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Naruto: Demon Bloodlines

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14 YO, Naruto's falling to his doom, pushed off a cliff to summon a giant frog *toad.* He meets his prisoner, and Kyuubi teaches him some cool jutsu to kick Neji-Bakas butt, in the chuunin exam. Wh...

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Naruto: Demon Bloodlines

Chapter 1 New Naruto

One Uzumaki Naruto was screaming like a little girl rather than a fourteen-year-old Shinobi Ninja he is supposed to be. Not really that surprising if you consider the fact his perverted sensei, or Pervert-Sannin as the yellow blonde haired boy affectionately calls the perverted old ‘bastard’ had just pushed him off a cliff. It took the boy wearing a bright orange jumpsuit a while to realise he was no longer falling, rubbing his aching head he wondered why he wasn’t dead, or at least splattered dying on the ground. However he felt fine, minus his throbbing head. He had bounced his head five times at the very least, that he could remember off the jagged walls sticking out of the cliff wall.

He had been trying to complete a summoning of some kind of giant ‘frog’; unfortunately, Naruto could only manage to summon useless tadpoles. The old man thought pushing him off the cliff might be enough motivation to do it right to save himself, how he wished he new some Wind Jutsu to catch himself or at least slow his descent, maybe if he survived he would see about learning some just encase someone else thinks he enjoys falling to his doom. He still has to fight Hyuuga Neji and get back at him for trying to kill Hinata, his own cousin, ‘bastard’.

Naruto felt he is sitting on the grimy ground, it felt wet and plain disgusting, his eye blurry, staring around trying hard to focus as best he can. He was in some kind of dark chamber and he could just make out some kind of barred iron door in front of him. He rubbed the blurriness from his eyes with his knuckles, kneeling before standing dizzily he finally got a good look at the iron door; he started at what he saw…

A girl about his age, long dark red hair flowing freely down to the small of her back, red eyes and a mischievous yet slightly eerie smirk on her pretty lips, she, just stunning and her body, wow. She had no clothes covering her pale skin, her breasts he could not help but stare at them, they were small but not too small; maybe three or four handfuls each, he tried in vane to shake that thought off while he looked at her small pink nipples. Gulping he let his eyes wonder lower, her stomach small and firm, her well, girlie area had a small bit of red hair just above. Gulping again his eyes travelled lower, her legs long, smooth, and slender. He looked up again quickly, ignoring the fact his trousers tightened as his blood seemed to rush from everywhere meeting up between his legs.

He then looked more carefully at the girls face; her smirk seemed to have grown more as she crossed her slender arms under her breasts. He then noticed red, black tipped fox ears on top of her head, sticking through her hair. Glancing down for a brief second, he notified only mildly surprised several foxtails red, black tipped, waving about behind her.

“I see by that large tent you’re pitching you’re pleased to see me,” she suddenly said in a sweet yet mocking voice.

Naruto blushed bright red as he placed his hands over his crutch to hide the very noticeable bulge. “W-who are you?” he just had to ask, though he was quite sure he knew, however discovering the feared Demon Fox is actually a hot girl that had so easily turned him on was disconcerting, he wouldn’t believe it until she told him, and even then it will take a while to digest his discovery.

The girl laughed. “I am your prisoner you idiot,” she told him patronizingly. “And I have some damn completes,” she added with a glare. Naruto gulped, flinching under her glare. “You are the biggest prat ever, cute, but still a prat. Your not even as stupid as you seem, your just a naïve imbecile. You really need to learn a lot of things, like first that outfit you’re wearing is bloody ridiculous. Okay, granted the villagers wont sell you anything decent but still, you could have used a henge to disguise yourself, and they also over charged you.”

She rolled her eyes as she continued her rant, Naruto stood, routed to the spot terrified, he hated girls when they ranted angrily at him; he shivered. “Oh, and that bitch Sakura I hate her, you should stop even pursuing her she’s a hateful hussy who will never give you her love. She only has eyes for that self-centred asshole Sasuke. Oh and that lazy dick head sensei of yours; what a perverted prat. He doesn’t even train you correctly; he’s the lamest teacher you could have possibly had. He never taught you anything of real use and then when you asked him to train you to beat Neji-Wanker; he dumped you off with that weakling in favour for everybody’s favourite, Sasuke-Bastard.

