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Machi and Shei Nonoka, two different girls who share the same pain. Hisoka and Illumi, will Illumi ever give up to Hisoka's fairytale love? will he ever leave his family? Warnigs: Yaoi. Yuri. Au

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The Sun Also Shines At Night….
Hunter x Hunter fans
Before I start I have some warnings of things to come: Not as soon as the fanfic begins, but eventually.
-There WILL be Yaoi, and Yuri.
-Some swearing I suppose.
-Murder. Assassinations. The usual hunter x hunter good stuff. Death ( DUH) Hisoka, the Zoaldyecks and the Spiders what do you expect? Lol. Although I am not sure yet if I will make an important character die.
-hunter x Hunter belongs to Yoshihiro Togoshi-sensei. Even MY HISOKA Sadly belongs to him....sigh
-FastForward's room mates...
-any other anime doesn’t belong to me...
NOW ENJOY! And if there's anything you don’t get don’t sulk on it...just move on...Some things might not make sense right away. But in later chapters things will be explained! Anyways YAOI (and yuri)FOR LIFE!

Chapter 1
Whale Island

"Why are you doing this to me, Aunt Mito?!" Machi protested in anger. Mito remained calm at her fuming niece, and continued preparing dinner by cutting small slices of onion for the soup.

"Look," her aunt calmly said, her eyes still fixed on the chopping board before her," you are an excellent student and this school you are attending is just a waste of our money and your great potential sweetie..."

" ..But why wait all this time? I'm almost grade eleven now, just two more years left for me. Why change me now? What about all my friends?" Machi interrupted her aunt and kept on going, "I've been in this school my entire life, ever since kindergarten and all my friends expect to see me next year, now that there are only a few more weeks left for school to end."

"I know how you're feeling, trust me, but there's nothing I can do about it, your parents didn’t realize that this school was just a rip off and now that they've passed away its my job to make sure you get the best education, we have the money you know that, but I am not going to spend it on a school that doesn’t even have a proper science lab, or a gym. Come on Machi we both know that Zeto Grammar School is just a school that wasted your time and money." her aunt said now dropping the onions in the pan and stirring them around.

Machi was too irritated to have anything to say back. She knew her aunt was right, but why now? Now that Machi is already at the top of the social ladder at her school, that’s almost like her second home now. Things have been like a roller coaster ever since her parents died. It's not her aunt's fault, her aunt is doing a brilliant job as her legal guardian, it's just everything around Machi that’s messed up.

The kitchen was filled with silent tension as they both ate the dinner in silence. Machi was about to thank her aunt and retreat to her room, her sanctuary away from the world, when her aunt stood up and took her plate to the sink, then she walked over to Machi and placed a comforting hand on Machi's shoulder.

"Look I already registered you in your new school, and trust me you will make new friends easily. Sometimes change is good Machi, we all go through it someday and now is your time, you will thank me some day. I know what is good for you Machi and Stanispolous High School is good for you, one of the best high schools in the country Machi. Don’t worry its not filled with nerds and geeks, it's just another normal school but it has teachers who actually teach and high standard education."

Her aunt gave her a friendly pat on the back and left the kitchen without another word. Machi pondered her aunt's words, and her aunt was right.

To be honest Machi started to get a little bored with her school, even though it's all about wasting time and having fun. She did need a change, but how is she going to tell her friends, especially since her new school is situated four and a half hours away by sea and that Machi's new house for the upcoming two years is situated in the dorms of her new school's campus.

She's going to leave the peaceful quiet Whale Island by ship to the loud city of York. She's going to leave her fun Zeto Grammar School, to join the Stanispolous High School (SSH) of Yorkshin city. The most expensive school of that region, worthy of every Zenny* spent.
How was she going to tell her boy friend about this? Machi never liked long distance relationships and she wasn’t going to make an exception. She had to break up with Hanzo. But how would he handle it? He's too in love with Machi, she never loved him, matter of fact, she never loved anyone, not even her parents. Hanzo has fallen blindly in love with Machi, and she tried to explain to him that she just likes him a lot, but not love, it's not her fault she didn’t love any of her boy friends, she cant argue with her heart. But he was too blind to see where she was getting at. It's true what they say, love is blind.

She hated him at times, because he wouldn’t give her space, he would literally stalk her. He would call her every minute, and when her cell is off he would call her house, when he knows what her aunt's position is with her niece dating. He would literally cry if she doesn’t pick up or if she leaves him alone for some time. There was going to be an end to this sometime, and Machi thought that this was the perfect time to do it.

Machi stood up and emptied the remains of her dish into the bin; her aunt usually served more than what Machi could handle. Her aunt thought that Machi was too skinny, so she needed more nutrition. Machi was a little underweight, and pale, she wasn’t skinny. She had hazel eyes and blue shoulder-length hair.

