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Part II

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‘UNCLE BRENDON!’ Katie, his eight year old niece, yelled as he walked into the house. Brendon caught her around the waist and swung her around in a hug. ‘AUNT GRACIE!’

‘Hi sweetheart.’ Grace smiled as she bent down to the little girls’ level.

‘Aunt Gracie, do you have any gum?’

Grace looked over at Brendon’s oldest brother, Mason who just nodded. Grace pulled her bag out of Brendon’s grasp and handed the little girl a piece of gum, ‘Here you go honey.’ She smiled.

‘Aunt Gracie, you’re the bestest.’ Katie gushed before running over to her dad to sit on the couch with him.

‘Katherine, she’s not your aunt.’ Brendon’s aunt said.

‘She will be soon.’ Mason said with a glare.

‘I just don’t think she needs to be calling Grace her aunt just yet, what if it doesn’t work out.’

‘You know what I don’t think you need to do?’ Brendon started. Grace grabbed his arm to stop him from causing a bigger fight then needed.

‘I’m going to talk to your mom.’ Grace whispered before she walked through the living room and into the kitchen.

‘Grace! I thought I heard Brendon in there.’ Mrs. Urie smiled from her peanut butter and jelly creation she was making for Nicholas, Katie’s twin.

‘We’re here. Brendon’s mad.’

‘Did you tell him about Marge?’


‘Naturally he’s mad.’

‘I’m sorry I left today, how much do I owe you?’ Grace asked today.

‘Honey don’t worry about it, I would have left too. Marge was out of line with what she said. It’s not her decision who my son marries besides we love you and that’s all that matters.’

‘Well try informing her of that.’

‘Grace, my sister is a very stubborn woman. She wants to take control over my children more than her own. I wouldn’t worry too much about her but I would worry about what Brendon is going to say to her because of what she did to you. Brendon doesn’t take lightly to her.’

‘I know he’s gone off the deep end. He’s more upset about it than I am.’

‘You’re right, I am. It’s uncalled for. She does not need to be saying that kind of stuff to my fiancée no matter how much she doesn’t like you.’ Brendon said from the door way.

‘Babe, I know just don’t say anything you’re going to regret okay?’

‘Grace, I don’t think what she said to you was fair and I don’t think that it’s fair that she treats you like she does.’

‘Honey, I know but your mom is right, it doesn’t matter what she thinks. You love me, your parents love me, your brothers and sisters love me, she doesn’t matter.’

‘It just upsets me that she said that to you.’

‘Well she deserved to hear the truth Brendon. I only want the best for you.’ Brendon’s aunt said as she walked into the kitchen.

‘Aunt Marge, you’re not my mother, I don’t care what you have to say.’ Brendon said turning around in front of Grace.

‘Well Brendon someone has to tell you the truth about this little tart.’

‘Aunt Marge, I don’t want you at our wedding, I’ve lost all my respect for you, and as far as I’m concerned, we are not family anymore. If you can’t treat Grace like a member of the family then I don’t want to be around you nor do I want you around me or my family.’

‘Brendon, you can’t make that decision.’

‘I can and I just did. It’s our wedding, we make the guest list and decide who is invited and your name will not be on that guest list.’

‘Brendon, you’ll get over this…’

‘No I won’t. I love Grace and I meant it when I said I wouldn’t stand for someone treating her like you do.’

‘Well even if you don’t get over it you’re mother won’t let that happen.’ Aunt Marge glared.

‘Actually Margaret, maybe it’s a good idea if you don’t come.’ Brendon’s mother began.

‘Excuse me?’

‘I’m just saying. You said earlier today that you have a problem with the engagement and the wedding and you don’t like Grace so exactly why would you want to come to the wedding? Just to cause a scene? Maybe you shouldn’t be at the ceremony.’

‘No mom, I don’t want her at the reception either.’ Brendon interjected.

‘Honey, why don’t we go sit with Katie and Mason.’ Grace took Brendon’s hand and led him through the kitchen back into the living room where Brendon’s father was sitting with Mason and the kids watching the highlights of the PGA.

‘Grace, you can’t be serious.’

‘You know Marge, I really like Grace. She’s really good for Brendon and you would know that if you would give her a chance but you just won’t so I think it would be a good idea if you didn’t come to the wedding.’

‘I can not believe I’m hearing this. What makes her any better for him than any other woman out there?’

‘She makes him happy. She makes him smile. For heaven sakes, he gave up drinking and partying for her.’

‘See she has him on a short leash. That is unacceptable.’

‘No Marge, it’s amazing. Brendon didn’t give that stuff up because she told him to; he gave it up because he’d rather be with her than doing that stuff. I’ve never seen my baby so happy before.’

‘So she keeps him happy in the bedroom.’

‘Are you not listening to a word I’m saying to you? Brendon loves her. And he’s right nothing that you say is going to break that between them and end this engagement and frankly, if you won’t love her we do then he’s right. I don’t want you around her, him, or us either.’

‘Grace, you’re my sister.’

‘And he’s my son. I’ve listened to you say stuff like that to him about every girlfriend and friend that he has ever had, about every decision that he’s ever made and to be quite honest, he’s my son not yours if he wants to make a stupid decision its mine to deal with not yours.’

‘So this is how it’s going to be? You’re choosing your son over your sister?’

‘…Yes, he’s my son, my little boy; his well being is more important to me than your approval.’

‘I can’t believe I’m hearing this.’


‘He’s twenty three years old Grace, he isn’t your responsibility anymore.’

‘You’re 58 years old, you aren’t my responsibly either.’

‘I see how this is. Well have a nice life Grace.’ Margaret stormed out of the kitchen and through the house. ‘Boyd.’ She soon walked out of the house slamming the door behind her.

‘What happened?’ Boyd asked.

‘I’m just tired of her melodrama.’ Grace said before walking back into the kitchen. Grace got up to follow her.

‘Mrs. Urie?’ Grace whispered.

‘Hi honey.’ She smiled as she started the clean up the remnants of Nick’s sandwich. Grace walked over and hugged Brendon’s mom.

‘Thank you.’ Grace said as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Brendon’s mom parted from the hug and looked at her soon to be daughter in law.

‘For what?’ she smiled.

‘I’m not even married yet and already I have to defend my marriage from the press, and rumors, and then Brendon’s aunt…’

‘Grace, you know that I’m going to back you up to the world and back and if that means that I have to put my stubborn sister in her place about a few things I’ll never pass up the opportunity. The truth is, if my little boy is as in love with someone as he is you then you’ve earned my respect and love to.’

‘Thank you. That means a lot to me.’ Grace smiled.

‘Mom what did I tell you about making my woman cry.’

‘Oh shut up Brendon.’ Mrs. Urie laughed as Brendon roughly pulled Grace into a hug.

Grace laid her head on Brendon’s chest as he kissed the top of her head. ‘So Gracie, I heard that Holly has your wedding dress designed.’

‘She does! I saw it today and it’s so beautiful. I actually have it on my computer.’

‘Oh my, I have to see this.’

‘Me too.’

‘Oh no!’ Grace began putting her hand on his chest, ‘You are NOT allowed to see my dress until I’m wearing it down the isle.’

‘Come on baby, just a glance.’

‘No, it’s bad luck. I don’t want to chance it.’ She smiled.

Brendon leaned down and kissed her, ‘Ok.’ Brendon let go of her sides as she walked out of the room with his mom. Brendon touched his fingers to his lips and had a little school girl moment complete with butterflies in his stomach. It was the same effect Grace had always had on him. It’s love.
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