“Then you met that perverted-Sannin, fuck does he not think highly of you. Moreover, why haven’t you even bothered to visit that poor girl you’re fighting for, she’s in the hospital probably hoping you’ll visit but do you even consider it? No. I like that girl she nice, though her family are jerks, I bet her father hasn’t even visited her, in fact he’s probably forbidden any other Hyuuga from going either, the stuck up prat.” She sighed as she looked at her container. He stood their looking horrified, so much, so he even lost his tent, shame, she really wanted a taste; well she thought she ‘d have to another time since he has to stop himself from smacking the ground.

She noticed, smiling inwardly he had a few tears in his eyes and he looked to be thinking harder than he ever had. Sighing again, she continued. “Well, first things first, you’re still falling to your doom.” Suddenly he snapped to attention.

“W-what can I do,” he practically begged.

The Kitsune girl smirked. “How about a Wind Jutsu to slow you down?” Naruto nodded eagerly as she demonstrated, he even braved moving closer to see the hand signs, though he was slightly distracted by her beautiful naked body. “Good, I think you’ll pull it off great, as soon as you land, tell the old man to fuck off then go visit Hinata. I should be able to speak to you while your awake now, and when you sleep or meditate deeply you should be able to come here and I’ll teach you more Jutsu.”

Naruto nodded hesitantly. The next second he was falling through the air watching the ground rush up to meet him, quickly flashing through the correct hand signs he called out. “Hurricane Dragon no Jutsu!” a huge wind picked up, forming a large white wind dragon, thankful it worked first try as the beast of wind roared wrapping around him, he noticed in relief he was slowing significantly, and flipping himself before landing dizzily on his feet at the bottom and the wind cut out, the dragon dissipating. He rubbed his sore head thankful he was not gushing blood as he blinked several times, focusing his eyes.

He sighed thankful for the Kitsune girls help. “Good job,” her voice suddenly said in his head, startling him, that will have to take some getting used too. “Oh, by the way, before you keep calling me Kitsune girl or foxy or anything like that all the fucking time, my name is Kyra. Oh, here comes the old bastard now.”

“Naruto…” the old Sannin began as he landed next to the boy, only to stop upon noticing his glare.

“I’m not taking another lesson from you. You almost killed me, all so I can summon a stupid frog,” he yelled angrily. The Sannin gulped, he did not think Naruto had the capacity to be mad like this, he could feel the kids killing intent, and it was no laughing matter. “I think I’ll just train by myself. First that ass Kakashi deserts me for Sasuke-Bastard, then you push me off a fucking cliff, have you lost your fucking mind!?”

The Sannin gulped, maybe pushing him off the cliff was a bad idea, though he had expected Naruto to return to the top, sitting on the largest toad summons, grinning impishly, however, fate saw differently.

Naruto suddenly sighed. “Whatever.” He the flashed through several hand seals Kara told him, saying it was an easy move and disappeared in a gust of wind, surprising the old man.

Naruto ran as fast as he can towards Konoha. “Actually, before you go and visit, Hinata-Chan, use a henge and get some new clothes, then some flowers to make her feel better.”

Naruto sighed, nodding inwardly as he sprinted to his destination.


A fourteen year old boy with yellow-blonde hair and three whisker marks on each cheek walked happily towards the hospital in his brand new uniform, a backpack on his back with a few spares. In fact, Kyra made him buy quite a few extra things, the good thing about not being allowed in most shops he had saved up a small fortune.

He now wore black trousers with a shuriken holster on each thigh, filled with the small star shaped throwing knives, and light strong black trainer like boots on his feet, it felt weird not wearing sandals but he thought he’ll get used to them soon enough. He wore a thick black long-sleeved heavy top with an icy serpent dragon on the back. Around his waist, it had three thick belts securing it tightly, and it was held closed by belts and clips, his forehead protector was now attached to the left side of his waist with black material, holding it firmly to his tops belt. Around his neck a thick leather collar with the leaf village, crest dead front centre, the back unseen by the high collar of his top. On the back right side of his waist a black kunai pack, holding all his needed blades, as well a few sealing scrolls with spares.