Then Machi went to her room after turning off the kitchen lights, and the house lights were off by nine at night. The rule of this house was that the lights go off at this time on school nights.

Machi lives alone with her aunt, she's the only family member remaining, other than distant relatives whom Machi doesn’t know about. Machi was the only child her parents ever had, but she wasn’t particularly lonely, she had a lot of amazing friends on her side. Her parents passed away two years ago in their place of work. It was the Local Bank of Whale Island and her parents owned it. The entire place was bombed, they say it was a terrorist act, but why that bank in particular? Usually, terrorists would go for a place filled with civilians; there were only a few civilians in the Bank at the time of the bombing. Machi didn’t wonder about her parents' death as much it was faith, and she accepted it.

When Machi was informed about her parents' death, while she was attending school. She didn’t cry, matter of fact she felt no emotions at all. She just felt this hollowness, this void inside of her, something she couldn’t describe.

She was pulled aside from math class and was told, and then she was asked if she would like to take a few weeks off from school to mourn, but she declined and decided to go back to math class. That left a troubled look on her school's principal whose known Machi and her parents ever since they first registered her in this school. She didn't argue with Machi's decision, and left her standing in the hallway after a warming hug.

Machi went back to class and sat in her chair, and her friends asked her what that was about since they saw everything through the door window but they didn’t hear any of the conversation, she had said that her parents had died, but they thought she was kidding because she said it ever so nonchalantly. She wasn’t kidding, she was telling the truth, the lesson continued and Machi kept on solving mathematical problems and getting each one correct.

All she could think about, while answering the questions, that something's wrong with her. She didn’t know why she didn’t cry. She loved her parents. Or she thought she loved her parents. She loved being with them, they were the kind of parents who weren’t that over protective, they cared about Machi and her well-being at the same time and they were there when she needed them but why didn’t she cry? Why isn’t she the least bit sad? All these thoughts and questions ran through her head as she unconsciously solved the mathematical equations. Which were only a few since the teacher only gave them the equations because he saw the principal through the door window and now that she's gone there's no need for more equations.

Machi's life after her parents' death had been nothing but a series of highs and lows, good and the unfortunate bad. It was either like the best two years of her life, or the absolute worse.

In these past years, she had made the perfect friends, got drunk, went to awesome parties, and lived the life, not bad for a 16 year old. But the downs, was all that emotional pain she's been through, dealing with backstabbers and haters, people from her past, friends she abandoned, finding out about this moving to a new school thing, getting in trouble all the time and getting grounded all the time because of how strict her aunt is.

It was only around 9 at night and Machi never really obeyed any rules, let alone the house rules. No wonder she always got herself in trouble. She turned on her desk light and sat at her school desk.

Usually, she would wait an hour till her aunt was fully asleep so she could sneak out and meet up with her friends and go on a drinking adventure, or join some random party at someone's house.

Everyone in Whale Island knew everyone else in way or another, if you didn’t know this someone; you probably knew his brother, or his best friend. But she decided against sneaking out this time, she had a test first class tomorrow. Not that she needed to study or the sleep.
And plus, she still doesn’t know how to confront her friends about the news, so sneaking out wasn’t the best thing to do at the moment.

She looked around her room. Purple painted walls, black mahogany wooden bed, dresser and desk, and lilac velvet covers and matching curtains. She was rich, but she never thought much of it. She stared at her laptop in front of her, but she also decided against it, she wasn’t about to sign in on msn and talk to annoying people she didn’t want to talk to.

So she took her favorite fan fiction, all printed out. It was called roommates, by a writer nicknamed Fast Forward. Machi found this amazing fanfic at an online website and she fell in love. It's revolved around the anime Naruto, and it's based on Naruto and Sasuke in a gay relationship. Machi is in love with that fan fiction and she can't wait to finish it and move on to the sequel, Blood and Tears. She was a yaoi fangirl, she didn’t have any gay friends, but she would love to and she completely supports gay, she wasn’t gay herself though. She read a good sixty pages or so, she could’ve finished it, but she was too tired for some unknown reason, it was too early to be tired.

She put the fanfic back in her drawer, away from the sight of her aunt who tends to stride in on her, ignoring Machi's privacy. And she turned off her desk light, got off her desk and tucked herself in the velvet covers of her warm welcoming bed.

A few moments later, she was fully asleep, which is unusual since Machi never sleeps that early, and she never really sleeps right away as she gets in bed. She's a light sleeper; the serene sound of the swift winds outside her window can wake her up sometimes. This time she slept like she never slept before.

Meteor City

While Machi was sleeping, Shei Nonoka was walking along a gravel path as she surveyed the patio of the small residence of her target Asuma Akamatsu. She enjoyed the sound of the gravel getting crushed under her leather boots as she stepped forward.

