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Are You Really Happy? - Sept 8

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Two years later....

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“Gee, did you straighten up Rush’s room?”
Gerard, who was sitting on the floor with his baby son, cringed at Monica’s question. He had meant to pick up all the toys but when he and Rush had arrived in the room they’d sat down to play with the colorful plastic building blocks instead. He looked over at the toddler and grinned. “Oh no. Man, we are in trouble.” Rush gave his daddy a huge smile. Gerard turned as he heard Monica’s steps coming down the hall.
Monica arrived at the doorway and frowned. “Gee, everyone is going to be arriving soon. I could really use some help.”
Gerard stood. “Rush and I got distracted. I’ll get this room straightened up and we’ll be right down.”
“No, you’ll be right down.” Monica corrected him. “Rush needs to take a nap or he’ll be cranky later.”
“I suppose.” Gerard agreed unhappily. “But everyone else is bringing their kids. I don’t want Rush to miss out.”
Monica sighed. “You came upstairs to straighten up the room and put Rush down for a nap. That was over a half hour ago. If you’d done what you were supposed to do he’d already be sleeping. As it is, he’ll just have to see everyone when he wakes up.” She turned to leave.
“Monica.” Gerard said softly.
“What?” She turned back around to face him.
“What’s wrong?”
Monica sighed again. “Nothing’s wrong. Why?”
Gerard took a few steps towards her. “You just don’t seem very happy lately.”
“I’m happy, Gee.” Monica answered. “Now, please get this room picked up and get Rush down for his nap. I’ve got to check and make sure Kelly and Elle straightened up their rooms.” She left quickly before he could say anything more.
“Time to pick up the toys.” Gerard said looking down at his son. He smiled as Rush picked up the blocks one at a time and placed them in the huge toy box. When all the toys, which had been scattered around the room, were in place Gerard picked up Rush and walked towards his toddler Star Wars spaceship bed.
“Noooo.” Rush began to shake his little head and cry.
Gerard set him on the bed and pushed his soft blond hair from his eyes. “Hey, you gotta take a nap. Later lots of people are gonna be here and you’ll get to play.” Rush still looked unhappy. “Hey, Maddy and Joe are gonna be here. And Ryan and Chloe. You wanna play with them, right?” He thought that mentioning the rest of the guy’s kids might make his son happy.
Rush nodded slowly but his bottom lip still trembled. “Nooo tyrod.”
Gerard felt bad for the little guy. It was hard to be expected to take a nap when so many things were going on. “How about if I lay down with you?” This usually seemed to work. He would bend himself into an uncomfortable position on the bed and lay with Rush until he fell asleep. Lucky Rush agreed.
Soon they were both lying down and Rush slowly closed his eyes as Gerard watched. He smiled with love at his son once more thankful that he and Monica had been given the chance to adopt him. Rush had brought so much happiness into all of their lives. Slowly however his smile slipped. He thought about Monica and couldn’t help but think something was wrong whether she would admit it or not. Over the past month things between them had changed. She seemed withdrawn. Maybe it was because he’d been forced to spend so much time away from home. Recording the new album had caused a lot of stress for all the band members. They’d tried to do most of the recording in New York but the distraction of having family so close had proven impossible. They had finally all agreed to finish up the album in California. Not at the Paramour, none of the guys ever wanted to go there again, but at another studio. The last two months he’d been gone most of the time only returning home for brief visits. Had it been too hard for Monica to take care of things here at home? She’d never complained about it but he knew from experience she wouldn’t have even if things had been difficult for her. He also felt guilty about all the time he’d spent working on his comic. He’d been so amazed that The Umbrella Academy had been so well received by the comic world. The second series had also met with acclaim and now they were all about to celebrate the release of the movie based on his creation. Things in his life couldn’t be any better and yet he could just feel something was wrong. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to remember the last time he and Monica had spent time alone. It seemed forever. Maybe that’s what they needed he thought. He decided that before the group took off on tour in support of the new album he would find a way to take Monica on that trip he’d promised her before they married. He was sure his mom and dad would be happy to watch the kids.
“Gee” Monica whispered.
His eyes popped open. He hadn’t heard her come into the room.
“Hey.” He whispered back. He got up very slowly so that Rush, who had fallen asleep, wouldn’t wake. He and Monica tiptoed out of the room. Once in the hall away from the door she spoke.
“I have to get back down to the kitchen and help Kelly. Can you make sure Elle finishes cleaning her room?” Monica asked.
Gerard reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her to a stop. “I love you.” He said suddenly feeling a need to say the words.
Monica smiled, “I love you, too. Why are we telling each other this?”
He pulled her into his arms. “Just felt like it.” He said leaning down and softly kissing her lips. A moment later he felt Monica pull away.
“Everyone will be here in less than an hour. Tell Elle as soon as she finishes her room she needs to take Frank outside for a bit. He needs his exercise.”
Gerard laughed, “Yeah, Frank has put on a few pounds.”
“More than a few.” Monica said rolling her eyes.
“So are Bob and Kara gonna check into their hotel first or just come here?”
“They are staying with Mikey and Alicia.” Monica told him.
“Really? Mikey didn’t tell me.” Gerard had just talked with his brother yesterday.
“I was surprised too.” Monica admitted. “But they do have plenty of room.” Mikey and Alicia had purchased their first house soon after their son Ryan had been born.
Monica started for the stairs but Gerard spoke stopping her. “Hey, you sure everything is okay?”
“Gee, stop asking that.” Monica said sounding annoyed. “Everything is fine.”
He looked into her eyes wishing he could believe her.

