

"Aw, I'm sorry. I just thought it was kinda funny how your face screwed up in a twist and you kept on sniffling. I'll stop now, I'm sorry."

He smiled. "It's OK. Do you want to stay over? I mean, what if he comes back? I want you to be safe."

"Sure. But where will I sleep? You don't have any room."

He looked around his room, then stood up. "You can sleep with me! It'll be fun. Just like a sleep over!" He clapped his hands like a little kid and jumped back on the bed. "But you have to be real nice, otherwise I'll make you sleep on the floor. OK?"

"OK." I nodded and then proceeded to climb in underneath his covers and curled up. I soon felt the bed tip and his warm body was next to mine. Don't have girlie dreams, don't have girlie fantasies!

"Thanks, Gerard. For everything."

He wrapped his arm around me. "Your welcome."

"Hey Gee?"


"Will you sing me that song you wrote?

"You mean Don't Give Up?"


"Sure thing, sweet heart."


"Everything is all a lie
No matter how much they tell you
People screamin' everywhere
Better wake, or they'll surely get you
Just ignore the pain inside
No matter what they tell you
Everything is just a lie
With a key (locked up inside)

Don't, give up inside this place
Everything seductivly placed
Don't give up inside ths place
You will find your own way

Everything is all a dream
No matter how real it seams to you
People running everywhere
Better leave, or they'll surely kill you
Just ignore the suffering
No matter how real it seams
Everything is just a dream
In a room where no one(hears you scream)

Don't, give up inside this place
Everything seductivly placed
Don't, give up inside this place
You will will always find your own way

Don't, give up inside this place
You will fight your way through the flames
Don't, give up inside this place
Everything will end up the same

Give up
Loose hope

I listened to my friends beautiful voice sing my song, and I slowly drifted off to sleep. I was only vaguely aware as he kissed the top of my head and whispered "Good night, Bells."
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