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A date in a pizza place in the 1920s!

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rated for some language! basically a dream i had the other night :) weird but cool! “mmmmm Bamsy, we not allowed its boarded up for pete’s sake, it could be dangerous!”

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A/N: this is a dream that I had the other night about a rundown, closed and boarded up pizza hut near my local cinema that has just been dine up. Its weird, but enjoy!

“Wow look how boarded up and old and scary that old pizza hut looks Jake!” exclaimed Bamsy the Pansy* she had always had an interest in the old run down building that you could not see into. It was a scary sight and she absolutely loved it. The old pizza hut next to Beverly hills cinema had been closed for many many years, since Bamsy was very little, infact Bamsy could never remember it being open! It was a shame in Bamsy’s eyes because she absolutely loved pizza, her fave food in the world, especially with the natural food company jelly dinosaurs on top. She had only ever been to Bankstown pizza hut and one in London when she went to England last year. Bamsy was curious, she desperately wanted to see what was inside, to explore the past, and see what it was like, hey she was an abnormal kid, with gender issues, mental health issues and a curiosity for anything old and run down and don’t forget her knack for getting into trouble. She immediately forgot going to see batman AGAIN and wanted to explore.

“Jake, Kay. LETS GO INSIDE!” Bamsy screamed excitedly, she was very loud and was always the centre of attention.

“mmmmm Bamsy, we not allowed its boarded up for pete’s sake, it could be dangerous!” Jake said worriedly, this wasn’t the first time Bamsy had suggested they do something illegal or dangerous, he was used to it, but he didn’t want to be killed from a beam falling on his head, because the building was unstable or something. He hated the fact that he was a wuss, but he had a heart condition and it would be dusty inside!

“Bamsy, it look awfully scary, I don’t want to do inside, I’m too scared!” stuttered Kay, she was always the scared one, she never had the courage that Bamsy had, Bamsy was a daredevil and Kay hated it when she did scary and stupid stunts for an adrenalin rush…didn’t she have an Epipen* for that?

“fine FUCK YOU ALL I’m going inside, im strong enough to break that piece of wooden boarded, and im going to go inside, and explore, you wussies can go and watch Batman again, I am going to have heaps of fun in the dark “scary” pizza shop BY MY FUCKING SELF!” Bamsy said in a irritated tone, she didn’t understand why they didn’t like doing all the shit she did, they didn’t whine when she had announced that they would be playing “Maniac Pool” and she had Broke 2 of Jakes ribs with a newspaper!* no they didn’t understand her need for a thrill and she hated it with a passion! She wanted friends that would be supportive of her in everything she did, not just the normal stuff! So she started to kick in the boarded window.

A/N: I’m Going to make this a 3 or four part thing. So yeah and uh my friends and I copied “Maniac Pool” from Viva La Bam…we play it a lot! Lol

1st * = Bamsy the Pansy is me (NO SHIT!) and yeah…that’s what everyone knows me by so yeah, sorry for the unusual name =D

2nd * = I have severe peanut allergies… so I carry an Epipen, which is an injection of adrenaline, its to keep my airway open whilst I hop in an ambulance and goto hospital kay? Just to clear that up

3rd * = I REALLY DID BREAK JAKE’S RIBS WITH A NEWSPAPER!!!!! I really really did, long story short, he pissed me off, im stronger than him, because I go to the gym more than him and im cooler than him…so I whacked him in the ribs with the newspaper… he was like “OW YOU BITCH!” and then when he went to walk and shit he was like “dude, this does really hurt, I think I need an x-ray… 4 hours later we come outta the ER and he has 2 broken ribs  GO ME!!!
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