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Femininen Bonding

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(M/M slash) rated for future chapters. This is a story of unrequited love, and not always wanting what you have. Rayne Phelps may be unattainable but Edward Mason never said he didn't live with his...

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Femininen Bonding

"Mom! I'm home!" I called out in the general direction of the kitchen. That's where she always was when I got home from school and a response was not necessary.

Kara and I scampered up to my room. What can I say about my room? Compared to the rest of the house it was probably the most normal bit of paradise around. My mom deluded herself into thinking that she was Andy Warhol. She's a sweet lady but the love ends when you paint my bathroom fluorescent pink and green with swirls. And people wonder about why I'm gay. The rest of the house contained furniture that was probably more comfortable in the 60s than the 21st century. The living room was a deep purple with bits of light blue splashes strategically or in my personal opinion maniacally placed. Enough about the indignities forced on my young self Kara is trying to say something important I just know it.

"So...Ward let's gab." She began coming to sit cross legged on my bed. I took a deep breath and followed suit.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Why don't we start with what happened today at the diner. I don't have to have details I know you and Colin are closer than we could ever be but I think I might be able to help you here." She seemed sincere enough.

"I ....I ... I don't know what you mean? There's nothing to tell, honest." Sheesh can't a guy tell a lie without blushing.

"Can I be frank with you, Ward?" She blithely continued without bothering to let me answer. "You are a cutie. I've told you numerous times. You are the best friend a girl can have. You're loyal, caring, and totally selfless. All this to say, you are totally oblivious to the feelings of others."


"No don't interrupt me when I am talking about something serious. Don't you see he loves you? Every time you get that kicked puppy dog look he rushes to make it all better but you never appreciate it. I mean what's it going to take? Does he have to prostrate himself before you before you realize how much he cares and you going off about some..."

At this point I had to interrupt her. The girl was going mental. What the hell was she talking about?

"Kara, shut the fuck up! What the hell, woman. If you want to know what is going on I'll tell you. Christian kissed me and warned me off Rayne. Colin came in afterwards and I told him what happened and we left. That's all! Now quit with the amateur psychoanalysis. Sheesh!" I practically yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Oh...'she paused shocked by my outburst before her eyes bugged out and she screeched, 'YOU KISSED CHRISTIAN HOLT!" She's a quick study!

"SHHHHHH! Moron, I don't want the world to know." I clamped my hand over her gaping mouth. She nodded stunned into silence.

As Kara seemed to be digesting every thing I had just told her I fidgeted with my comforter totally uneasy with the rare silence in her presence. I worried about what she would say next.

"Did you like it?" She practically whispered leaning in close. Some how I knew she would get to the crux of the matter as Colin could never being so hetero.

"Yes." I mumbled barely audible.

"What are you going to do next? I mean are you interested in him that way or is Rayne still your number one priority?" Kara settled back against the wall completely at ease now that she knew what was going on.

"I don't know what to think. I never thought of him that way he was always so scary and just generally in the way." I worried my bottom lip with my teeth agonizing over my feelings. I mean it wasn't like Rayne would ever notice me and if there was someone interested in me why not try and see what could come of it.

"I think you should go for it. Who knows this might just be the thing to push Rayne over the line and get him to notice your existence." Kara mused getting excited as an idea began to form in her devious mind. "Yeah that's it! We'll do you up really good. You are already irresistible, all we have to do is get Christian to pay you some attention in Rayne's presence and the rest is history!" She giggled hysterically to herself.

I thought about what she said. I was still hesitant seeing as Christian didn't give me the feeling that there was any love involved, more like pain and humiliation though the kiss itself was nice enough. I brushed my finger tips across my lips again. My first kiss.

"Kara do you want to spend the night we could have a sleep over if your mom doesn't mind. I really appreciate you talking to me about this." I said ducking my head. I was kind of embarrassed to admit as much to her.

"Sure I'd love to! We can have popcorn and order pizza and drown ourselves in cotton candy pop and watch "Never been Kissed!" She squealed reverting to the indomitable Kara once again with too much energy. She bounced off the bed and raced down stairs to call home. Well that's done can't take it back best get ready for a night of girl bonding
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