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LOTR Meets Modern Combat

by kendog52361 2 reviews

I had a plot idea that wouldn't leave me alone and I had to write it. It may not be good, but it is how Middle Earth is different with Modern Equipment.

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King Théoden of Rohan and the Rohirram came over a hill over looking Minis Tirith, announcing their arrival with horns. The Orcs immediately were forming up to fight the Rohirram when they charged, but they just stood there.

"King Théoden, don't charge. Let us get them ready," spoke a young man wearing the Rohirric Armor, but had something else on his head.

"Very well, Jackson," replied King Théoden, though he doubted that they could do any good.

"Airhawk, this Groundpounder, authenticate Zulu, Tango, Hotel. Request a flight of Napalm on Orcs, Over."

"Airhawk copies, Groundpounder. Six 2000 pounds are inbound, ETA, 30 seconds."

King Théoden heard a loud roar that was getting louder when three strange objects flew overhead, each dropping two objects.

The Orcs, Gondorians, and Rohirram watched as the six objects hit the ground erupting in immense flame. Five more F-16Cs flew overhead, dropping 5000 lb. anti-personnel bombs, while fifteen AH-64D Apache Longbows flew in strafing and firing their 2.75 mm rockets. While all of this was going on, Army Rangers were clearing Minas Tirith of the Orcs.

Over near Mordor, a Delta Force team snatched Frodo and Sam from Mordor, flying over Mt. Doom to drop the Ring. After they were clear, they gave the go ahead for two B-29s to fly over and each dropped two 50 Megaton Naquadria Enhanced Nuclear Weapons completely destroying Mordor, the Orcs, and the Ring by the shear amount of heat and force.
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