Naruto smiled as he walked into the hospital, it was quite funny the weird looks he was getting before they glared to show their hate. In his right hand, a beautiful crystal vase with some fresh rose’s in every different colour he could find. He strolled up to the reception desk; the nurse looked surprised for a moment before remembering she hates him and showing her contempt with a sneer and a glare.

“Hello,” he said cheerfully. “Could you tell me where Hinata Hyuugas’ room is please?”

“No!” she sneered as she ignored him and went about her business.

“Tell me or you’ll also need a room,” he replied. He really did not like threatening people but Kyra said it would be faster than begging and whining, and it is much cooler.

The nurse looked up at him, shocked, and then sneered again. “You don’t have the gu…” she trailed off as she felt his immense killing intent, borrowed of course from his foxy resident. “R-Room thirty-one,” she whimpered. As soon as she told him the killing intent disappeared and Naruto had already left; his smile firmly in place.

‘Do you really think this is a good idea, Foxy-Chan?’ he asked his vixen resident.

“Of course it is,” she replied confidently, giving him a mental slap. “Give her the flowers and then a hug and kiss her on the lips, you’ll embarrasses the crap out of her but you’ll make her the happiest girl alive too, she’s liked you for a very long time, Naruto-Kun, she’s just too shy to do anything about it.”

He nodded in reply as he reached Hinatas’ room and knocked, no one answered for a moment and he was about to peek in when the door opened to reveal, Kurenai, Hinatas’ Sensei. She stared at Naruto surprised for a moment, her red eyes staring appraisingly at his blue.

“Can I help you?” she asked a little colder than she had meant, but she new of her students crush on him and did not want him to hurt her. In addition she new he is the only one oblivious to Hinatas’ feelings about him. Though she had to admit she liked his new clothes, and he was quite cute, maybe the new clothes meant Naruto was trying to change and take his duties more seriously.

“I-I c-came to see Hinata-Chan,” he stuttered nervously gulping.

Kurenai nodded, stepping out of the room, looking back where she saw Hinata sitting up tucked up in bed staring at Naruto with wide shocked eyes and reddening cheeks. “I’ll come by and check up on you tomorrow, Hinata,” she said as the girl nodded absentmindedly, her eyes never leaving her new visitors. Naruto nervously walked in letting the door close behind her sensei.

“Hi, Hinata-Chan, I got you some flowers to cheer you up, and thought you might like some company?” he said cheerfully as he placed the flowers on her bedside table, where she looked at them with her mouth hanging open.

She then looked Naruto over, he was the same cheerful boy she knew, and loved, though he did not know the later part, but he was in a completely new package, and wow, he looked great.

“T-thank y-you, N-naruto-Kun,” she replied nervously blushing, surprised even more when he held her soft hand. Oh my god, I think I’m going to faint. No no no, I mustn’t, he may think I fell asleep and leave.

Naruto just smiled while stroking her hand in his own, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her. Her skin was still pale from her battle a week ago but she looked a lot better than from then, her skin felt like freshly spun satin, so soft, though a little cold.

“It was my pleasure Hinata-Chan,” he replied, her lips twitched upwards into a small-embarrassed smile, though her eyes were smiling in overdrive. He suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips on her, she looked shocked beyond anything as he started kissing her, his eyes closing, hoping she will kiss back, and after a moment of indecision, her lips moved with his.

Their lips moved gently with each other, the motion bringing a light joy in Narutos’ heart, he of course has never kissed his long time crush, Sakura but knew it would never feel this, this Right? Would be the word? He slowly licked her lips, his tongue begging entry, unsurprisingly; she allowed entry, the buzzing of passion thread through them as their tongues touched, tasting each other.

Hinatas’ breathing became deeper, she could not fathom this being real, and it had to be a dream, why would Naruto-Kun kiss her in reality. She was feeling giddy; she was kissing him, her heart felt lighter and stronger than she could ever remember. The warmth of his hot lips on hers brought forward feelings of need, heavenly feelings of hope and power she had never thought she could ever bask in.

Hidden by a Ginjutsu in the corner of the room out of sight from the two young ninja, a young woman; Hinatas’ sensei stood, shocked and a bit misty-eyed. She never knew Naruto could be so, well, astute or romantic, well, okay its not really that romantic, but its still nice, she smiled as she quietly jumped out of the conveniently open window.


