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Explain That!

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Story about Hisoka sneaking around and Illumi rejecting his advances since they are in his parent's home. Gets caught by Silva.Now how will Illumi explain?(so wrong) Yaoi/Shounen Ai…OOC..

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Warning: Yaoi/Shounen Ai…Hisoka/Illumi

Disclaimer: If I owned hunter x hunter…it wouldn’t be called Hunter x Hunter, it would be called Hisoka x but I don’t..

Setting: Kukuru Mountain , Pakodia.

Action: Story about Hisoka sneaking around and Illumi rejecting his advances
since they are in his parent's home. Gets caught by Silva.Now how will Illumi
explain?(so wrong)

OOcness…oh and I think Ilumi he’s this total cry baby in this yeah…not my fault man Ilumi is the uke here and he should start acting like one!

Explain That!

“I told you Hisoka, I can’t leave the house now. I have to deal with family matters first. I promise I’ll meet up with you as soon as I can!” Ilumi said, wanting so badly to hang up on his lover, but craved to hear his voice once more.

“But Illu-chan...” Hisoka whined at the other end of the line.

“No buts, Hisoka.” Ilumi said sternly. “You know I want to see you but circumstances right now don’t allow me to do so.”

“What if I come over? Come on it’s been almost a month now since we’ve last seen each other,” Hisoka asked desperately.

“Very funny Hisoka, I’d kill you. Never ever even try to show up here at my place, what do you want my parents to think?”

“Would you really kill me?” Hisoka asked innocently.

“Yes.” Ilumi said but smiled and toyed around with the phone cord as he stood in the long empty underground corridor of the Zoaldyeck mansion.

“Alright then, come and kill me now.” Hisoka teased.

“What…What do you mean?” Ilumi asked confused.

“You heard me. You said it yourself; if I ever show up at your place you’d kill me. Then come right now and take my life.” Hisoka said mischievously.

Ilumi’s eyes widened and his grip on the phone tightened.

“You’re he…here?” Ilumi asked in shock.

“BINGO! and to be precise, next to a red haired girl. She wouldn’t tell me her name, but hehe she sure is tough with that pole of hers, she won’t even let me pass man and I’m thinking you better come up here before your family finds out I’m here.”

“Oh god, you’re with Kanaria, she wont let you pass no matter what, stay were you are I’m coming,” and with that Ilumi shut the phone an turned around to find the menacing appearance of his father.

“Explain that phone call Ilumi.” His father stood there, arms were crossed, determined green eyes looking straight at Ilumi’s black eyes. Ilumi remained silent, trying so hard to keep the expressionless face on, but inside he was all like shit shit shit I’ll kill you for this Hisoka.

“Who’s with that servant?” his father asked referring to Kanaria, and Ilumi came to the conclusion that his father has only heard Ilumi’s last sentence on the phone, because his father could have asked who was Hisoka if he had heard the conversation from the beginning, and in this case, he didn’t.

Ilumi didn’t really have to lie; he’ll just leave some facts untold.

“He’s one of my clients, wouldn’t send the money to the account, but insisted on handing it to me personally. I didn’t see any harm in that since he was really stubborn about it,” Ilumi said matter-of-factly, and truthfully, Hisoka is his lover, but also a client, “and I told him I would meet up with him after I finish some business here, but he said that he’s already here, he had already passed the Gate of Trials, and was now standing with Kanaria, I guess he couldn’t wait. I’ve warned him though, not to come here, but he did.”

Silva eyed his son suspiciously, but then he smiled, “you know, you didn’t have to say all that. You could’ve just told me one of your clients came down here. That’s all. I was never into the reasons behind why things happen.”

Ilumi bit his lip, have I over reacted, “you did want an explanation, not just a simple reason.”

“Alright then, is he an important client? Or should I just send someone to kill him for trespassing,” his father asked indifferently.

“Yes he’s important; he has two million dollars for me, I’ll see him personally by your permission.”

“Ah, yes of course, your client, not mine. Alright go to him but make sure he leaves the property soon, or I’ll come down there myself.” His father replied.

