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John realizes he may have a family, after all. Somewhere during second season, I guess.

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I wish I could say that I've never been able to trust someone, really trust them, my whole life.

That's just not the case.

Problem is, I trust too easy. And everyone I've ever trusted has only...has only let me down.
After they barred me from the walkabout, when the plane was going down, I was so...ready to die. I was alone, in a way deeper than I ever thought possible.

After my father, after Helen. After...all the rest of this painful mess that has been my life.

"Amenable to coercion." That's me, all right, good, old, stupid, trusting John Locke.
John Locke, the go-to guy to turn his back on you so you can shove him out a window. The guy you can always steal an organ or two from. The only guy who would be stupid enough to think--to think an undercover cop was actually his friend.

Even Henry Gale--whatever his real name is--chose me. Me.
Me, who everyone, including the Dharma folks, for Christ's sake--who everyone has double-crossed.

I can't help but envy these other survivors. These are, for the most part, good people, who down here on the beach have been building relationships and learning how to leave their pasts behind. These people who are working on becoming a community, a family.
And they, for their part, have never tried to hurt me.
Little Claire, so unsure of herself, so grateful for my help. Charlie, who looks up to me despite everything, despite all my mistakes. Who I managed to teach to save himself.

I guess...I guess I never realized that family has so little to do with blood. My father was not family. Helen tried--tried to show me that she could be my family, but I never really saw it until I landed here. Until I saw how these people care about me as well as need me.
This island may or may not hold the answers to all these questions no one can quite gather up the nerve to ask. We are definitely in danger here. But we are a family--all of us--and that counts for more than I thought.

That counts for something.
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