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Troyella not now, but 4eva

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Troy And Gabriella haven't met. She thinks he's a conceited snob and he thinks she... well, he doesn't know she exists. But, when Troy sets his sights on Gabby, things change. Will he get what he w...

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Gabriella quickly walked through East High, so she wasn’t quite breaking the rules. Of course Ryan likes me… it’s so obvious. How could I have been so stupid?

“GABRIELLA!” Ryan yelled after her, also quick walking, not bothered that everyone in the hall was staring at him. “GABRIELLA!”

Gabriella finally found the girls loos and locked herself in a cubicle and sank down to the floor. It isn’t that Ryan’s not nice - he is - but he‘s not the kind of guy I date… how can I tell him? It’ll break his heart!

Ryan was standing, trying to look casual, by the door of the ladies. Sharpay walked past him, then stopped. “Ryan!” She hissed. “What on earth are you doing? Give up on her! I’ve got a plan to get Troy as mine!” She grabbed Ryan’s collar and walked off, dragging him along.

Gabriella walked out of the ladies and sighed in relief. She walked the opposite direction that Sharpay and Ryan had gone in, to the canteen. It was lunch-time.

She sat down with Taylor, Kelsi, Troy and Chad. “Hey guys!” She said, flashing them a slightly fake grin. Taylor noticed that it was fake.

“Jeez, Gabs! You’re a good actress and all, but tell me what’s wrong?”

“How did you know?” Gabriella joked, trying to change the subject somehow.

“Because I’m your best friend. Now, spill!” Taylor giggled and Gabriella’s fake mad face.

“Fine… Ryan asked me out.” Everyone just shrugged. They had expected it.

Kelsi straightened up. “So… what did you say to Ryan, Gabs?”

“Nothing! I just ran away…” She said, slightly sheepishly.

“Gabs! Now he’ll keep pursuing you for an answer!” Taylor exclaimed, feeling like she wanted to hit Gabby on the head.

“I guess you’re right… Oh, no, here he comes!” Gabriella tried to cover her head.

“Gabby! Chill! Just say what you need to say!” Taylor advised her, dragging Gabriella’s arms from her head.

“Uh… Gabby… about the dating you thing… umm… I don’t really want to anymore… Is that okay?” Ryan said, hopefully.

“Uh… yeah… thanks for telling me!” Gabriella said, with a sigh of relief. She didn’t have to hurt him.
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