Ilumi nodded, and walked by his father. He walked down the corridor, and just before he made a turn his father asked him a question.

“What’s your client’s name?”

Ilumi turned around, “Hisoka,” and then bit his lips because he just realized he shouldn’t have said it that way, as if he was just a friend. He should have said Hisoka’s last name, or Mr. Hisoka, or something. Not a stupid plain Hisoka.

“Try explaining that then,” his father also picked up on Ilumi’s answer.

“We were partners in the Hunter exam; I sort of used him in my plan to get Killua back, you can say we’re past formalities, father.”

“I see, I hope it’s just formalities that you’ve passed.”

Ilumi’s eye only twitched at that statement, but it was too dark for his father to see it.

“Yes, father we only were partners, accomplices if it’s any better.”

“So troublesome, just leave Ilumi.” His father was obviously getting bored of Ilumi’s explanations.

Ilumi left his father’s eyesight, he walked at first to give his father the impression that he wasn’t anxious to meet the client, and when his father was out of earshot, he ran, through the corridors and hallways to get to one of the exists.

Fuck you Hisoka, for putting me through all of this and coming here. Ilumi thought as he ran out of one of the doors, the bright sunlight caused eyes to wince.

Did I pull it off? Was my father suspicious of anything? Thoughts raced in his head as he ran skillfully between the crowded trees and shrubs, jumping over logs and boulders when necessary, maintaining a high speed, he knew this place like the back of his hand. After what seemed like half an hour of running, Ilumi stepped out of the forest into a clearing.

He looked ahead and saw Kanaria, standing with her pole. Next to her was Hisoka, a huge bruise on his left cheek. Ilumi walked towards them indifferently, he didn’t know whether to kill Hisoka for putting him through this or to jump him and make out like animals right there. But he had to remain indifferent since Kanaria is there, and since they are in his family house, anyone could be watching.

“Kanaria you may leave now.” Ilumi told the red-head and watched her as she bowed and headed back to the servants’ quarter.

Then Ilumi looked at Hisoka who was smirking at him evilly.

“I could’ve passed by her if I wanted, but damn this girl can actually hit!” Hisoka said as he rubbed his bruised cheek. “She wouldn’t even let me pass that line, like her friggin life depended on it.”

“Yes, her life did depend on it. If she had let you pass I would have personally come down here and either kill her or knock her down” Hisoka was walking closer to Ilumi, ignoring what he’s saying, “…Hisoka what the hell are you doing?” Ilumi was cut off as Hisoka’s hand brushed up against Ilumi’s silky black hair.

“You had some twigs stuck on your hair from all that running in the forest. I wouldn’t want anything to ruin that beautiful hair of yours.” Hisoka said his hand still brushing through Ilumi’s hair even after the twigs have been removed. A few centimeters were separating them.

Ilumi slapped Hisoka’s hands away, “I told you not to come here you don’t understand how serious this is!” Ilumi said looking around him making sure no one was at sight.

“Quit being so paranoid,” Hisoka smiled at Ilumi.

“Hisoka do you realize that I am in so much trouble now! And you… you are in danger please my dad already knows you’re here, he thinks you’re a client, now please just leave.” Ilumi begged.

“Well I am a client, sort of, anyway I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t know the risks; I’m fully aware we’re both in trouble. But Ilumi…this distance between us… it’s driving me insane,” Hisoka confessed, “We see each other for a day, and then you disappear for a month! Goddamn it, I love you too much Ilumi, that it just hurts the second you leave it’s like I already miss you.” Hisoka kicked a stone and watched as it disappeared into the bushes, his eyes lowered to the ground, both his hands now in his pocket.

Ilumi turned around his back faced Hisoka. Hisoka was right, a month could pass by without seeing each other, and it’s all Ilumi’s fault. Well, his family’s fault but still Ilumi felt rather bad for driving Hisoka insane.

I want him as well, but how do I hide this from my family. I lust for him, for his touch, for his warm breathe on my skin…thoughts trailed in Ilumi’s head.

