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I lay in bed thinking.....
Why me?
Why did she do it?
Why did I let her do it?
Why did he do it?
How did this happen?

The last question is easier to answer
so i will
We were at a party.
It started with just a few drinks
I stopped her after her fifth
Her boyfriend comes with his buds
Thats when it gets bad
He got his buds to hold me back
while he gave her drink after drink after drink
I finally got her to leave
I instisted on driving
She wouldn't let me
She repeatedly told me she was fine
So I got in
We were going down the main street when we started to swurve
She straightened the car back up
I look over to make sure she is ok
She is passed out
I look ahead
Staring back at me is a set of headlights coming at us
Thats the last thing I see
I now lay in a hospital bed
Docters dont think im going to be here for very much longer
I look over at the person starring at me
I look into the eyes of my best friend
She didn't have a single scartch
She starts to cry all over again
I squeeze her hand and tell her to stop
that I'll be fine and that I will live forever
and when i get out of here we will celebrate
She lets out a much needed laugh
I let out a laugh of my own
The docter comes in and says he wants to do a lil check up
"I'll be back." she says rubbing her tear shreakn face
I didn't know that would be the last time I would see her
Shortly after the docter leaves once again I think to myself
I close my eyes a tear leaks from my eye
That's how my best friend the ine who did this to me found me
I don't blame her
That tear still going unlike my heart
I thought I was suppose to live forever!
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