Naruto spent two hours with Hinata, occasionally in between stuttered and embarrassed conversation the two enjoyed many long passion and maybe love filled kisses. Hinata was smiling practically every second; she had commented that she liked his new clothes to his joy. He wasn’t sure what she would think having had a fox girl choose it, though he didn’t tell her that, said fox girl did want one with a fox on the back, however, Konoha not being big on foxes had no clothes with fox patens.

Both Naruto and Hinata groaned when a nurse who of course sneered at Naruto demanded he leave, though he promised to visit tomorrow and bring something nicer to eat than hospital food. He was tempted to use that killing intent thing to make the nurse change her mind but didn’t want to scare ‘his’ Hinata-Chan, therefore gave her a short kiss and hug before exiting without much complaint and a huge smile on his face, only matched by Hinatas’ as she lay back on her bed with a content smile.

Naruto decided that he should find a sparing partner; well Kyra did because his taijutsu sucks he had to agree, he thought about Lee but then remembered the poor guys in the hospital himself, courtesy of that twisted bastard Gaara. Therefore set a course in search of his sensei Guy, since Lee is out of it maybe permanently, hopefully not, and Tenten also lost and Neji his opponent is probably being trained by Hinatas’ father, Guy was most probably free, though the man was annoying as hell, he knew his hand to hand combat is brilliant.

Naruto strolled happily out of the hospital and was just wondering where to look when his name was called, looking round he smiled as he saw Sakura, Ino and to his luck Tenten, why Sakura called him was beyond his knowledge right now, but all three gave him weird looks.

“Hey,” he said all too cheerfully as he walked to meet them. “What’s up?”

“We came to see Hinata and Lee,” said Tenten grinning happily. “What were you doing here?”

“Oh, I was visiting Hinata-Chan,” he informed them grinning happily.

The three girls gave each other confused looks before shrugging and turning back to the all too cheerful boy. “What’s with the new clothing?” Sakura just blurted out, she had been dying to know that ever since she spotted him, in fact it took all three of them several looks before they accepted that Naruto had replaced his crappie orange jumpsuit for something nice.

He just shrugged in reply. “Felt like a change. Hey Tenten have you seen Guy-Sensei?” he asked said girl.

“Yeah, he just walked into Melee bar, he said he had just visited Lee before getting kicked out,” she replied loosing her happy smile. “He looked really down, I think he’s gonna be drinking again tonight, why?”

Naruto frowned. “I need a taijutsu teacher and I thought he would be free.”

Tenten nodded and was about reply but she blinked and he was already running off in search of Guy-Sensei. “You sure that’s safe?” asked Sakura worriedly. “They’re both already nuts, they might influence each other.”

Tenten gulped. “Hopefully… well at least Narutos’ not wearing green or orange.” The other two girls nodded as they proceeded on their way to the hospital.

“But that’s strange I thought Naruto had a teacher?” asked Ino, confused.

“Yeah he did but I heard before we met up he has had two new teachers, the first one got knocked out by the second and apparently he fired the second for some reason,” Sakura shrugged.

“Why doesn’t Kakashi train him?” asked Tenten, confused.

Sakura shrugged. “He’s training Sasuke-Kun, he can’t train Naruto too; he’ll just hold Sasuke-Kun back.”

“I don’t think so,” replied Tenten. “Everyone knows how hard Guy-Sensei makes people train,” she shrugged.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Ino. “Neji will win anyway.”

“You want to make a bet on that?” asked Tenten with a huge grin. She was not sure why she was putting faith on Naruto winning but she wanted him to, if Neji looses to Naruto it might bring the idiot down to earth.

“Okay, fifty Ryo says Neji wins?” replied Sakura smugly.

Both Ino and Tenten looked uncomfortable in her faith of Narutos’ defeat. Ino wanted nothing to do with the bet, however Tenten did and they shook hands on their bet as they walked into Hinatas’ room to see the girl sitting up in bed drinking some hot chocolate with the hugest grin plastered on her face, the fact her lips seemed slightly swollen did not miss their attention.

“Oh my god!” gasped Sakura, being very cleaver derived a conclusion quicker than the other two. “You were making out with Naruto!” she pointed her finger accusingly at Hinata as she blushed brightly and almost dropped her drink in shock.

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