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"Happy Birthday, Mikey!" |QUIKEY|ONESHOT|

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Quinn Allman from The Used gives Mikey Way a birthday present.

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Happy Birthday Mikey!

"My Chemical Romance saves the entire world with the music we play."
You're damn right with the Mikey.
Srsly, you and your band have made me who i am today.
Thank you.

And for the rest of you guysss.
Here's a little oneshot to keep you reading.

“Happy Birthday, Mikey.”

“Happy birthday, Mikes!” my older brother, Gerard said as he came bursting into my room. “Get up! Get up!”
“Mmugh.” I mumbled into my pillow.
“Mikey! You have presents to open!” he shouted before grabbing hold of my duvet and pulling it off me. I sat up straight and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
“I’m going to kill you.” I threatened, looking Gerard in the eye.
“He’s alive!” laughed Gerard, triumphant.
“You better get running.” he ran out the room, failing his arms around. I heard him thumping down the stairs. I rolled my eyes and got up slowly, stretching. I left the room and walked slowly down the hall to the top of the stairs.
“Gerardddd.” I shouted from the top before stepping onto the first step slowly. I walked down the rest of the stairs quickly and jumped the last two.
I arrived downstairs in my boxers to be greeted by a man I remember being briefly introduced to once or twice. I couldn’t remember his name but, damn. He was good looking. He had quite short blonde hair on top and brown underneath. His eyes were dark, chocolate brown. I looked him up and down and smiled. Unfortunately just looking him up and down was already having some kind of effect on me. I noticed Gerard sniggering at me.
“This Is Quinn.” Gerard introduced us, again.
“Hey,” smiled Quinn. I opened my mouth, trying to reply but the only thing that came out was a mere mumble. Quinn giggled. An actual giggle. I swear if it’s possible, I would’ve melted right there and then.
“Well, happy birthday Mikey.” he said before giving me and hug and whispering, ‘have fun’. In my ear. I grinned at Gerard and managed to mouth a ‘thanks’ before running back upstairs, followed by Quinn. I got to my room before Quinn did, I looked down and noticed a small bulge in my boxers, not yet big enough for Quinn to notice.
“So…” smiled Quinn, entering my room and sitting on the bed. “Apparently, I’m your birthday present.”
“Yeah.” I said, nervously. Quinn patted the bed next to him and I sat down. I looked into his eyes and smiled before he leant over and placed a hand on my leg, moving it up slowly. His hand rested right next to my crotch, occasionally squeezing my thigh a little.
Quinn placed his mouth over mine and flicked his tongue over my lips. I parted my lips slightly and his tongue found it’s way in, only after a couple of minutes, Quinn broke away and stood up. Pushing me back onto the bed so I was laying down. I re-positioned myself so I was lying with my head on the pillow. I watching Quinn closely as he got on the bed and lifted one leg over my waist, straddling me. He smirked and planted a few light pecks on my lips, pushing his fingertips into my thighs, the denim of his jeans firm against the pressure. Quinn wriggled on top of me, causing a lot of uncomfortable friction on my steadily growling member once Quinn had found a position he lay where my sharp, jutting pelvis bones weren’t digging into his skin and he could support himself while he gently pecked at my lips and smiled up at me. He positioned himself between my legs and held himself upright with his elbows on the bed, then leaned down and gently worked his mouth against mine.
Currently, with both our eyes lidded as we kissed gently, our lips making gentle, wet sounds as they pressed and pulled, Quinn’s hands behind my head and me pushing my hands upward into the curve of Quinn’s backside, the emotion was most certainly in high-tide.
I opened his mouth to accommodate Quinn’s tongue. He felt the taste bud-studded muscle enter inside and begin working against his own. I gave a firm squeeze on Quinn’s flesh before trailing up his back and under his shirt. The muscles of his back felt so strong, so firm; like two long, taught ropes beneath his skin. A sudden heat- a comfortable, thick heat- enveloped them as if someone had been delicately covered with a blanket. Tongues pushed farther into mouths, cheeks becoming sore from opening and closing.
And I could feel Quinn’s stiffness against my leg and I wanted it- wanted more than just awkward, sloppy fists in each others jeans and tongues in our mouths. With a groan, I flipped Quinn over so I was now on top of him. Teeth met teeth unromantically, animalistically. Breath flowed unevenly into one another’s mouths. Tiny groans and pants escaped our lips. I reached down between our meeting torsos and unhooked Quinn’s studded belt. Quinn imitated my movements and quickly discarded my boxers, the bulge that had been growing, now freed from the fabric holding it in. Quinn gasped into my mouth as I reached into his pants and pulled out the half-hard organ, exposing it to the cool air.
I broke the kiss and whispered down to Quinn.
“You’re the best birthday present of my life.”
“You haven’t seen anything yet.” he grinned, seductively before turning me over onto my back again. “So, how do you want to do this?” he almost purred in my ear.
“I’ll do it how ever you want to do it, babe.” I grinned.
“Get on all fours.” he demanded. I did as I was told and got on all fours. “Don’t worry, I have lube.” I heard him say. I half turned to look at him and nodded. “Tell me if this hurts too much.”
“Okay.” I said, closing my eyes. I heard the bottle of lube being opened and then being rubbed over my entrance. I felt a sharp pressure of Quinn pushing in his first finger in.
“Is that okay, babe?” he asked, while moving the finger around a little. I nodded, silently. “I’m going to put another finger in now.” he warned. I mumbled and felt the next finger being pushed in slowly. Quinn pulled and pushed the fingers in and out and then scissored them. “Almost done!” he laughed. “Right.” he paused and pulled his fingers out. I heard the bottle being opened again and I heard Quinn sigh as I guessed he was spreading the lube over his member. “Ready?”
“Yeah.” I replied.
“Okay,” I felt him press himself against me before thrusting forward gently. After a couple of minutes of slow thrusting I was stretched enough for Quinn to thrust, harder and faster. He reached his hand round to my member and began pumping it. I threw my head back and groaned.
Quinn adjusted his position and thrust in hard, hitting my ‘spot’ dead on. I moaned,
“Quinn!” I could hear Quinn grunting and moaning above me. “Hm. Hit the, the sp-” I was cut off by Quinn slamming into my prostate again. I groaned and gripped the sheets on the bed, sweat dripping from my forehead.
“Mikey…” Quinn moaned. “Almost…” moaned Quinn. “There…”
“Qui- mm…” Quinn spilt his seed inside me and carried on pumping my package until I did the same, over his hand. We both sighed loudly, our breathing still rather heavy. Quinn pulled out of me and flopped down on the bed next to me.
“Happy-fucking-birthday, Mikey.” I laughed, still breathless.
“Happy birthday indeed.”
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