“Our love is stronger than any of this Ilumi,” Hisoka said as he walked up to Ilumi who still had his back turned. Hisoka then slipped his arms around Ilumi’s slick waist.
Ilumi tensed up, blushing real hard as Hisoka’s warm lips traced the back of his neck, up to his ears.

“Don’t embarrass me,” Hisoka whispered serenely in Ilumi’s ears.

What are you talking about, you’re embarrassing me! Ilumi thought.

Ilumi then quickly freed himself from Hisoka’s arms, I can’t take this anymore, I can’t hold back.

“Come with me,” Ilumi said turning around to face Hisoka as he took his hand, “I know a place, I used to go there when I was a kid…I don’t think anyone ever goes there. We’ll go there together.”

“I knew it! You couldn’t resist me! I am too sexy.” Hisoka smiled as he walked with Ilumi.

“Shut up or I’ll change my mind.” Ilumi threatened but now walked into the bushes to get to the private place he knows off.

They were halfway there when Silva appeared in front of them, his hands crossed. Ilumi and Hisoka stopped walking, both standing awkwardly in front of the menacing appearance of Ilumi’s father.

“Alright, explain that Ilumi.” His father said as he motioned to Ilumi’s hand, which was holding Hisoka’s hand. Ilumi quickly let go of Hisoka’s hand.

Ilumi had to think of something quick, Hisoka remained silent.

“Uh…he doesn’t know how to get back. So, I had to take his hand and lead him to the gate.” As lame as the excuse sounded, it was the only one that came to Ilumi’s head at them time.

“Sorry if I have caused any trouble, but I wanted to meet up with my client personally. He has done a great job for me, and it wouldn’t be a pleasant thing if I just send him the money. I have to give it to him personally. And now that I have, I sort of lost my way back to the gate and he decided to help me out.” Hisoka explained even more to validate Ilumi’s excuse, he knew all about Ilumi telling his father that Hisoka was just a client who came here to meet up with Ilumi personally. Two can play this game, Hisoka thought.

“I see…well that’s fine with me you guys overreacted. As if you were trying to hide something,” his father stated and the two men laughed awkwardly.

“Ha ha I was just nervous; I thought I was going to be killed.” Hisoka said rubbing the back of his head.

“You were a great deal of help to my son Ilumi back in the hunter exam, that’s what he told me. Why would I kill you? Unless of course you were a target, other than that, I have no reason to kill you.” Silva said honestly.

“Alright then father, if you may I want to show Hisoka to the gate.” Ilumi wanted to end the conversation going on between his father and lover.

“Ah sure…I’ve held you,” Silva said as Ilumi motioned to Hisoka to follow him, “Oh and by the way Ilumi, the gate is in the opposite direction.”

Ilumi froze and his eyes widened, shit! I have been going in the wrong direction to take Hisoka were I used to go as a kid.

“Right,” Ilumi said as he turned around the other direction, “this way Hisoka.”

Silva left them, and Ilumi stopped a bit as soon as he couldn’t sense his father’s aura anymore.

“Uh…Hisoka thanks for helping me out there,” Ilumi said his face lowered to the ground.

“Anything for you,” Hisoka reached out to Ilumi’s chin and lifted it up, so that Ilumi faced him, big saucer-like black eyes interlocking with Hisoka’s mesmerizing eyes. “But, are you really going to show me to the gate? What about that place of yours that no one knows about?”

“I guess I have no other option, you must leave, I can’t really take you to that secret place now. My father is already very suspicious.” Ilumi forced the words out, but his eyes told another story. He was standing there, between the trees, his face lifted by his lover, eyes interlocked. Why is it? Why is it that I feel guilty about everything when it comes to him? Why is it that I put up with him? Why do I lie to my own father because of him? I truly love him, and it just came to me that maybe I just love him more than this family of mine, Ilumi thought and tears started to form at the corner of his eyes. So, this is what’s it like to be in love, Ilumi thought as the tears ran down his cheek. Every time I look in his eyes and tell him we can’t do this, I feel as if, my heart shatters to pieces.

