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I am so sorry. I have been the world's worst updater. This chapter was tough, I knew where I wanted it to go, but I couldn't think of how to get there without being super boring. Anyway, I'm unsure about the suckiness of this chapter. i don't think it's my best, but the next chapter is where the actual good story starts. (I know I said that last time, just bear with me.)

Katie was woken up at some ungodly hour by a sudden and heavy force falling on her bed. Well, sofa bed. She cracked an eye open to be confronted with a face, uncomfortably close to hers. Groaning, she squeezed her eyes shut. “Sisky, what are you doing here?
“You’re supposed to take us shopping. My clothes aren’t good enough.”
“Your clothes were PLAID.” Mike called from the kitchen. She felt a finger poke in the middle of her forehead.
“What time is it?” She blinked her eyes open to see him lying on the bed grinning, with his chin in his hands.
“Almost 11. You snore.”
“She does not.” The Butcher said from the other side of her, where he was lying in the same position.
“It’s way too early for this. I’m getting dressed, then we can leave.” She crawled out of bed, grabbing some clothes on her way into the bathroom. “When I come out, I better have coffee.”
“She’s cranky in the morning.” Michael raised his eyebrows.
“Try living with her. It’s like this every day.” Gabe chuckled, trying to put the coffee maker back together.
“What are you talking about? When have you EVER been awake before her?” Bill laughed, taking the filter from him and expertly putting everything in place, pressing the on switch.
“Today, and, uh…today. I just feel bad for her new boyfriend, having to wake up to that.”
“She has a new boyfriend?” The Butcher asked, jumping up on the counter.
“What has she said about him?” Bill continued.
“Nothing. I don’t even know who it is, but the past couple weeks she’s been texting a lot and talking on the phone in whispers. I don’t know what the big secret is.” Gabe shrugged.
“Maybe she’s embarrassed of him.” Michael suggested.
“Maybe it’s someone we know.” Sisky gasped.
“That doesn’t look like coffee.” Katie emerged from the bathroom, nodding towards the kitchen counter.
“It’s almost done.” Bill said. “We hear you have a new boyfriend.”
“You do, do you?” She walked over and leaned against the counter, watching the coffee drip into the pot.
“Anyone you want to tell us about?” Mike asked.
“What’s there to tell?” She shrugged.
“Um…anything.” Gabe sighed.
“What’s his name?” Michael probed.
“I know it starts with a B.” Gabe nodded.
“It’s, uh…Brian?” She wrinkled her eyebrows. “He’s a lawyer.”
“Where’d you guys meet?” The Butcher squinted.
“A bar.”
“You went to a bar without me?” Gabe pouted.
“Whatever, let’s just go to Starbucks.” She waved them out the door. “Later!” She called to Gabe as they all filed into the hallway.

Katie led the group into the Urban Outfitters near the apartment. Being a Tuesday morning, the store was almost deserted. All the kids were at school and the adults were at work. She gave a friendly nod to the cashier as they made their way to the men’s floor. The employees at most of the stores in the area knew her, whether through the bands they were fans of, or from her showing up and spending thousands of dollars at a time. “Ok, everyone pick something and we’ll go from there.” She said as everyone spread out. She leaned against a shelf of jeans, waiting for them to make their decisions before she changed their minds.
“What about this?” The Butcher skipped over with a red piece of fabric.
“That’s a scarf. You need an outfit, unless you’re planning on wearing it as a diaper.”
“I could do that?” His eyes lit up.
“No. Go find pants. And besides, you already have that scarf.” She began walking around, picking things off the racks.
“Do you like this?” Michael held up a pair of black pants and a vintage looking tee shirt.
“Yes. Take this and these and try them all on.” She handed him a vest and two other shirts.
“I found pants, but no shirt.” The Butcher came back with a pair of green and blue plaid pants.
“How come HE gets to wear plaid?!” Sisky yelled across the store.
“It’s all about moderation.” Katie called back.
“It’s ‘cause I’m awesome.” The Butcher shouted.
“Here, take these and try them on.” She handed him a stack of tee shirts and jackets. “What about you guys?” She turned to the others.

“How’s it going in there?” Katie called, walking to the back of the row of dressing rooms where the guys were gathered.
“My pants won’t button.” Sisky whined from behind the door.
“Maybe you should lay off the junk food.” She laughed, pulling a chair over to the door and stepping up on top of it. “I like them. The next size should be fine.” He looked up, scowling at her face poking over the top of the door.
“Do you mind?!”
“Not at all. Try the other shirt.” She leaned farther over the door, handing him a different color shirt.
“How do you like this?” Mike opened his door wearing black pants, a red and grey striped shirt and a black jacket.
“That’s good. A belt and black shoes and you’ll be perfect.” She jumped down off the chair. “Who haven’t I seen yet?” The Butcher, Bill and Michael emerged from their rooms. The Butcher had the plaid pants and a faded vintage style tee shirt. Michael had black pants, a white tee shirt and a black vest. Bill had jeans, a red tee shirt and a sweater.
“I don’t know about this.” Bill looked down at his outfit.
“Yes, different colored vest so you don’t look so much like Mike.” She helped Michael remove the vest and gave him a grey one. “No. Come here.” She pulled Bill back into the dressing room.
“You don’t like it?”
“Something’s not right.” She shook her head. “Take your pants off.”
“If I had a dollar for every time I heard that.” He smirked. She rolled her eyes and picked up another pair of jeans in a darker shade.
“Try these.”
“So, what’s this about a boyfriend?”
“Shut up.” She handed him a dark blue leather motorcycle jacket. “Perfect.” She grinned when he put it on. She left the room so he could get changed again. “How’s it going in there?” She knocked on Sisky’s door.
“I like this one.” He swung the door open.
“Sisky…that’s the outfit you REFUSED to try on an hour ago.” She shook her head.
“Well I like it now.”
“Awesome, get changed and we’ll pay. I’m hungry.”

They all slid into a booth at a small pizza place down the street. They picked a table way in the back to avoid being seen through the window. “I think you guys are going to look really good on TRL.” Katie smiled.
“Well, we should. You dressed us.” Mike said.
“And don’t you forget that when people say how cool you look.”
“What if they say we look like idiots?” Sisky asked.
“In that case, I provided options and you picked what you wore.”
“Sounds fair. But I mean, I always look good.” The Butcher smirked.
“Of course you do. You don’t even need me.” Katie said sarcastically.
“So…the VMAs are coming up.” Michael said, after the waitress had taken their orders.
“Yeah.” The Butcher nodded.
“I know. Do you guys need outfits?” Katie asked.
“No…well yeah, but we were wondering if you were going with anyone.”
“Well, Joe asked me a couple weeks ago, but now he says he doesn’t think he’s going. I don’t think I want to go.” She shrugged.
“What? You HAVE to go.” Bill gasped.
“You’re coming to L.A. aren’t you?” Sisky said.
“Yeah, I mean I have to make sure everyone wears he right outfits.”
“But then what are you going to do?”
“Probably sit in the hotel like I do every time.”
“That’s so boring. Why wouldn’t you want to go?” Mike asked.
“Well, most of the time they’re boring, but my sister’s going to be there. She’s presenting some award.” Katie wrinkled her nose. “I don’t know that I want to be in the same room as her for that long.”
“Screw Joe. You should come with us. It’ll be fun.” The Butcher said.
“All of you?” They all nodded. “Sure, I guess.”
“You’ll get to pick out an outfit for yourself!” Sisky grinned.
“Yeah, because I don’t do that every morning.” Katie laughed.

I just saw a commercial for the fireplace and hot tub expo at the convention center. That has to be the most random and bizarre convention ever!
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