“Ray where did you put Chloe’s shoes?” Christa called out from the kitchen.
Ray sat down his guitar and walked towards the sound of her voice. Entering the kitchen he saw Christa rushing around trying to get things ready so they could head over to Monica and Gerard’s.
“I washed the mud off them and set them out on the patio to dry.” Ray answered. Chloe had been playing in the backyard earlier and had found a mud puddle.
Christa nodded and went pack to packing up the potato salad and baked beans she’d made to take to the party.
Ray walked over to her and put his arms around her as she stood with her back to him. “Babe, gonna tell me what’s wrong?”
Christa sighed, “How can you always tell?”
Ray gently turned her around to face him. “That something is wrong?”
She nodded, “Yeah.”
“Just can.” He said softly. “Now what’s bothering you?”
“I think I’m pregnant.” Christa blurted out.
Ray stared at her. Her words had shocked him. “But we’ve been taking precautions.”
“Yeah, I know.” Christa said moving away from him. “I knew you’d be upset.” She walked over to the patio and opened the sliding glass door. Before she could step outside Ray crossed the kitchen and pulled her into his arms.
“Babe, I’m not upset. Just surprised. Hell, I was surprised the first time why should this time be any different?”
Christa blinked back tears. “I know we both wanted to wait at least another year before having another baby.”
Ray laughed, “Hey, ever think that it’s a sign? That we’re supposed to have another baby now instead of waiting?”
“But I’ve just started my business.” Christa’s voice trembled. Six months ago she had quit her job and launched her own Internet business. She was doing the same work as before but owning her own business had always been a dream of hers. “How am I gonna handle everything? You’re gonna be gone on tour. There’s Chloe to take care of…” Her voice trailed off.
Ray looked into her eyes, “We’ll find a way. If you’re pregnant we’ll find a way.”
“Pretty sure I am.” Christa said.
He thought a moment. “Look I’m gonna run down to the store and get a home pregnancy test.”
Christa wiped her eyes, “But we’re supposed to be at Gerard and Monica’s soon.”
“We’ll just be a little late.” He smiled, “Come on. Don’t you want to know for sure?”
His enthusiasm touched her heart. “Yeah, I do wanna know for sure.”
Ray nodded, “Okay then. I’ll be right back.” He grabbed his car keys off the table and headed towards the door.
“Ray?” Christa called out.
“Yeah, Babe.” He turned to look at her.
“If I am, are you really happy?”
He smiled, “Babe, yeah. I’m happy about it.”

AUTHORS NOTE: I have really missed writing this story. Hope you all enjoy this 7 chapter "update". It's two years afer the wedding and there have been some changes. Still some things never change. Love you all - SanDee XOXO
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