“Please don’t cry, I don’t want to see my Ilumi in pain. I promise I’ll leave if I’m causing you trouble, just don’t cry.” Hisoka said wanting to hug Ilumi, but didn’t since he feared someone may be watching, he also removed his hand from Ilumi’s chin, and walked away. “Look I know my own way back out of here, I promise I wont come back here and I won’t cause you any trouble again but um…I’m just glad I saw you. Now you just go back home and you know…go back to that family matter of yours.” The words also just slipped out of Hisoka’s mouth as he turned away, he wanted more than anything to keep Ilumi to himself, but Hisoka knows that Ilumi’s first priority would be his family, that’s what they agreed on in the beginning. Hisoka’s first priority on the other hand, was Ilumi. And it hurt Hisoka so much to just walk away but he had to, it’s for the best. He didn’t want to see Ilumi hurt because of him.

These words Hisoka has just said hit the final limit to Ilumi’s saneness and Ilumi grabbed Hisoka’s arm as he walked away. Hisoka was still turned around, his back facing Ilumi, his face lowered to the ground, he didn’t want to look in his lover’s eyes or he’d be mesmerized by their endless blackness and then he would try to lure him into defying his family again.

Ilumi swallowed his pride and finally said his actual thoughts this time.

“I can’t take this anymore Hisoka! I want you, I want you now. Right here, right now. I don’t care if my father catches me, I don’t care if he kicks me out. I just want to be with you. You matter more to me than he does, or any of these people.” He breathed deeply, and he let go of Hisoka’s arm. Hisoka turned around to find Ilumi sitting on the floor, hands on the dirt, and his eyes were just blinded with genuine tears.

This was the first time Ilumi ever cried, Hisoka thought as he crouched down beside his lover. He wrapped his arms around the delicate body of his lover whose face was now soaked in tears.

“You can cry as much as you want Ilumi, I’ll just be here for you.” Hisoka said tightening his hug as Ilumi buried his face in Hisoka’s chest, drenching the shirt with tears.

All the tears that were bottled up through all these years finally found their way out, Hisoka slowly and gently ran his hand through the back of Ilumi’s hair to comfort him.

“I love you,” a faint sound between sobs was heard from Ilumi.

“I know. I love you too. ” Hisoka said letting Ilumi soak up his chest with tears.

“You know you should stop crying,” Hisoka tried. He didn’t like it when his lover cried, but, he was there for him.

“Hisoka…I’m sorry but when its’ about you. I just can’t stop the tears, they just come.” Ilumi said between sobs and running tears.

Hisoka couldn’t take it anymore, he didn’t want Ilumi to cry in his arms, he didn’t want to see his lover in pain and not do anything about it, especially if he was crying about something Hisoka did.

Hisoka pulled back a bit, and removed his arms from around Ilumi and held both his lover’s cheeks with his hands. Ilumi stared at him, tears still running down his eyes. Hisoka then leaned forward and closed the distance with a tender kiss on Ilumi’s lips. After what seemed an eternity of the one chaste kiss, Hisoka pulled away and saw that Ilumi stopped crying, his eyes wide in shock. Hisoka smiled to find that his lover had stopped crying.

“I thought you couldn’t stop crying.” Hisoka teased as he wiped off the remaining tears from Ilumi’s eyes.

“Hisoka…” Ilumi trailed off but was cut off as he heard the sound of fallen leaves getting crushed from behind them. Ilumi turned around and Hisoka looked back to see the menacing appearance of the man with silver locks. Who looked twice as scary since he appeared so tall from their position on the ground.

Silva Zoaldyeck was standing there, arms crossed, green eyes glaring daggers at his son.


“We’re lovers father, how’s that for an explanation?”

The end

Alright I know…ending was rather I could’ve had them caught doing worse stuff but the hell with that lol its 4 30 am and I decided I wont go to sleep unless I finish this and well I know that Silva would probably kill Hisoka at first sight or something…you know he wouldn’t be THAT lenient with his son but the hell with that man this is for the sake of this fanfic!

Now incase you like this…and I highly doubt it loads of credit and appreciation goes to Lumi75! So yeah!


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