Mr.Asuma was a man in his late sixties, a good man at heart, but that wasn’t any of Shei's business. She had to get the job done, kill the man. She was disappointed by the mission assigned, had Hisoka underestimated her skills, she was a professional hunter after all. In the end, the money was good, so whatever mission was assigned to her she'll accept as long as the pay is good.

She's going to make this quick, kill the man and leave. Shei bent down in front of the door of the house and expertly picked the lock with a lock-picking kit. Once the door clicked, she inched it open before standing and replacing her tools. She entered and closed the door behind her leaving it slightly ajar. Then she carefully took out her silencer gun from the side pocket on the jumper she wore and slowly paced towards Asuma's bedroom. She made sure that not even her own footsteps had any sounds. She is without any doubt an expert.

She had planned this on her way here, it wasn’t a difficult job. Matter of fact it was like a walk in the park for Shei. There was no thrill of the hunt, no excitement. She reached the man's bedroom which wasn’t that difficult to find. Since she was already told everything she needs to know to get the job done.

She didn’t know why Hisoka wanted a man this old dead, but she had a job and she wanted to get back in the game after a serious injury from a car crash that had her in the hospital for weeks.

She knew that the body wasn’t going to be found until at least a week later, this guy's house is in the middle of nowhere, on the outskirts of Meteor city. Nobody knew this guy; he had no family, just a daughter, who lives halfway across the world. He was alone in this world, and by the time they discover the body, any evidence suggesting Shei was ever there would be gone and even the bullet wouldn’t be retraceable, Shei's bullets were custom made and had no retraceable number on them, and she only had three custom made guns, all especially made for her. This silencer gun being one, a handgun for other-kill and-run jobs and a golden gun with the number thirteen engraved on it in roman numerals, it was her favorite handmade weapon and she called it her Bad Luck 13, made by her favorite illegal weapon manufacturer, Rippo. He gave it to her as a gift for her fourteenth birthday. She decided to only use it if she was on an exciting thrill-of-the-hunt-job, or if she was killing someone worthy enough to be shot down by one of her golden bullets. She had only used it once before, in her four year experience of assassination and thievery, she used it to kill her own brother on one of her missions, she knew it was her brother, the last known direct family member she ever knew she had.

Thirteen may be an unlucky number for some people, but for Shei, it’s the number that saved her life. It's when she was saved from life on the streets.

She used to be a homeless thirteen year old, not knowing who her parents were, living with unknown groups of homeless people, under various bridges. Until her savior, her boss, Hisoka, saved her from her miserable life on the streets. He was a cold heartless bastard when he took her, taking her just because of his own greed, but still, he took her, unlike her parents who just left her. He trained her, to become what she is now, a cold-hearted assassin.

Later on, when she was 15, she finds out she has a brother, who lived with a wealthy family, he knew he had a sister out there, they were twins, but apparently when they were given up for adoption by apparently her whore of a mother, the couple only wanted the brother, they didn’t want any girls, and Shei was sent to a foster home, she managed to escape when she was eleven after years of unhealthy diets and inhumane treatments.

Later on, she was assigned to murder the entire family who fostered her brother, and she gladly agreed, not that she had a choice. She could’ve just burned down the entire estate and watched them burn, but she decided she would kill each member personally, starting with the parents who didn’t want her just because she was a girl, who pathetically begged for their lives, and ending with her brother, who knew about her all these years and did nothing to get her back to him, she knew that because he told her, before she killed him using her Bad Luck 13 golden bullets.

She hated, and she loathed her brother more than anything else in the world. He had the life, he didn’t go through the hell she went through, and when she showed up at his room to take his like, he said that he had expected her, that he had known she was in a foster home and then on the streets. He also told her that he didn’t want to help her because he didn’t want to share any of this wealth with her, as he waved his arm across his room. She aimed her Bad Luck 13 Cat gun to his temple and mercilessly shot him down. And even after all that, she burned the entire house down, to make it look like they died because of the fire. She works for Hisoka.

Her thoughts down memory lane were interrupted as she heard a snore coming out from the bedroom.

She slowly turned the doorknob to Mr. Asuma's room, and she pocked her head inside first after letting herself in before letting the door shut behind her. She wore latex gloves, she didn’t want her fingerprints to be all over the place and risk exposure. She saw the old man sleeping soundly on his bed. She didn’t interrupt his sleep; she just walked over to his bed, ever so casually, and she was now standing on the side where he slept.

She aimed her silencer gun at the face of the sleeping man, one hand was tightly clasping the gun, and the other hand was inside the other jumper pocket.
And just before she pulled the trigger, Asuma's sleepy eyes opened, and the last thing he ever saw were the piercing emotionless silver eyes of his murderer.

* Zenny is the currency used in HxH world.
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